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Primary Election Day!! June 5, 2018
Good Morning!

Rise and Shine!

Today is Primary Election Day and polls are open from 7am - 7pm. In case folks don't know, NM has a "Closed Primary" system. This means that Democrats run against other Democrats and Republican's run against other Republicans. But if you didn't declare a party, you won't have an election to vote in today. The winner of each primary will run against the other major party and that vote will take place on Nov. 6, 2018.
Remember why we vote!
Please remember, that voting is a way for us to have responsible leaders that will advocate for policies that help Native people. We need leaders that will strongly advocate for money, policies and ideas that are helpful to our communities. Voting can help the mainstream society to better understand and consider the concerns that we have about our future and the future of our children.
If you have any questions regarding your voting site, or about the elections today, you can call the Secretary of State's office at:

(800) 477-3632
You can also find your local county clerk and give them a call.
Vote Sites
In some areas we now have Voting Convenience Centers (VCC's) instead of poll sites. This means that you might not need to run all the way to your usual polling location, but could vote at a VCC. You will still need to vote within the county in which you are registered. For example: if you're registered in Sandoval County and are in Santa Fe for the day, you wouldn't be able to vote in Santa Fe County... You would still need to get to Sandoval County's Voting Convenience Center. And although Cochiti is located in Sandoval County, you would need to get to a VCC, because Cochiti is not a VCC but rather a regular Poll Site.

If you ordered an Absentee Ballot and are still driving around with it in your car - please drop it off at your local county clerk's office. You will likely have until 5pm, though each county clerk will have their own regulations they abide by - so contact your clerk by following this link!
An interesting article to read about our elections in NM!


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