A Special Guest this Sunday

It is a joy to welcome visiting preachers to St. Gregory’s, and we are delighted that this Sunday, at the later service, our preacher will be the Rev. Dr. Sarah Kye Price.

Sarah is the St. Margaret’s Visiting Professor of Women in Ministry at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, where she is currently teaching in the June intensive, a course called “Social Work and Spiritual Care” She is Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Professor at VCU School of Social Work and Local Formation Director at St. Phoebe School for Deacons in Richmond Virginia. She received her Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis, and her M.Div at CDSP.

More than that, Sarah calls St. Gregory’s her “Parish home when away-from-home.” And more than THAT - she is a former student of mine at CDSP!

Join us on Sunday and extend a very warm welcome to Sarah.

The Parish Retreat - A Great Place for Families
Everyone is welcome to attend the Parish Retreat, and we are so grateful to be able to welcome families at a reduced rate. Everyone 12 years old and younger gets to come to the retreat for free. Our spaces are limited—and we don't want to turn anyone away—so sign up now.

The dates are August 26 - 28, and the place is the Bishop's Ranch. There's swimming, sharing, good food, good company, and time for singing and prayer.

Attendees are limited to 65 this year, and already have 26 registered, so please use the button below and sign up now.
Our Shared Life
  • This week we pray for Will Capp's mother, Patricia, who is in the hospital and very weak.
  • If you would like to participate in our Sunday Liturgy as a reader in person or on Zoom, you can sign up by contacting Peter, who will share the new sign-up information with you.
  • We are actively recruiting more deacons, zoom hosts, and camera deacons for our hybrid service. If you'd like to help out, contact Peter.
Announcements from Friends
and Partners

  • The Calling All Choir meets tonight and every Wednesday, 6:00 - 9:30 pm.
  • AA Big Book Meeting takes place at 10:00 am every Saturday at St. Gregory's. Enter by the ground floor admin building entrance.
  • The Food Pantry gives away free food every Saturday, Noon to 2:00 pm. Come at 9:00 am and help set up.
  • Mission Fusion dance comes to St. Gregory's this Saturday, June 18, from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. Everyone is welcome to come and share in social dance and great company.

Calendar & Links for Events
Click the event name for the link. All times in PST.

Every Sunday:
  • The Early Liturgy. This 45-minute service features creative storytelling using Godly Play, gospel enactment, congregational singing, embodied prayer, and Eucharist. All ages are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • The Adult Forum features Leesy Taggart continuing the conversation about faith and finance. Everyone is welcome to come either in person or online.
  • Contemplative Prayer (9:30 am, in-person) meets in the chapel. Everyone is welcome to come and share the silence.
  • The Late Liturgy (10:30 am, hybrid). This 75-minute liturgy highlights song, prayer, reflection, and personal sharing. All ages are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • Fifteen Good Minutes (following the late service). This is a 15-minute conversation about the Sunday liturgy, specially designed for visitors to learn more about how we make church together.

Every Week:
  • Zoom Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am, on Zoom). This 45-minute intimate gathering for prayer and reflection on the day's scripture follows the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer. Contact Ebba for more information.
  • In-Person Morning Prayer (Monday-Friday 8:00 an in-person) meets at the church for a 30-minute time of song, silence, scripture, and singing.
  • The Bible Study (Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, on Zoom) is looking at Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians. Everyone is welcome to join.

Other Upcoming Events:
  • The Vestry meets this Sunday, June 19, at 12:30 pm in the downstairs conference room. For more information, contact Barb Nicol or Anne Symonds.
  • The Elder Women's Group (Monday, June 20, 11:00 am). This group is for St. Gregory's women over 65 and meets on Zoom. For more information, contact Tonia or Ebba.
  • The Icon Painters Group (Sunday, June 26, 12:30 - 5:00 pm, in-person). This group is for icon writers who would like to develop their craft with others. Contact Betsy for more information.
  • The North Bay Group (Saturday, July 9, 2:00 pm, in person). This group was recently formed for Gregorians living in the North Bay to connect spiritually with each other and meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Contact Laurie for details.
  • St. Gregory's at Anchor Taps (Sunday, July 10, 12:15 pm) everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments and food.
  • East Bay Evensong (Thursday, July 14, 6:30-8:30 pm). This group meets on the second Thursday of each month for Gregorians in the East Bay to share prayer, fellowship, song, and a meal together. For more information about East Bay Evensong or to attend, contact Leesy.

One Last Thing...

It's a delight to welcome artists to use our beautiful space to create new work. During Lent this year, we welcomed Betsy Beckman to video a dance that she choreographed and performed along with Dawon Davis and Corey Action. Betsy has generously shared the link to the video for St. Gregory's folks to enjoy. She asks that you not share the link outside the community quite yet.

You can learn about Betsy through her webpage, The Dancing Word.

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