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Support for our
Did you know that Primex has a dedicated technical center specifically set aside to offer support and services? Those services are used by our customers, our vendors, and our own manufacturing facilities. We conduct injection molding, extrusion, and forming trials, perform analytical and mechanical testing, and provide customized material and process training.
Have you ever had the need to evaluate and prototype materials for new applications? Primex has the resources to assist with that process.

Need trial extrusion?
We have a 10” wide single layer extruder and a 44” wide extruder with 3-layer capability using either a single or triple manifold die.

Need sample lamination?
Our 44” extruder has lamination capability featuring an air clutch, a spiral cut roll, and a bow bar to assist with wrinkle free laminate application.

Need forming trials?
We have a MAAC 36”X48” shuttle former with several of molds available specifically designed to test for depth of draw parts. Our most versatile mold can be configured from a 5” to 20” depth of draw in 5” increments.

Need testing?
The John J Farber Technology and Innovation Center is A2LA accredited (Certificate No.4071.01) for a number of ASTM mechanical tests. We also have analytical capability that is not covered by our scope.
Certificate No. 4071.01
A Supplier or a Partner
A supplier helps you run your business, a partner helps you grow your business. Primex has a variety of resources available to help you grow your business. With trial evaluations, testing services, and customized training, let us know how we can assist you in growing your business.