I was a stranger and you invited me in..."  -Matthew 25:35 NIV
Annual Anniversary
Gala & Dance
Community Partners

A check was presented to Tammy Modic by Gloria Olson of the St. Germain UCC Thrift Store.

 NATH was presented a check by Amy Vanney on behalf of the Nicolet 
National Foundation, Inc. for use in the operation of Frederick Place.  Accepting the check on behalf of NATH is Rebecca Mahoney, Frederick Place House Manager

We would like to thank the Nicolet National Foundation for their support and all the employees that solicited and donated on our behalf.

This month the boys hockey team came to make and serve the residents at Frederick Place a delicious meal.

by Tammy Modic
Green Bay Packer Concession Stand Experience

NATH-Frederick Place will be partnering with Today’s Youth for the 2018-2019 Green Bay Packer Season.
Ever want to go to Lambeau Field but couldn’t make it to a game? I can help. Look for sign up next season to help work at a concession stand. Your portion of the concession stand profit each night will go to NATH for the operations of Frederick Place.

How does it work?
I spent the last 4 home games during the 2017-2018 season checking it out. I left Rhinelander 7 hours before game time. 

Why you ask?
I left 3 hours for travel and pit stops and had to be there 4 hours before game time. 

Why 4 hours before game time?
The concession stands open 2 hours prior to game time and it takes 2 hours to prepare the stand. 

Why 2 hours?
I helped inventory the stand which meant counting every cup, boat, tray, bottle, can, peanut bag, meat products, and chip bags. I cross checked my numbesr with a 2 nd counter. I helped stock the cups, chips, water, peanuts, carry trays, straws, and napkins. I filled the ice containers and prepped the condiments. When the stand was ready I was able to have a snack provided by the company.

Once the concession stand opened 2 hours before game time, I had no time to look back. I greeted customers, “Welcome to Lambeau, how may I help?." I took orders, filled orders, and thanked customers for their orders before telling them to, “Enjoy the game." I worked along side 3 other cashiers, with 5 people in the kitchen, and 2 people in the beverage stand next to our stand. The kitchen staff were responsible for cooking the food and serving it up through the “window."

After the game was over I was part of the clean up crew. I had to re-inventory all products and supplies, sweep and mop, and make sure the stand was ready for the next home game. Most games I left within 2 hours of game completion. Then came the drive back to Rhinelander.

Today’s Youth needs 12 volunteers for each home game for their stand, They can help supply volunteers for other stands as well. Each NATH-Frederick Place volunteer is eligible to split the 10% profit with the other workers of the stand.

This was a long day each week but a great adventure. I received a date proposal, an invitation to the New England Patriots stadium for crab cakes, many smiles and lots of congratulations on helping as a volunteer. I met some amazing people who were volunteering to help other organizations around Wisconsin.

I hope you will consider joining me and other NATH-Frederick Place volunteers during the 2018-2019 Green Bay Packer season. Watch for more details as soon as the schedule is announced.

Save the Date
Faces of NATH
by Susan Statezny
As I watched the first Minnesota Viking playoff game, I found myself silently cheering on a team I’d always ranked #2 on my list of most despised teams (Da Bears are #1 of course). I am a passionate and loyal Packers fan, and this sudden change of heart caught me a tad off guard. Then one of the residents made a comment about two recently departed residents, Dan and Jenna, and I knew the cause of my traitorous thoughts.

I met Dan in 2013, and I have to say, he is the most passionate Vikings fan I’ve ever met. He is so devoted that he proudly displays his Vikings tattoo without fear in Packers country. Now that takes (foot) balls. His wonderful partner, Jenna, is a Packers fan who puts up with him, not only during football season, but all year long. I deemed this young lady a saint, not of the New Orleans variety, the first day I met her.

Dan and Jenna are both from Rhinelander and recently returned to the town of their birth after spending some time in the West. They wanted to be closer to family but did not have an income that would allow them to find suitable housing on their own. Dan had experienced success when with us before and knew we could give them the hand up they needed. Once they were here, they followed the Frederick Place playbook to a “T” and quickly made forward progress. The first down is “employment,” which they achieved long before their play clock ran out. Second down is “housing,” and they hit the ground running from day one knowing how difficult it can be to find a place in a short amount of time. Third down varies by resident need. Many choose to start saving for a vehicle. Sadly most are unable to convert the third down to a first down and end up punting. Dan and Jenna had a two paycheck advantage and diligently began saving and were able to purchase a used vehicle within a couple months. Much to Dan’s delight there was enough money left over that when he came upon a used snowblower for sale; he was able to purchase it. He planned to try and make a little extra cash going around the neighborhood offering to clear driveways and sidewalks. The only problem he faced was getting it away from Jenna, as she enjoyed using it just as much as he did.

Family is very important to Dan and Jenna so they made it a point to take a timeout from their responsibilities to visit and help out those in Rhinelander and Wausau. They also took on somewhat parental roles before their arrival when Dan’s mom unexpectedly passed away. Dan had suddenly been thrust into the role of family patriarch for two younger brothers who looked to him for advice, help, and comfort while he was in the midst of his own grief. Wise beyond his years, I watched him take on that role with Jenna by his side. They cared intensely but did not try to fix their mistakes for they knew the only way they would learn from mistakes they’d been making was to face their problems and deal with the consequences. Not surprisingly, his brothers love and respect their new parental figures and do understand their decisions. As much as Dan misses his mom, knowing she is finally at peace does help ease his pain. I would even bet she is watching her first born and beaming with pride as he does all he can to keep her boys close to each other rather than drift apart.

Dan and Jenna did find housing prior to their dismissal date. They had looked at several places and finally settled on a place with cheap rent so they would be able to continue to save money in hopes of moving west to Washington at some point. While we were all happy for them, we weren’t anticipating their move out date to be one filled with joy. They touched each of us with their kindness and willingness to help out with anything around the house. I personally miss Dan for his skill at unclogging a toilet while making me feel like he was only able to do it so quickly because I’d worked so hard at it before seeking his help.

Dan and Jenna’s journey most certainly can be compared to the Vikings’ road to the Super Bowl. In the words of “Saint” Vincent Lombardi;

      “ Football is like life-it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”

To achieve success they had to face whatever came their way as a team with a common goal, all the while remembering that the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. They had to believe they could accomplish more things if they did not think of them as impossible. When faced with an obstacle they chose to keep their eyes on the end zone and have the faith to forge ahead. I do not know if Dan and Jenna were aware their actions mirrored these snippets of wisdom from Saint Vince. Nor do I know if the Vikings had a similar philosophy. If they had, they just might be on their way to getting creamed by the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.
Tribute Corner

In Memory of
  Jeanette Kuziej

Ways you can become a NATH Partner and donate 

A New Way
to Donate
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If you’re a cardholder of either establishment, it’s now easier than ever to donate to a local cause. When your ready to redeem your points, our organization will be listed in the Buzz Points online and mobile Rewards Directory. Please consider donating in this manner to NATH.
If you debit or credit card is not registered go to  https://www.buzzpoints.com/
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Thrivent Making a Difference
Are you a member of Thrivent?

Apply for your Thrivent action Team to assist NATH.

Go to Thrivent.com/action team to get started. Here are some questions you may see when applying. What is the need you and your volunteer team want to tackle? How will your volunteer team spread generosity in your community? When will your project take place? How will you use your $250 seed money to make a bigger impact?

Once you submit your application, it’s typically review within a few days. When you project is approved, you will get to customize a hand packed Thrivent action kit based on what your team needs, including promotional banner, Live Generously T-shirts, step by step guides, invitations, thank you notes and a $250 Community Impact Card to use as seed money to get your project off the ground.

Some of the ways you could help NATH/Frederick Place, would be as a sponsor for Summer Raffle, Anniversary Benefit, Harvest Hoedown, Soup for Shelters, Golf Scramble or by preparing a meal or two for the house residents. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

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NATH Wish List
Meal Partners
for January
Each month many partners in the community donate meals to Frederick Place. This month NATH and Frederick Place thank the following groups.  
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ - Rhinelander
  • Human Service Center
  • Pastor John, and Rita, Bill & Joan Green - Pioneer Lake Lutheran Church - Conover
  • Ministry Health Care part of Ascension
  • Nancy - St Kunegunda/St Theresa's
  • Rhinelander Café and Pub
  • The Table – St. Augustine Episcopal Church - Rhinelander
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Rhinelander
  • BPA
  • RHS Hosa Group
  • Katie
  • Anna Will and girls
  • Diane/Don Reupert
  • PEO-Sandy Bergman
  • Montessori School
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Nancy
  • Molly
  • Pastor John and confirmation class
  • Xylina Graf
  • Nikki Pearson/James Beck Center
  • Darla

Open Meal Dates