There is so much power in being an Advocate. This year, with IBPF leading the way, the first-ever World Bipolar Day (WBD) U.S. Congressional Resolution was presented at a pre-WBD press conference on March 23. We were joined by many notable people at this event in Washington D.C. They included Paul Dalio, producer of the film Touched with Fire, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen of Give an Hour, Dr. Andrew Nierenberg of Harvard Medical School at Mass. Gen. Hospital, Pete Earley, mental health author, Chad Daversa of ISBD and others.

The most moving part of the day for me was watching how the videos and pictures submitted by the nearly 350 individuals and groups who participated in WBD deeply touched the hearts of these well-known individuals and those in the media.  One such family travelled with us to D.C. Their 15 year old daughter bravely shared her story in-person - giving one of the most moving accounts I have ever heard about what it is like to face the stigma associated with living with bipolar disorder.

I want to express my sincere "thank you" to all who participated - especially our Chairman Alisa Bernard who made it all possible. If you are reading this and have found it difficult to share your own story or the story of someone you love - please know that IBPF is here for you and is fighting daily against stigma by providing a worldwide platform and voice for bipolar disorder. Never forget that you are: #MoreThanADiagnosis.

If you would like one of our themed stickers bearing that message, please write to me, Lori Butler, at and give us your name and mailing address. 

To your health,
Lori J. Butler, Executive Director

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Thank You for Participating in World Bipolar Day!

Thank you to everyone who participated in World Bipolar Day! We received a record number of submissions and World Bipolar Day was a trending topic on Facebook!

Watch this video to see all of the video submissions we received where people describe how they are More Than A Diagnosis and show their support for those living with bipolar disorder. 

World Bipolar Day 2016 Compilation Video
World Bipolar Day 2016 Compilation Video

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Ask the Expert

Each month, a different expert from our Scientific Advisory Board will answer your questions about bipolar disorder research and treatment. 

This month's expert:  Andrew A. Nierenberg, M.D.

Question:  When it comes to nutrition, what is the best diet for people with bipolar disorder? Are there any foods that should be avoided?

Answer:  Increasing evidence suggests that people with bipolar disorder may benefit from healthy diets consistent with a Mediterranean diet - that is with plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts along with olive oil. Minimizing salt and red meat and avoiding processed foods including juices can also help. The main idea is to eat foods that decrease inflammation and avoid foods that increase inflammation. Also, foods with high fiber content can help good bacteria grow in our gut (the microbiome). Some also recommend natural probiotics (such as fermented foods, kefir, and yogurt).

Dr. Nierenberg's  primary research interests are treatment resistant depression, bipolar depression, juvenile bipolar disorder, and the longitudinal course of affective disorders. Read his full biography here

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His areas of interest including working with all aspects of addiction, severe and persistent mental health issues, personality disorders, trauma and its impact on recovery, hoarding and other obsessive-compulsive disorders and issues within the LGBTQI community.

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The Powerful Impact of Yoga and Meditation
The Powerful Impact of Yoga and Meditation
With Bianca Zable 

Bianca shares how yoga can help many symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder, including mood swings, fear, anxiety, tension, and lethargy. Yoga can help relax the mind and body for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems, resulting in a deeper and more regular sleep. 

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