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Just One of many Features . . .
Outlook Communicator™
Unified Communications and Call Control Within Microsoft Outlook™
  • Call directly from Outlook with or without MXIE
  • Inbound screen-pop for Outlook contacts
  • Synchronization between Outlook Calendar and Presence status as well as set automatic presence changes
  • Change your Presence status from within Outlook
  • Drag and drop email/voicemail function opens an email session with Outlook
  • Save voicemails and faxes from the MX system directly into Outlook
  • Utilize powerful Message Escalation features to enhance customer service and business operations
  • Outlook Journal screen pop at the conclusion of a call allows users to record key call information
  • Log into multiple agent roles from Outlook and choose to make outbound calls from a specific role
Business Insights
The Importance of Emergency Notification Systems

While we never expect to find ourselves in an emergency situation, a crisis can strike anytime, anywhere. During an emergency or dangerous event, the most pivotal step an organization can make is to quickly inform and alert people in harm’s way. Whether it’s a business, a school, or any other type of organization, the ability to immediately send warnings and instructions during an emergency relies heavily on the tools at your disposal. But what are an effective means to notify security personnel and affected people of possible danger and other events?
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