December 2019 FAME eNews
From the Chair: Dave Phillips
(FAME Chair; Training Manager, G.W. Lisk)


We asked and they delivered.

From the inception of FAME and throughout the years of our existence, the main goal has been to develop and maintain a pipeline of skilled workers for advanced manufacturers. As FAME has grown over the years it has leveraged partnerships and opened lines of communication between industry, education, and legislation. These relationships have given the unique opportunity for all of us to have a voice at the table. As manufacturers the long standing message has been: there are not enough people entering into our workforce . Those who did enter were not prepared for the technical careers they were offered.

Well, the educators and legislators heard our message and have responded in a positive manner. The BOCES Tech Centers have completely reinvented their machining, welding and CAD programs to incorporate the latest trends in manufacturing. Enrollment in these programs is up as a result of their efforts. Our community colleges have developed programs and curriculum specifically designed to prepare students for positions within advanced manufacturing. Even New York State is getting on the wagon and is changing how apprenticeships are administered and adding new programs. The workforce offices are incorporating new programs to help prepare individuals for our industry.

All of these changes have been initiated to help our industry cluster grow and succeed. It's time for manufacturing employers to take advantage of all these efforts. With so many great programs, I urge companies to partner with educators and offer opportunities for people who are in or are completing a training program. If you would like more information or want to learn more, please attend a FAME Pipeline meeting. To be placed on the distribution list for Pipeline activities, please email Michele at .

Thank you for your support of FAME,
Dave Phillips, Chair
Congratulations to FAME's 2019/2020 Student Scholarship recipient Kevin Stottler from FLCC!

The Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise was pleased to present our 2019/2020 FAME Student Scholarship to Kevin Stottler from FLCC! Kevin, pictured at center right with Dr. Sam Samanta (left, FLCC) and Rick Plympton (right, Optimax Systems) previously worked in print and plastics at Bristol ID Technologies, but wanted to develop his skills and find more interesting work in manufacturing. He decided to go back to school. His goal is to graduate from the FLCC Instrumentation and Control Technologies program and find rewarding employment. Congratulations, Kevin!
For additional information on FAME's Student Scholarship, please visit FAME's website:

FLCC Launches New Program:
Foundations in Advanced Manufacturing – training to improve retention & job satisfaction.

Through the use of big data, verified by a team of local employers including FAME members Absolute Precision, Advanced Atomization Technologies, CCMI, G.W. Lisk, Harbec, IEC Electronics, ITT Goulds Pumps, and Optimax, FLCC is launching the Foundations in Advanced Manufacturing curriculum.

The Foundations program will provide employers with graduates who have core competencies in key high demand Advanced Manufacturing roles. It provides learners with a common set of skills so that employers can help them advance and develop on the job from a solid foundation. Transferable knowledge and skills not only make for stronger employees, but enable employers to more rapidly develop and cross-train individuals to adapt to a changing market place. Graduates, as individuals, will have the ability increase their job satisfaction as they grow, another strong predictor of retention and advancement.

Additionally, program graduates will meet all the requirements to take the Certified Production Technician credential from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC). The program is expected to meet requirements for Related Instruction in several occupations for which there is a NYS Registered Apprenticeship. It will available for enrollment in early 2020, and, subject to approvals, will be opened to apprenticeship, college credits and delivery in high schools later in the year.

Employers, school districts and organizations who would like to learn more can contact Andrea Badger at FLCC’s Workforce and Career Solutions office via email:
Karen Springmeier Receives 2019 Statewide Workforce Award!

Karen Springmeier (FLWIB) and Mike Davis (IBEW 840), pictured at right, were presented prestigious workforce awards at the 2019 Statewide Workforce Awards conference on October 29 th in Rochester NY, in conjunction with the Partners for Workforce Transformation conference. The event is done in partnership with the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP) and the NYS Economic Development Council, and included over 400 workforce and economic development professionals from across the state.

Karen Springmeier, Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board was presented with the Statewide Leadership award. This is awarded to a person or entity in the state that deserves recognition for their impact on workforce development services and policies across the State.  She received the Statewide Leadership Award for her forty years of leadership at both the state and local level. Melinda Mack, NYATEP Executive Director, said “Karen has been in the field for 43 years (as she will tell you she started at 12) and under her leadership at the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board – the region has been a leader in sector-based workforce development. She is widely known as the “mother” of the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturer’s Enterprise, also known as FAME and the Healthcare Alliance of the Finger Lakes.” Melinda added, “She has served on the NYATEP board for over 25 years – including two terms as President.”  Melinda thanked Karen, "for who you are, what you do, and for your personal and professional contributions to workforce in New York."

Please join us in congratulating Karen on this remarkable recognition of her commitment to our region and NY State!
FAME members Building Minds That Make It at Finger Lakes Works With Their Hands 2019! 

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