It's Not Just
Lou Gehrig's Disease!
20,000 people in the USA are living with ALS at any given time
You may think you're limited contribution can't help that many people.
But it could make a HUGE DIFFERENCE for one of these 23 people living with ALS in Northwest Wisconsin
Y ALS is commonly known as
Lou Gehrig's Disease, but
It is also

Ron's Disease, Joel's Disease, Steve's Disease, Sonia's Disease, Mary's Disease, Dave's Disease, B illy's Disease Odrey's Disease
Jane's Disease Susan's Disease
Brian's Disease Larry's Disease

Jack's Disease Jim's Disease
Diane's Disease John's Disease
Darlene's Disease Nancy's Disease
Sandy's Disease Holly's Disease
Jerry's Disease Mickey's Disease
Tony's Disease
  1. Register for the ALS Walk by clicking here.
  2. Raise Money by asking friends, family and acquaintances for a donation.
  3. Make a donation yourself.
  4. Make a donation of goods that can be sold at our Silent Auction
  5. Volunteer!
Form a Team and Come to the Walk!
Get your family and friends together to come walk. Your presence brings smiles, support and hope to those struggling day to day.
Silent Auction!

Sunday, June 10th

Volunteering your time may be the best thing you do - both for those with ALS and for yourself.

Volunteers are needed to help with the walk - collect prizes for silent auction, set-up and take down tables and chairs, help with children's activities, do face painting, provide musical entertainment, make balloon animals, etc....

The support group is managed by a small group of volunteers. In the past year, several members have had to resign for a variety of reasons. Can you serve on the Board? There are only 4 meetings a year. If you have a heart for those with ALS and their families, send us a note and talk to us about serving for a year or two on our board!


Sally Sweet