St. Gregory's is Vital and Thriving

I’m so happy to announce that St. Gregory’s has joined Vital+Thriving Congregations! Along with twelve other Bay Area congregations, we will continue the work we began in 2019, looking at our future strategically and in community with others. 
We are in the process of recruiting our initial team for V+T. This group will begin training the first weekend of February and will be sharing with the whole congregation the many ways we can connect with this important work. You can find out more about this project here and the ways that you might connect.
If you’d like to find out more, contact Barb Nicol.


Masking Update
Beginning this Sunday, January 22, we will return to the masking protocols we took up at the beginning of December: we will encourage masking while inside but will not require it. 

We are returning to our previous policy because the level of infection from COVID-19 in our area has declined consistently since December 29. We are now at the safer level our reentry team agreed to when we made masking "encouraged" but not "required."

Because of the continuing risk from infectious illnesses, we actively encourage people to wear masks while inside and will continue to have masks available at the door. To protect as many people as possible, remember:  If you feel ill—whether it’s a common cold, the flu, or COVID—we ask that you stay home and join us on Zoom.
Return to Narnia with Prince Caspian
Following where we left off at the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the YFM will continue our Narnia series this Sunday with the first 7 chapters of Prince Caspian. All are welcome to join the Youth & Family Ministries group on this classic adventure - even if you haven't read the book yet! Come bring your imagination, your theological curiosity, and a spirit of FUN and join us again in Narnia this Sunday at 9:30am.
Our Shared Life
  • This week we pray for St. Gregory's friend, Joan Roughgarden, whose husband, Rick, died suddenly this week.
  • If you would like to participate in our Sunday Liturgy as a reader in person or on Zoom, you can sign up by contacting Peter; he will share the new sign-up information with you.
  • We are actively recruiting more deacons, zoom hosts, and camera deacons for our hybrid service. If you'd like to help out, contact Peter.

Announcements from Friends
and Partners

  • AA Big Book Meeting takes place at 10:00 am every Saturday at St. Gregory's. Enter by the ground floor admin building entrance.
  • The Food Pantry We give away free food on Saturdays, Noon to 2:00 pm. Come at 9:00 am and help set up.
  • Mission Fusion dance comes to St. Gregory's on Saturday, January 21, from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. Everyone is welcome to come and share in social dance and great company.

Calendar & Links for Events
Click the event name for the link. All times in PST.

Every Sunday:
  • The Early Liturgy (8:30 am, in-person). This 45-minute service features creative storytelling using Godly Play, gospel enactment, congregational singing, embodied prayer, and Eucharist. All ages are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • Youth and Family Ministry (9:30 am, in-person) We're returning to Narnia this Sunday. Meet in the seating area after the early service.
  • The Adult Forum (9:30 am, hybrid) regathers this week for our lectionary bible study. The in-person gathering is in the Fabian Room.
  • Contemplative Prayer (9:30 am, in-person) meets in the chapel. Everyone is welcome to come and share the silence.
  • The Late Liturgy (10:30 am, hybrid). This 75-minute liturgy highlights song, prayer, reflection, personal sharing, and the Holy Eucharist. All ages are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • Fifteen Good Minutes (following the late service). This is a 15-minute conversation about the Sunday liturgy, specially designed for visitors to learn more about how we make church together.

Every Week:
  • Zoom Morning Prayer (Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am, on Zoom). This 45-minute intimate gathering for prayer and reflection on the day's scripture follows the Book of Common Prayer. Contact Ebba for more information.
  • In-Person Morning Prayer (Monday-Friday 8:00 am, in-person) meets at the church for a 30-minute time of song, silence, scripture, and singing.
  • Zoom Bible Study (Wednesdays at Noon). The group is reading through the Book of Genesis—looking at different stories to find out more about God's action in our lives.
  • Choir Rehearsal (Thursdays, 7:30 - 10:00 pm). Everyone is welcome to come and sing with the choir. There's no audition; the only thing required is a love of singing.

Other Upcoming Events:
  • The Icon Group (Sunday, January 22, 12:30 - 5:00 pm). Join others and share the experience of making icons - or drop by and learn more about icons. For more information, contact Betsy.
  • The Elder Women's Group (Monday, January 23, 11:00 am). This group is for St. Gregory's women over 65 and meets on Zoom. For more information, contact Tonia or Ebba.
  • Annual Parish Meeting (Sunday, January 30, 9:30 am). We will meet to hear reports about the years past, review the budget, elect vestry and deanery members, and look ahead to 2023. In the seating area.
  • East Bay Evensong (Thursday, February 9, 6:30 - 8:30 pm). This group meets on the second Thursday of each month for Gregorians in the East Bay to share prayer, fellowship, song, and a meal together. For more information about East Bay Evensong or to attend, contact Leesy.
  • The North Bay Group (Saturday, February 11, 2:00 pm, in person). This group is for folks living in the North Bay to connect spiritually with each other, meeting the 2nd Saturday of the month. Contact Laurie for details.
  • Zoom Icon Group (Sunday, February 12, 2:00 - 4:00 pm). Connect with icon painters from around the world. For login and other information, contact Betsy.
  • Second Sunday visit to Anchor Taps (Sunday, February 12, at 12:15 pm). Join friends for conversation and beverages and food following the 10:30 service.
  • St. Gregory's Vestry (Sunday, February 19, 12:30 - 2:30 pm, in-person and on Zoom). Everyone is invited to come in person or on Zoom. Contact Barb for information.
One Last Thing...

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Sanford's 30th-anniversary celebration this past Sunday. Here is the beautiful poem written by Diana Landau that was read at the event:


so serious, next folding into giggles
at some chorister’s joke,
so sure
of your art
as you go on learning from masters,
committed to drawing forth all we can do and more.
Calmly considered in teamwork, cheerful in committee.
So San Francisco: loving the baroque and blazing new,
bears and football and peaks and parades and square-dancing;
(so unsquare! so well rounded!)
Clever with tools: software, sewing machine, salad fork, tuning fork.
Shaman in tie-dye
shaper of sound
by hands, limbs, back, lungs, lips, heart
pure of vowel, respectful of consonant
Stretching up, seeking out, breathing in
deeply the good
sending it out again.
Relaxed leader
God-gifted in the highest discipline: I mean
craving excellence, aiming far,
yet knowing past doubt that the holy worth lives
in taking us all there together.

Your singers follow, in faith.
— For Sanford Dole on his 50th, from Diana Landau

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