I was a stranger and you invited me in..."  -Matthew 25:35 NIV
by Tammy Modic
Spring is Coming!

Spring and summer are really just around the corner. I can’t believe it is already the end of March. The Community Outreach and Fundraising (COF) committee has been hard at work preparing for a very eventful season ahead.

The brainstorming sessions that occurred at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 resulted in some exciting new ideas on how the committee could meet their $75,000 budget goal for 2018.

Some of the new fundraising activities that are being put into place by the COF committee include:
  • Burger King Shares (March 13 & more to come)
  • Grand Theater Bus Trip (April 14)
  • Electronic Recycling Event (June 22 & 23)
  • Brewer Fun Bus (June 27)
  • Elvis & Patsy Cline Tribute Concert (returning August 3)
  • Green Bay Packer Concession Stand workers (full Packer season)

Then there are still events they are looking to put into place for 2018:
  • Nicolet Theater Partnership
  • Pizza Ranch Impact Nights
  • Motorcycle Poker Run
  • Keynote Speaker Banquet

You can’t forget about our continued yearly events:
  • Culver’s Shares Night Rhinelander (April 5)
  • Summer Raffle (we will be in all 5 counties at least once this summer)
  • Brat Sales (we will be in all 5 counties at least once this summer)
  • Farmer's Market Bake Sales
  • Golf Scramble (June 3)
  • Harvest Hoedown in partnership with the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry (September 22)
  • CT’s Deli Fundnights
  • Soup for Shelters in Rhinelander, Eagle River and the Lakeland area
  • Packer Parties

Are you tired just reading all of this? Me too! What a great group of volunteers I get to work with at in planning all of these events and more. I am also excited to have returning and new volunteers join me in helping the fundraising season.

If you can give us a couple hours of your time please check out the Sign Up Genius link in the upper right hand corner of our website.  www.nathnorthwoods.com

Hope to see you at many of our events and raffle sales locations.
Community Partners
Northland Pines High School Student Council recently held a penny silver war between teachers to raise funds for charity. Pairs of teachers volunteered to perform in front of the student body if students donated the most money to that group in the penny silver war. This fundraiser raised two hundred dollars for the Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing. Matthew McGill of NPHS Student Council presented the donation to NATH Executive Director Tammy Modic. Looking on were teachers Forrest Mann and Peter Aerts, who performed for the student body in exchange for raising the most funds.
Thank you NPHS!

Tammy Modic, Executive Director accepts a $1,000 check from the Rhinelander Lions Club. The check is being presented by Lion Ed England.

This past week the Girl Scout Troop 7248 made Easter baskets for the residents of Frederick Place. They showed up with smiles on their faces and giving in their hearts.

Girls pictured from left to right front row: Kailee, Charlee, Brianna, Trinity.
In back row left to right: Hailey and Abby
Coming Soon
Faces of NATH
by Susan Statezny
       When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequence    ~ Dr. Phil McGraw

Over a month ago, the “post-Pastor John dinner” discussion turned to understanding the concept of kicking people out of Frederick Place. Until that discussion I had assumed that the community osmotically knew terminating a resident’s stay was a routine procedure when operating a shelter. If Pastor John, who has been providing meals since we opened, was unaware of this common occurrence, it was a pretty safe bet that a lot of you are also unaware. Thanks to Pastor John I thought I would write an educational piece this month. What you are about to read is also a testament to our pledge to operate Frederick Place as a safe haven, free of drugs, alcohol, and violence. 

During the shortest month of 2018, five residents were told they needed to leave for a variety of violations. This achievement set a record, and it is one we hope is never challenged.

Our rules are in place to promote safety for all, resident self-sufficiency, resident rights, staff rights, confidentiality, and property upkeep and respect. Portions of all of our rules and guidelines are documented throughout a resident file/chart. Some of our directives are ones you would expect most adults to already know. Some directives are specific to Frederick Place. The portion titled Rules and Disciplinary Procedure contains all of the rules with detailed explanations. When a prospective resident arrives they are often very nervous and anxious. If an individual demonstrates these conditions it is unlikely that they will remember what they have been told, so we often do not complete their intake on that first day. For that reason we created a condensed list of rules we felt they needed to know on their first day. We call it Resident’s Initial Rules and House Schedule. We give it to them to review on their own once they are settled in. As a group, staff chose a few rules that we feel are the most important and most misunderstood. This page was designed with red ink and large font and is simply titled: IMPORTANT RULES . Our Zero Tolerance Policy and Immediate Termination Policy reiterate those rules that will result in an immediate termination of stay with no exceptions . We want residents to know, without doubt, what the consequence of choosing certain behaviors will be. Rules pertaining to medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, can be found in the mother ship list of rules, in the handout, and in the health section of a file. Our Emergency Shelter Agreement is a list of expectations and recommendations. Although this section does not read as if it were a set of rules, a resident may be asked to leave if they are not meeting expectations by working on the goals their case manager formulated for/with them.

Through the years we have had to amend rules and add new ones. I imagine that will be the case in the future. Some of the additions have been “a-ha” moments because we are surprised we hadn’t thought of them sooner. The best example I can come up with is the recent addition of “the only acceptable breathalyzer result is 0.00” after a resident’s breathalyzer test read 0.04. The argument this person gave was that she would not be charged with drunk driving with this blood alcohol concentration. The resident file touches on zero tolerance and failed
UA/breathalyzer multiple times, but not in great detail. The assumption was that a resident would understand that zero tolerance means just that.

Our Disciplinary Procedure is also explained to incoming residents. We do “write people up” for rule infractions. If they receive three write-ups their stay may be terminated. Examples of write-up worthy conduct are missing an assigned chore one too many times, being late for morning check-in, or being late for curfew. The hope is that the behavior that warranted a write-up will cease if there is a threat of being asked to leave. Unfortunately, residents don’t take this consequence seriously until they receive three and then are informed their time at Frederick Place has come to an end.

Prior to settling in to write this I thought it might be interesting to share the reasons residents have been asked to leave. To get an accurate count I went through past resident files from 2011 to the present and put them into categories. The grand total is 155, which isn’t too shabby considering over 600 people have called Frederick Place home.

Rule infraction = 40
Unapproved overnight (did not return within one hour of a missed curfew) = 43
Volatile or threatening behavior/verbally abusive/disrespectful = 12
Being in possession of pornography/ pornographic website browsing = 2
Theft = 3
Failed random breathalyzer/ UA drug test = 45
Refusal to do a breathalyzer/UA = 2
Solicit urine in order to pass a UA = 3
Smuggling urine in to pass a UA = 2
Altering urine for UA (microwaved it) = 1
Crawling out a second floor window = 1
Aiding the person crawling out the window = 1

P.S. Yes, someone really did microwave their urine.

Tribute Corner

Memory of:

Richard Schwall, Catherine Schwall & Pauline Schultz
Ways you can become a NATH Partner and donate 
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Thrivent Making a Difference
Are you a member of Thrivent?

Apply for your Thrivent action Team to assist NATH.

Go to Thrivent.com/action team to get started. Here are some questions you may see when applying. What is the need you and your volunteer team want to tackle? How will your volunteer team spread generosity in your community? When will your project take place? How will you use your $250 seed money to make a bigger impact?

Once you submit your application, it’s typically review within a few days. When you project is approved, you will get to customize a hand packed Thrivent action kit based on what your team needs, including promotional banner, Live Generously T-shirts, step by step guides, invitations, thank you notes and a $250 Community Impact Card to use as seed money to get your project off the ground.

Some of the ways you could help NATH/Frederick Place, would be as a sponsor for Summer Raffle, Anniversary Benefit, Harvest Hoedown, Soup for Shelters, Golf Scramble or by preparing a meal or two for the house residents. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

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NATH Wish List
Each month many partners in the community donate meals to Frederick Place. This month NATH and Frederick Place thank the following groups.  
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ - Rhinelander
  • Human Service Center
  • Pastor John, and Rita, Bill & Joan Green - Pioneer Lake Lutheran Church - Conover
  • Dylan Wendt
  • Rhinelander Café and Pub
  • The Table – St. Augustine Episcopal Church - Rhinelander
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Rhinelander
  • Key Club
  • Don Meyers
  • Montessori School
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Nancy
  • Pastor John and confirmation class
  • Xylina Graf & family
Open Meal Dates