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Provincial Update - March 2022

The Ten Commandments

The Book of Exodus tells us that when the Jews, making their way from Egypt to the Promised Land, arrived in the area of Mount Sinai, God summoned Moses to the top of the mountain, where God gave him the Ten Commandments. It is possible,
too, that we remember this from the great Cecil B. DeMille film, The Ten Commandments.  Moses encounters the Lord God in the burning bush, and then, in a dramatic fashion that could only come from Hollywood, God writes the ten commandments on two tablets of stone with fire.  What a movie- Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner, Vincent Price, Edward G. Robinson. Jesus several times refers to the ten commandments, and sometimes you will hear people measuring their own Christian lives on the ten commandments.
I think it is important to remind ourselves that Jesus, while acknowledging the importance of the ten commandments or the Law of Moses in our lives as Christians, makes it very clear that we are called to go way beyond the ten commandments.  In fact, the commandments can be considered for us only the minimum of what we are to do.
One of the things Jesus said was that he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.  In doing that, he puts it in its proper perspective.  While the Law of Moses in many cases referred to the external observance of the Jewish religion, the law of Jesus- the law of love, takes us way beyond that.  It is not just what we do- it is our attitude, how we do it, that is all important.  
We, as Christians, are not called just to do the minimum- but to go way beyond the letter of the law.  As Franciscans, Lent should be a special time for us to go way beyond the usual spiritual practices of our lives.  Prayer, fasting, and the giving of alms should be supplemented by our charity and our love and support, not only for one another but for all people, especially those who live on the margins of society.  
Post-Novitiate Program
News From the Convento

            Fraternal greetings of peace and good. We joyfully share the beautiful things we experienced in these last days of February and the first days of March: first of all, we want to thank you all for your prayers and keeping us in mind. 

On February 25th we thanked God for the birthday of our brother, Friar Dagoberto Hernandez OFM.
On February 26, we received the invitation of the parish priest of St. Peter's Basilica, Fr. Agnelo Stoia OFM Conv to make a small visit and pilgrimage to the Basilica which was actually a great gift from God for us because we were very close to the tomb of the Prince of the Apostles to pray and learn a little about the history of the basilica.

On March 3rd, we celebrated the birthday of our dear guardian, Fr. Antonio Riccio OFM, a great reason for celebration for us and to thank God for his life, as truly his presence among us is a joy. 

The dear Franciscan Sisters, Little Handmaids of Christ the King, whom we minister to, dropped by on March 13 at the friary to pay us a fraternal visit. We are grateful for their closeness and generosity with our community as they show us true, motherly and fraternal love. 

 We wish you the continuation of a good Lenten journey. May the Lord bless you and give you peace, and may our heavenly Mother always guard you.
 Fraternally, Friar Oscar Valle OFM.

St. Christopher Friary, Boston
Elder Friars Fast for Ukraine

A bit more abstinence than actual fasting, the friars at St. Christopher have applied their Lenten sacrifices for the cause of Ukraine. At the most recent house chapter, just prior to Lent, the brothers chose to give up all snack items: soda, ice cream (Fr. Regis would not have voted for this.), potato chips, cakes, desserts, and the like. The money, which is projected to be close to $1,000, will be donated to Catholic Relief Service for Ukraine. The thermometer graph shows the progress to date (see photo). The friars are sure to be thinner by Easter, although there is gratitude to God that Sundays offer a reprieve.

Information for the Provincial Chapter 2022

During the meeting of the Provincial Definitorium and Chapter Steering Committee on Monday, February 21, the following items were discussed:

1.     Reports and other materials mailed to chapter delegates three months in advance.  Reports: Central American Foundation, Canadian Foundation, Secular Franciscan Order, Formation and Studies, Ongoing Formation, Vocation Director, Health CareMissions and Evangelization, JPIC.   These were mailed out on March 14. 
2.     Financial Report will be presented by Griesmeyer Associates. 
3.     Appointed the following brothers as Chapter Committee Members: 
a.    Election Committee (Tellers) Giacomo LaSelva, Joshua Critchley
b.     Legislation: Paul Rotondi, Michael Corcione, Antonio Riccio
c.     Liturgy: Bruce Czapla, Richard Donovan, Vit Fiala.  Joe Lorenzo will take care of the music as well as Liturgy and Chapter Ritual booklets.
d.     Hospitality: Orlando Ruiz, Joseph LaGressa, Courtland Campbell.  Assisted by Dennis Arambasick, Guardian of the friary
e.     Assistant Secretaries: Alvin Te, Michael Ledoux
4.     Nomination of Candidates for Moderators: Michael Ledoux, Richard Martignetti, Joseph Powell, Michael Della Penna, John Bucchino.  Three of the five will be elected during the first Plenary Session.  
5.     Legislation Committee will seek input from the province at large for suggestions and review of current norms and statutes.  Set appropriate deadline for these.
6.     Liturgy Committee will be in charge of setting up for liturgies, assigning ministers, arranging liturgical books (sacramentary and lectionary).
7.     Hospitality Committee should do an assessment of needs at Wappingers Falls, room arrangements, etc. 


After seeking input from the friars of the Province, and in consultation with the Provincial Definitorium, the Provincial Minister has approved for Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood Friar Deacons Joshua Critchley and Victor Treminio. The Ordination will take place at our Provincial Chapter on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 4:00 PM at the Chapel of Mount Alvernia Retreat Center, Wappingers Falls, NY. Most Reverend Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo, O.F.M., former Minister General of the Order and currently Secretary for the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life at the Vatican, will be the ordaining Archbishop.

Yony Alberto Molina Diaz, one of our four novices at San Damiano in Assisi, has withdrawn from the formation program. We wish him many blessings.
Take time to wish our brothers a Happy Birthday!

Guy Vellardita, April 3, 1931
Joshua Critchley, April 3, 1994
Bishop Joseph Bonello, April 4, 1961
Octavio Salinas, April 6, 1953
Alfonse Ferreira, April 9, 1934
Bishop Roberto Camilleri, April 24, 1951
Marco Antonio Gomez, April 26, 1991
Jules Wong, April 28, 1943
Gabriel Aceto, April 29, 1949,
Jack Sidoti, April 30, 1996

From our
General Curia

Order of Friars



“I was able to speak to the Minister Provincial of Ukraine, Br Daniel Botvina, who informed me that the friars are well, especially in the friary of Konotop, a city already occupied by the Russians. They have remained there with the people, so as not to abandon them, and they are safe”. It is easy to imagine the state of mind with which Br Massimo Fusarelli, OFM General Minister, received the news of the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. However, his letter, inspired by the principles of peace and hope, cannot fail to recall words that evoke anguish and pain. 
Those very words allow us to imagine the dismay with which our confreres are living and working in this recent dramatic theatre of war. The words of Brother Romuald, parish priest of the friary of Konotop, describe in detail a scenario that no one thought possible until a few days ago. The streets of daily life have become a battlefield, civilian and military vehicles set on fire, numerous victims scattered throughout the city. And then the despair that settled in the hearts of the population at the realization that the city was no longer under the control of the Ukrainian army.
The parish immediately opened its doors to everyone. The friars responded to the people’s basic needs: a place to spend the night or receive a meal, but also the need for a word of comfort. Most of them are elderly people, women and children who have suddenly found war on the doorstep of their homes. Despite their efforts, our brothers are finding it increasingly challenging to provide food, medicine and the bare necessities for those who have left their homes. The number of people being cared for is increasing, and the friars need help.
The OFM General Curia, through the OFM Fraternitas Foundation, has taken immediate action to provide all possible support to the friars who are personally facing the drama of war.
Their presence is the comfort of a candle burning in the darkness, opposed to those feelings of hatred and despair that cannot take over.
I ask you to donate to support our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Ukraine. In the letter of the Minister Provincial of Ukraine, Br Daniel Botvina, you can find a further witness of the urgency with which we launch this appeal. Thank you.
Now more than ever, our Franciscan charism of bringing peace and goodness is revealed where there is unrest, darkness, war.
Children who come to our shelters play, watch cartoons and even forget that there is a war around. Some adults, maybe for the first time in their lives, take the rosary, pray on their knees, learn to sing religious songs and experience true peace that cannot be achieved through tanks or other weapons because we have and believe that peace that Jesus Christ left, Jn 14:27 “I leave you peace, I give you, my peace. Not as the world gives it, I give it to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor be afraid.”
Br Romuald OFM
Let us make our own the words of Pope Francis after this year’s Angelus on Sunday, March 6,
"Dear brothers and sisters, rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine. It is not merely a military operation, but a war, which sows death, destruction and misery. War is madness! Stop, please! Look at this cruelty!" Our Province has made a generous donation to the efforts of the Order on behalf of the Ukrainian people.

From the Friars in Ukraine
Friar Faustino, together with Antoniano and as part of “Operation Bread”, is in continuous contact with the Franciscans who live in Ukraine and who in these days are assisting the many people who are seeking help and shelter.
For example, the convent of Our Lady of Fatima in Konotop, about 90 kilometres from the Russian border: there the friars immediately opened the doors of the church to civilians, mainly mothers and children, giving them a place to sleep safely and a hot meal.
Many elderly Ukrainians have remained in their homes, although badly damaged: the friars of Konotop go to them every day, bringing food and assistance.
“Finding resources for everyone is becoming difficult, food, medicine and everything necessary for those who are losing everything are becoming scarce”, the Franciscans explain.
In Odessa, together with other religious, they distribute a hot meal to hundreds of people every day.
Many families have been evacuated to safer areas where they continue to receive support from the Franciscans.

Custos of the Holy Land Hopes Cooperation At the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Can Serve as an Example
By: Judith Sudilovsky
Date: March 14, 2022
JERUSALEM (CNS) — As restoration and conservation work began on the pavement stones of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Franciscan Father Francesco Patton, custos of the Holy Land, said he hoped the cooperation among the three custodial churches in the project would serve as an example for all Christian churches and communities.
“There is always great significance beyond the material (aspect),” Father Patton said March 14 at a joint inaugural stone-lifting ceremony at the church. “We are looking at something worse than the pandemic now, with a war between two Christian countries, so our cooperation here acquires greater significance, and I hope we can show how important cooperation is.”
The start of this second phase of restoration work in the church is very important, he said, following the restoration of the Edicule, revered as the tomb of Jesus, in 2016-2017. That project was directed by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the National Technical University of Athens.
An October agreement between the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate entrusted the Custody of the Holy Land with undertaking the current pavement restoration project. The three churches are the historical custodians of the church according to the 1852 Status Quo agreement that regulates the ownership of spaces in various holy sites.
“We hope the whole world will be able to see and understand that this has been done in understanding and mutual cooperation and love,” said Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem.
Following an in-depth study in 2019, the project was delayed because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The two-year restoration project will take place in stages while allowing for religious celebrations, pilgrimages and tourists. In addition to the restoration — and, when necessary, replacement of pavement stones — the project will also include any work needed to maintain the safety and stability of the Edicule, and the updating of electrical, water, mechanical and special fire prevention systems.
“I think we all have to face a lot of history, we have to manage this and translate the history to modern day and make it functional,” said Daniela Russo, who will be leading the restoration team from the La Venaria Reale Conservation and Restoration Center of Turin, Italy. “We have to try to conserve the history as well as renew all the apparatus while maintaining the Status Quo. We all have to work together.”
The size and weight of the stones slabs also present a challenge, she said.
Francesca Romana Stasolla, professor of Christian and medieval archaeology at Sapienza University in Rome, will lead the archaeological excavations, which will be conducted for the first time during the project. Stasolla said the multicolored pavement stones range in age from the third century to modern times.
The current church building dates back mainly to the Crusader era and was consecrated in 1142. It was built on the remains of the Roman temple built by Emperor Hadrian in 136 and of the church built by Roman Emperor Constantine in 335.
“This is a very important historical work,” said Stasolla. “We will have to work day by day and see what we uncover.”
Franciscan Father Francesco Patton, custos of the Holy Land, joins Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and Armenian Patriarch Nourhan Manougian in removing the stone to start the project to restore the floor of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem's Old City March 14, 2022. (CNS photo/Debbie Hill)
Friar James E.

Goode, O.F.M.

Passes into

Eternal Life

March 4, 2022
Our brother, Fr. James E. Goode, O.F.M., passed to eternal life on March 4.  Jim was a resident of Mary Manning Walsh Home in NYC, and had been seriously ill for some time. He was born on November 18, 1940 in Roanoke, Virginia, and at the age of three months, was adopted by Robert D. and Lula Bell Young.  Jim served our country in the United States Air Force.  He was admitted into the formation program of our province in Troy, NY.  He was received into the order on August 15, 1967 at St. Anthony Novitiate in Catskill, and professed first vows on August 16, 1968. Jim studied theology at St. Anthony-on-the-Hudson Seminary in Rensselaer and professed solemn vows on August 16, 1971. He was ordained a priest on May 13, 1972 at St. Anthony Church in Manhattan by Bishop Bernardine Mazzarella, O.F.M.

His first assignment was at Serra High School, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, and was pastor of St. Paul of the Shipwreck Church in San Francisco, and Our Lady of Charity Church in Brooklyn.  Jim served the province as Provincial Definitor, Secretary of Missions and Evangelization, and FMU Promoter. 

He is best remembered for his many years of ministry to the African American community. He was known as the Dean of Black Catholic Preachers and was recognized internationally as a missionary and evangelist.  He preached over three hundred Black Catholic Revivals and Convocations, and in 1989 founded the National Day of Prayer for the African American Family.  For many years Jim was Director of the Solid Ground Franciscan Ministry at St. Clare Friary in Manhattan and received many awards and proclamations throughout his life.

Funeral Arrangements were as follows:
Viewing: Saturday, March 12, 10-11 AM
Saint Anthony of Padua Church, Manhattan NYC
Mass of Christian Burial: Immediately following 11:00 AM
Interment Private, African Burial Ground, Roanoke, Virginia
On Saturday, March 12, we celebrated the memory of our brother Fr. Jim Goode with a wake and funeral Mass at St. Anthony's. To say celebrate is no exaggeration. It was indeed a joy filled occasion. The Mass lasted almost three hours and was celebrated in typical Black Catholic fashion with lots of interaction with the congregation, singing of special music, and a sermon/euology given by Fr. Maurice Nutt, CSsR., a Redemptorist priest from Louisiana, who paid great tribute to Fr. Jim. He also acknowledged the contribution our Franciscan Order and, especially, our own province, played in Fr. Jim's priestly formation and his almost fifty years of ministry to the Black Catholic community. He acknowledged Fr. Jim as a true Franciscan, who always preached in his Franciscan habit, and was admitted to the order at a time when many other religious orders would not, due to racial prejudice. The Mass was coordinated by our own province in the person of Fr. Patrick Boyle, OFM, our Vicar Provincial, along with the Office of Black Ministries of the Archdiocese of New York. Fr. Robert, our provincial, was main celebrant, and presiding was Bishop Joseph Espaillat, a newly-ordained auxiliary bishop of New York. Bishop Robert Brennan of Brooklyn also came to the viewing to pay his respects. Several hundred people attended the Mass, a true tribute to our brother who made such an impact on peoples' lives and, through his own preaching and teaching, brought many to the faith. This is the tribute in one of the national Catholic newspapers:

Franciscan Father James E. Goode, whose evangelizing work among Black Catholics became known throughout the United States and earned him the title "dean of Black Catholic preachers," died in his sleep March 4 in New York. He was 81.
According to the Franciscan Province of the Immaculate Conception in Manhattan, Father Goode, who was a member of the province, had been seriously ill for some time. He most recently resided at Mary Manning Walsh Home in Manhattan.
When Father Goode preached at his first Black Catholic revival in 1974 in the Archdiocese of Chicago, it began a ministry that led to him preaching at more than 300 revivals and convocations throughout his lifetime.
At one point, Father Goode joined the Rev. Jesse Jackson as they preached during Black American Voices in Rome, an event sponsored by the Vatican and the city of Rome.
His evangelistic style was so respected and well known that he was featured in an episode of "60 Minutes."
In 1989, Father Goode founded the National Day of Prayer for the African-American Family, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of Black History Month, which is observed in February.
Beyond his work within parish life, Father Goode was director for many years of Solid Ground Ministry at St. Clare Friary in Manhattan, a Franciscan ministry among Black families in New York. His role found him reaching out to homeless, poor and sick people, assisting people living with HIV and restoring hope to victims of violence, neglect and abuse through counseling.
The U.S. House of Representatives honored Father Goode in 2001 with a resolution that acknowledged his preaching ministry as well has work for social justice and peace and support for Black families.
He was the founding pastor of the Faith Community of Black Catholics at Our Lady of Charity Parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York. Under his leadership he helped build the declining parish into a vibrant Black Catholic faith community that became a model for Black Catholic worship, education, community outreach and ecumenism.
Father Goode was the first chairman of the Office of Black Ministry in the Diocese of Brooklyn. He also served as president of the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus. He also founded and was president of the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life.
Beyond his work within the Catholic Church, Father Goode was involved as a community leader. He served as an elected member of the New York City Community School Board in District 16 for two terms.
While in San Francisco, Father Goode served as president of the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission. He also led the first San Francisco Mayor's Task Force on Drug Addiction and was appointed to the city's Commission for Children, Youth and Families and Delinquency Prevention Commission, as well as the San Francisco AIDS Council.
In addition to a bachelor's degree in philosophy and master's degrees in divinity and theology, he held a master's degree in psychology from the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, and a doctorate in psychology from Union Graduate School in Schenectady, New York.


For our friars in skilled nursing facilities

Friar Regis Gallo, OFM
Friar Albin Fusco, OFM
Friar Lawrence Stumpo, OFM
Friar Phillip Adamo, OFM

For the friars who have recently died

Friar James E. Goode, O.F.M., (Immaculate Conception Province)
Friar Christopher Coppock, OFM (Holy Land Custody, Washington D.C.)
Friar Christopher made his novitiate with our province.
Friar Isaac J. Calicchio,OFM(Immaculate Conception Province)
Friar Aubert Picardi, OFM (Immaculate Conception Province)
Friar Thomas Jones, OFM (Holy Name Province)

For the friars who are sick

Friar Jim Lause, OFM (Sacred Heart Province)

For our infirm family and friends:   
Pray for all those infected and affected by the caronavirus. 
For all our health care workers and first responders.
For all our friars and family who are ill.
Rosario DeVico (Husband of Antoinette DeVico)

For our recently deceased family and friends:
Marie Quinn (Sister of Friar Gabriel Aceto, OFM)
Shirley Dolan (Mother of Cardinal Timothy Dolan)

Please pray for all friars, families, friends, and benefactors,

living and deceased.

For medical personnel and first responders.

For those in our nursing homes and hospitals.


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