I was a stranger and you invited me in..."  -Matthew 25:35 NIV
Packer Tailgate Tour 2017 rolls into Rhinelander on April 7th, 2016 at the Rhinelander High School at 5 pm until 8:30 pm. Come join the fun and get a chance to meet 3 current players:
Aaron Ripkowski, Jake Ryan and Brent Hundley: and 3 Packer alumni, Robert Fergeson, Ahman Green and Ryan Longwell: as well as Mark Murphy, President and CEO.

MARCH 9, 2017
4pm -8pm
APRIL 21, 2017
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I’ve wanted to write what follows for quite a few years. I have not done so because this individual does not like being in the spotlight, though she finds herself in it all the time. She admits that she “does not toot her own horn very well at all.” She is the glue that binds our team, and her dedication and hard work keep the doors of Frederick Place open. I am, of course, speaking of Tammy Modic. I must admit, my original plan was to be sneaky and not ask for her approval as she leaves for a well-deserved vacation in a few days. What could she do about it from a beach? However, a wise woman suggested I write this, share it with Tammy, and when she sees the beauty of my creation she will have a hard time refusing it. I hope that is the case, so here’s a “toot toot” from me to you, FL (Fearless Leader).    

John Quincy Adams described a leader as someone whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more. Since I began working with Tammy I’ve done things I never would have thought I could do.  Tammy saw something in me that told her I was capable of more, and that continues to inspire me to challenge myself.  I have learned to trust my decisions instead of second guessing them because of Tammy’s trust and her faith.  Today I know what dedication to a cause is, because Tammy’s almost palpable passion has awakened devotion like I’ve never known before.  

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when Tammy offered me a position.  I still have days where I wonder, “What HAVE I gotten myself into?” I have made several mistakes in the last six years, and, more often than I wish, Tammy has received a “narking myself out” email. Sure, I could keep some mistakes to myself, but why would I? I have a boss who always has my back, regardless of the nature of my mistake. Tammy sees errors as learning experiences. She does not lecture. She offers guidance and encouraging words such as, “Sometimes a situation calls for anger and _ _ _ _.”  One of the best tools Tammy given me is the importance of acting instead of reacting.  As a result, my telling on myself emails have decreased substantially. That little gem is one that has saved my butt personally and professionally more times than I can remember.

The difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says "Go!" - a leader says "Let's go!"  ~E.M. Kelly

 When the holidays arrive Tammy pitches in so every one of us gets time with our families.  Although she is not as “hands on” when it comes to the daily lives of our residents, she is always willing to meet with a resident, and is often the one who initiates the one-on-one event. When we have issues with a group of residents we call upon her to facilitate what we call a “Come to Jesus” meeting at which she stresses that all staff members are extensions of herself, and they need to treat us with the respect they demonstrate for her.   

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much” Helen Keller

At the anniversary celebration Jeff Wagner gave Tammy multiple compliments, and I could sense her discomfort from the back of the room. Perhaps this is because Tammy does not consider Frederick Place her success but our success, and she is always quick to say “I cannot do it alone.”  Behind the scenes, Tammy makes sure we know how much she appreciates us and reminds us that we do make a difference.  She often chastises herself for not letting us know more often, though she wouldn’t need to tell us because her actions convey the message loud and clear.

                                                     One for all and all for one

Tammy, Becca, and I are the only original team members left, so Tammy has dubbed us The Three Musketeers.  We have a bond that strengthens and becomes tighter with each passing year. 

We have shared laughter, tears, frustrations, and joys. Together we have processed, made decisions and mistakes. I cannot picture a life without my fellow musketeers.

I truly believe Tammy and I were meant to cross each other’s paths. Not just because of the relationship we have today, but because of a simple word, a “code” word so to speak. My mom always called me Lady, and I hadn’t been called that since 1998. That is, until Tammy called me Lady. I’d never shared my nickname with Tammy, and when I asked her why she called me Lady she didn’t know. Being the spiritual soul I am, I considered this to be a sign from my mom letting me know that Tammy would be an important part of my life. My mom was right.

Thank you FL for your guidance, love, faith, and trust. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t met you. You truly are one of the greatest blessings in my life today.

AmeriGas Community Care Program

Our local AmeriGas Office is pleased to have NATH participating in their Community Care program.

With the opportunity to earn up to $2000.00- by simply collecting AmeriGas Propane receipts. We are reaching out to all those who may use AmeriGas and asking for you to make a copy of your receipt and mail it to us at 204 W Frederick St, Rhinelander, WI 54501. Help us to reach our goal this year of $2000.00.  We earn $.02 per gallon purchased.

So, join us in our fight to end homelessness in our community. Every time you need to fill up your propane tank for home use, or whenever you need to fill up your tank for camping or to fire up your gas grill, remember to make copies and submit them to NATH.

Thanks for your support and help with this project.

Members of the Key Club at Rhinelander High School came to make a meal for the house .
  Members of FBLA/DECA from Rhinelander High School came and made a meal for the house.


In Loving Memory of

Charlie Fox
Jeanette Kuziej
Tom Nilsson
Bea Kerner
It is hard to believe that February 2017 is in the books already.  The year here at NATH has flown by with us finally being able to let the public know that we were honored to be selected as the non-profit organization to benefit from the Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour.

Our planning began back in August of 2016 when I received the call from Cathy in Green Bay asking if we could meet with her and Tony Fisher.  Since then, a small core committee has been working on securing sponsors, putting together committees for food and activities, figuring out locations and logistics, etc. This core committee has been the back bone of the planning.  Jeff Wagner, Harry Kroll, Tammy Dye, Barth Mather, and Tracey Barnes have been at my side many hours working diligently to get things started and bring in more people to help with the planning.

If you want to see what this event has been all about in the past, check out the Green Bay Packer Website to see what they have looked like.

The doors of Rhinelander High School will open at 5 pm for the 600 - $30 ticket holders and the unlimited number of $10 ticket holders.  

  •   The $30 ticket holder will receive a souvenir, 2 beverages, a tailgate meal, and autographs from the six players and Mark Murphy.  They will also be able to participate in the activities occurring at Rhinelander High School.  These activities include a question and answer session with the Packers during which they will throw hats, t-shirts and footballs into the audience. There will also be a bounce house, bean bag toss, face painting, basket raffles, and silent auctions.

  •  The $10 ticket holder can participate in the activities but would have to purchase food and beverage and would not be allowed to get autographs.
  • Every person, 2 years or older, must have one of these tickets to get in the doors at Rhinelander High School

My goal for the Rhinelander 2017 Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour is that people are still talking about what a great event we put on for weeks, months and even years after the Tailgate Tour bus leaves town.  At last count, we only had 50 or so of the $30 tickets left for sale at Trigs or Best Embroideries in Rhinelander.  You can be a part of history in Rhinelander.  I hope to see you at the event on April 7th.
   Each month many partners in the community donate meals to Frederick Place. This month NATH and Frederick Place thank the following groups
 If you, your family, your church, your business or a group you belong to would like to provide an evening meal please contact any staff member at Frederick Place @ 715-369-9777 Open dates are listed in the open meals calendar above. 
  • Church of Christ–Hope Center
  • Carla Mcdonough & friends
  • First Congregational United Church of Church Rhinelander
  • Greg/Mary
  • Human Service Center 
  • Joyce and Dave
  • Key Club
  • Pastor John, and Rita/ Pioneer Lake Lutheran Church - Conover
  • Pat/Monessorri School
  • Rose and Billy Jo
  • Rhinelander Café and Pub
  • Sandy Martin
  • St. Kunegunda/St Theresa
  • The Table–St. Augustine Episcopal Church-Rhinelander
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Rhinelander
  • Dye Family
  • Anna Will Family
  • Orin
  • Sandy Martin