July 2017 eNews
Will You Marry Me?
We have all heard of unusual marriage proposals - football games, live tv and even while skydiving! How about on a mission trip? That's what happened as Conner totally surprised Whitney on June 11th as a part of a mission team from SC. Can you think of a better way to start a marriage than serving on the mission field with CCM in Nicaragua? Watch this short clip of the proposal. 
Made for a Mission
We are so grateful for the profound responsibility and privilege to help connect people to missions in Nicaragua. Helping people learn to share their faith and return home a changed person is very humbling. We are also grateful for those of you who sacrifice your time and resources to partner with CCM.  "In the same way that You gave Me a mission in the world, I give them a mission in the world." John 17:18 (Mes) "The most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me..." Acts 20:24 (NCV)

Pastor Rick Warren said it like this:  "God is at work in the world, and He wants you to join Him. This assignment is called your mission, and it is different from your ministry. Your ministry is your service to believers in the Body of Christ, while your mission is your service to unbelievers in the world. God created you for both.  Your life mission is both shared and specific. One part of it is a responsibility you share with every other Christian, and the other part is an assignment that is unique to you."

We are thrilled to see how short-term missionaries minister to children and families in Nicaragua, but it doesn't stop there. Your mission continues when you get home and interact with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. You don't go on a short-term trip with CCM and leave the mission field in Nicaragua - you bring it home with you. Continue to share your faith so that others can accept Christ as their Savior!

Upcoming Trips
Annual Family Christmas Trip!
December 2-9, 2017
Imagine giving Christmas gifts for kids who have none. Imagine feeding families who have no food. Imagine spending a week with our Nicaraguan staff. Imagine this is YOU in Nicaragua for our Annual Christmas Trip!

Join us as we visit the Pastors of our churches, distribute gifts, feed hundreds at the landfill and much more! The trip concludes with a big Christmas Party for staff and their families. This is a perfect opportunity for you and your family! The cost is $650 which includes all transportation, lodging and meals. Airfare is additional.

Call our office at 864-599-0067 or email shawna@chosenchildrenministries.org
Have you booked your 2018 Trip?
The calendar is filling up quickly!
CCM Child Sponsorship
On July 7th, 2016 we officially kicked off our new sponsorship program. One year later God has allowed nearly 250 children to be sponsored in Nicaragua which provides food, clothing, medicine and Biblical discipleship.

We have seen children become more healthy, perform better in school and most importantly accept Jesus Christ as Savior. 250 is a great number, but did you know we have nearly 600 children waiting for someone to be the hands and feet of Jesus?

Watch this short video from the thankful mom of 7 year old Karen who lives in the Mt. Zion community in Nicaragua.
Mission Team News
Summer Missions with CCM have begun! In June we had 12 teams and more than 220 short-term missionaries serving the people of Nicaragua and sharing the love of Christ. Here are just a few reports. 
Forestville Baptist - SC
From team leader Susan:  
" We absolutely love being able to return to the Cristo Rey community in Nicaragua.  This was our 4th year there.  The church in that community has a new pastor. We witnessed while going door to door that the Pastor had been visiting many people weekly and had really been ministering and evangelizing that community! 

Monday - Thursday we went door to door, and witnessed 10 people giving their lives to follow Jesus! During our door to door visits throughout the week and because God has allowed us to build relationships with people in the community, we were able to address the sin and need for repentance.  We witnessed much restoration!  God is able to heal, to be victorious!

We were able to do a feeding for the community on Thursday. As you know, this is the rainy season in Nicaragua - it rained there each day. The ladies cooking there asked that we pray for the rain to stop.  We gathered there hand in hand around the front of the home where the meal was being prepared and prayed that God would stop the rain.  Literally at the mention of the words 'In Jesus Name AMEN', the rain stopped.  Not a single drop fell on that community for the rest of that day!  God is so very good.

We also were able to be a part of the proposal of one of our team members Conner, to our daughter Whitney.  They both have felt God's call on their lives to the mission field, possibly even Nicaragua, and therefore this was a special moment for all of us to be a part of such a wonderful event. 

Anderson Mill Church - SC
From team leaders Randy and Chandis:

"It was a wonderful experience to be one of the first groups to go into this community. I am amazed at how the number of people attending grew throughout the week.  Everyone on the team felt very blessed to be able to serve there.  The kids and teens did a great job with VBS and door to door (and mixing concrete).  The people in the community were very welcoming and so kind. 

There are definitely many needs in the community and as fast as it is growing, I can see the need for many teams over the next 1-2 years to serve in this community.  Probably the most urgent needs would be a church building, storage building that could be locked, a well and latrine.


The children are the most polite children we have encountered in any barrio.  There is a good strong group in the church that are going to be essential as the community expands.  At last count, there are 50 families.  They expect to have around 7,000 people when the barrio is full. We are excited about the future of Renacer.  Our entire group fell in love with the community and are asking to go back there next year."

Woodland Mills Church - KY
From team leader Geneva:

"We had a great time serving our sweet community in Nicaragua. We, with help, put a tile floor in the church and built two houses in the community. We spent two mornings going door-to-door (100 gift bags) and three afternoons conducting VBS in the park.  As part of the VBS this year, we had Bible study for the women.  I was pleasantly surprised at the reception and hunger for the word.  I was very nervous about  speaking in front of them (this was my first all-Spanish Bible lesson).  

On our last day, we had service in the church and fed the community, over 200 showed. The church was packed.  We added 6 pews to the church this year as well. Some of the not-planned projects-kitchen items, tools, mattress, sheets, hammock for the family home.  A walker for the lady in the other home. Medicine for a lady in the community. School supplies for the teacher.

Diaper bags for 3 new mothers.  

Each night we had a short devotion and a time of sharing. Members of my team always feel blessed at being part of this mission work. It was a great week.  This is our third year in this community and I can tell that the connection and trust grows stronger each year."

Grassy Pond Church - SC
From team leader Martin:

"Grassy Pond Baptist Church was blessed to send 30  to serve alongside Chosen Children Ministries.  On Sunday, June 18 we participated in the worship in Marvin Salazar.  Our church worked in this barrio last summer so we wanted to go back and see how the church was doing.  We were blessed to see the church was continuing to grow and reach out to the community.  It was good to see many friends from last summer.

Following the church service we fed those in attendance.  Monday through Thursday our ministry took place in Paradise.  In the mornings when we arrived we divided into 4 teams and went out into the barrio inviting the community to our Bible school for the children and a parenting seminar for the adults.  On Monday we had 40 adults and 80 kids.  On Tuesday we had 20 adults and 120 kids. On Wednesday we had 31 adults and 137 kids and on Thursday we had 78 adults and 235 kids.  We are amazed at the attendance as the week went along.  

During the week we saw 8 adults make professions of faith.  Only the Lord knows how many children's lives were changed, because it was hard on Tuesday as we had around 90 kids we were trying to counsel.  The parenting seminar seemed to be a great success.  On Thursday we allowed the adults to give feedback from what they learned during the week.  Many thanked us for our willingness to share from God's word the role of a parent and the importance of raising your child according to God's standard.  Our team was blessed with great translators from CCM.  A shout out to Carlos, Alex, Neyssi, Leo, Mickey, Andy, and Hector for their hard work.  It was great to once again partner with Chosen Children and we are looking forward to our next trip."

Duncan First Baptist - SC
From the Duncan First team:

“God Equip Us.” We began to pray these 3 simple words. How each of us would be equipped individually and as a team for the week in Nicaragua, could never be explained except only, by God’s Will. Danielle said, “God will answer prayers and he will do so in unexpected ways.”

Our group of 23 landed in Nicaragua on June 4 a Sunday evening, with open minds and hearts, willing hands and feet, and an excessive amount of luggage. Monday morning, everyone hit the ground running in the barrio of El Timal. Door to door, Bible school for the kids, Women’s study, the building of a new home. 

By the time Wednesday evening rolled around, the metal house with a concrete floor had been completed for Roger and Felicia, 200 certificates for food bags had been handed out door to door, 3 days of Bible school for the kids and Women’s study had been taught, much of the excessive luggage of awesome donations had been given, and needless to say, we were all still going strong. 

Thursday. Door to door began in the morning, houses were wrapped in plastic, yard work at the church, Bible school for the kids and Women’s Bible study was all completed and Joe Millican was able to begin his sermon about 2pm. The church was filled. The yard was filled. The dirt road was filled. Men, women, and children were everywhere. Immediately after the sermon 200 food bags were handed out. And, our day was complete."

Team Leader Danny V. summed it up best: My Nic leadership team is good, the Holy Spirit chosen 23 is better, Chosen Children Ministries is great, Chosen Children Nic Staff is even GREATER and the God we All serve is the GREATEST!!”

Shandon Youth & Adults - SC
Shandon Youth Team Video
We were privileged to have two separate teams from Shandon Baptist - Adults and Students.

From the Shandon Adult team leader Greg:

"Our team had a amazing week last week in Nicaragua.  We were able serve in the barrio Emmanuel that has become so dear to our church and team over the years.  

Our projects last week consisted of helping lead the Sunday morning worship service, building a new house for a single mom with 3 children, sending out teams for door to door evangelism with hygiene bags, bibles, and other supplies, sharing the gospel in each class in the local school, running a VBS for the children, training the older women in how to share their faith, and training the new moms on a variety of things related to parenting and taking care of children.  It was amazing watching the number of children and moms that grew each day during our time there. 

Our VBS started with around 60ish children and when we finished our last day we had almost 170 kids attending our children’s ministry activities.  For the mom’s training we started with just a few moms and by the end of our time we had around 25 moms learning about parenting and growing in their faith.  It was a blessing.  By the end of the week we saw around 150 men, women and children surrender their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  

Thank you for the vision of Chosen Children and how God is using you and your staff to impact the country of Nicaragua.  It was a blessing to partner with you and serve with your team last week.  We are excited about next year."