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We all know about the missiles from Iran into Iraq, but many don't know that mail was temporarily halted going into Iraq because of the dangerous situation. Mail is back on line and one of our units sent us this email:

FEB 29
"I hope this finds you and your team well,
Our mail was temporarily halted early this year, so it took a little longer to receive packages than normal, but earlier this week we were blessed by your care package. Thanks to everybody that made this happen, it was an awesome care package!
-Thanks for the travel mug from Wylie Independent school district! I gave it to one of the lieutenants out here and she is enjoying using it every day!
-Thanks for the ceramic Subaru coffee mug, I plan on buying a Subaru when I get home so I kept that one for myself ;)
-Thanks for the organic beef jerky, that stuff was scooped up and consumed quickly by the troops
-Thanks for the TRX bands… what an awesome gift!
-Thanks for the Reese’s Take 5’s, the entire box of 18 king size bars was eaten in less than a day. I’d call that a hit!
-Thanks for the Hershey’s Gold. I hid those until the Take 5’s were gone, but they went just as fast once I put them out…
-Thanks for the pack of Cigars, we have some real aficionados out here that appreciated that
-Thanks for the coffee, the troops run on coffee
Last but not least, thank you to all the rest of the Adopt a Soldier Platoon team that contributed to this package in any way! You guys are awesome and we are proud to be out here on behalf of Americans like you. Attached is a picture of some of the guys here." Tim
FEB 24 -

"Guess what! We received the Keurig today, needless to say everyone is quite excited!! Thank you!

Looking forward to waking up with a good cup of coffee and of course we instantly broke it in. Thank you again!" Jill

We send care packages to Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen all over the world, including on the High Seas and to Special Forces.
We are currently assisting a couple of wounded veterans in North Carolina:

Daniel is unable to work. He takes his wife for special medical infusions twice a month. He was recently hit by a reckless driver and lost his car. We are helping him with rent for a few months which has enabled him to purchase a newer and safer vehicle.

Greg lives in a car storage shed with his wife and autistic adult son (an amputee) on a relative’s property. His two daughters sleep in the relative’s house. They share the “facilities” in the house as well.

Greg was offered the opportunity to purchase a used mobile home that needed extensive rehabbing. We purchased the home after bringing him current with other financial obligations incurred when he lost his job due to his son’s amputation surgery. A wonderful local church and team of volunteers led by their pastor have worked tirelessly to install new plumbing and electric, repair floors and ceilings and cabinets. Several area merchants donated supplies to make this possible. We will be installing an all new HVAC system with duct work in the upcoming weeks.

GIG for Vets is a NJ-based all volunteer group that provides 12-week guitar classes at three VA locations. At the completion of the 12 weeks, each Vet is given an acoustic guitar in a carrying case along with a tuner and strings. GIG for Vets relies solely on donations to keep their program going. We are honored to have recently purchased 10 new guitar kits for this great group of folks and look forward to attending the next graduation!
Picture of the Month
" We got three boxes in on one day yesterday! Thank you and yours so much for the packages. Super Awesome… "

We thank the brave Special Operators out there who have our back in extremely dangerous areas. We are honored and privileged to support them.
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Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon is the Official Care Package arm of the Special Forces Charitable Trust.
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2019 was a great year.
We improved the Morale of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen down range and at home when they have difficulty making the transition to civilian life.

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