June 2017 eNews
Heartache Becomes Healing
Life can be hard in Nicaragua. Families in the barrio's often struggle for food, jobs and education. What they do have is family, but sometimes there is heartache there as well. Recently, we discovered that the father of one of our sponsored children just passed away AND the grandmother of another sponsored child also passed away. 

Yuridia's father passed away leaving her two siblings and mom with no source of income. Yuridia is sponsored, but her brother and sister desperately needed sponsorship so they could at least have a source of food, medicine and education.

12 year old Anabel is another sponsored child whose grandmother also passed away. Her grandmother was like her mother because Anabel's own mom abandoned the family. Anabel and her younger sister Lea will be cared for by their elderly grandfather. Lea also needed a sponsor.

We made known their immediate need and praise the Lord one of our faithful partners in Virginia sponsored all three children! Yes, there is still heartache from their loss, but now healing begins as they realize someone in the U.S. loves and cares for them. The most important thing sponsorship provides is Biblical discipleship and the example of a God that loves them. 

You can sponsor a child today at www.ccm.life/sponsorship
Upcoming Trips
Our First CCM Sponsorship Trip!
September 2-9, 2017
 This trip is open to everyone, not just those who sponsor a CCM child in Nicaragua! Visiting and spending time with your sponsored child will be an unforgettable experience that will bless both you and your child. You will get to see firsthand how you're making a difference in your child's life and in the barrio community where they live. If you are not currently sponsoring a child, you can change a child's life by clicking this link: https://www.ccm.life/sponsorship
For more information, schedule, costs and more click the button below!
The Outback Mission Trip!
Summer of 2018
Like to rough it? Like to sleep out under stars in a Eno hammock or tent, cook over a campfire AND do missions?

Next summer we will have our first Outback Mission Trip in the Square 91 community which is out in the countryside far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This team will do mission work during the day helping families and children and spend the evenings getting close to nature and one another. This is a great opportunity for fathers and sons and those who like to rough it a bit. 

More details coming soon!
Annual Christmas Trip!
December 2-9, 2017
Imagine giving Christmas gifts for kids who have none. Imagine feeding families who have no food. Imagine spending a week with our Nicaraguan staff. Imagine this is YOU in Nicaragua for our Annual Christmas Trip!

Join us as we visit the Pastors of our churches, distribute gifts, feed hundreds at the landfill and much more! The trip concludes with a big Christmas Party for staff and their families. This is a perfect opportunity for you and your family! The cost is $650 which includes all transportation, lodging and meals. Airfare is additional.

Call our office at 864-599-0067 or email shawna@chosenchildrenministries.org
Have you booked your 2018 Trip?
The calendar is filling up quickly!
Mission Team News
The month of May was a great warmup for the busy summer ahead where we'll have more than 20 teams and several hundred short-term missionaries serving the beautiful people of Nicaragua! Here's just a few reports from May.
Thompson Station Church, TN
Once a year a team of builders, teachers, businessmen, salesmen, lawyers and more come from Tennessee to Nicaragua to build. 

This team of 19 men under the leadership of Brent Jones and Pastor Tom McCoy, came to the Thomas Borge community near the city of Leon and built a new sanctuary to replace the one they have outgrown. 

They have built many churches for CCM all over Nicaragua, tirelessly laying block, pouring concrete and hammering nails, but their real passion is to build the Kingdom of God. As husbands and fathers, they take the time to love on families and children sharing the love of Christ. 
The Heights Church, VA
From team leader Julie C.:   "We had a team of eight, four college students and four adults.  Our main prayer for this trip was that chains would be broken and strongholds would be torn down in the powerful name of Jesus.  Each and every day, we saw lost souls coming to the Lord with chains of addiction, abuse, anger and hurt being broken.  On Sunday, two team members shared a message at the El Timal church, Fuente de Vida.  The messages were from a recovered drug addict and on how to walk through the darkest times in life.  On Monday, in addition to door to door, the team began work on the house for Elbis (a recovering alcoholic) and Lucia.  The rains poured down and the thunder rolled as we had VBS, a women’s Bible study and a message for men.  We had a team member come to the Lord that night; God was at work on and off the field. 
"On Tuesday, we finished the house, prayed over a dying woman, and started a business for a single mom with tons of shoes, glasses, hats and other things.  We repaired another lady's house and saw people coming to Christ in the Bible studies and across the barrio in door to door.  On Wednesday, we encircled Lucia y Elbis' house in a prayer circle and dedicated it.  We bought chairs for the church, food supplies for several needy families and saw salvations in door to door as well as salvations in the afternoon Bible studies.  We met a one-legged man on door to door and were able to buy him a chair.  On Thursday, we had ESL and witnessed more salvations in door to door, VBS, after a Bible study on Revelation and a feeding at the church.  Pastor Bill Silva did a sermon while we fed over 200 people.  In the barrio, a cock fighting ring was being constructed with a bar in it.  One of our college student team members got in the center of the ring and preached the Gospel to the entire construction crew which led to professions." 
"Thursday night, the team was very blessed to attend CCM staff member Castro’s wedding.  On Friday, the team went to the dump, sang a praise song in Spanish, Bill delivered an amazing sermon and then we did a feeding.  We also walked all over the piles of trash witnessing to people and we saw salvation after salvation both in and around the dump.  We then proceeded to the market and walked all over that area handing out tracts.  Pastor Bill shared with us that over 125 people attended Fuente de Vida church the Sunday after we left.  We thank and praise God for allowing us to see chains broken and strongholds torn down in the name of Jesus!!!"