May 2019
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New Coverage Area!
Southern Connector
We are thrilled to expand our coverage to the Southern Connector Toll Road (I-185), a 16-mile highway that allows traffic to move more quickly and efficiently through Greenville County in upstate South Carolina.

How it works:
If you are a current customer and have the Bestpass Complete Pass or Horizon transponder for your vehicle(s), you don't have to do anything to get coverage in South Carolina! As of June 1, 2019, we will be automatically enrolling our Bestpass Complete Pass and Horizon users.

If you do not have the Bestpass Complete Pass or Horizon transponder and are interested in adding South Carolina to your coverage area, please contact our sales team by calling 1-888-410-9696 or email 
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The Month of May
National Hamburger Month
The entire month of May is known as National Hamburger Month. There are few things in this world better than an awesome burger. We checked with our staff and a couple of friends to see where you should stop to grab a quality hamburger while you're out on the road.
Southern Belle Burger

1. M&M's Tavern - New Lebanon, NY  
Looking at the building, you may have some doubts - an old doctor's office was transformed into a "rustic watering hole" that cranks out some awesome wings and burgers. Max, our AR & AP associate, raves about their Cowboy Burger. Don't take our word for it? Check out this stellar dining review.

2. Las Vegas, NV - Guy Fieri's 
Their Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger has won several awards in Vegas, as well as New York City. Eileen, our office assistant, says it is the best burger that she has ever had. 
3. Killeen, Texas - Billy Bob's Burgers
Billy Bob's is an awesome locally owned and operated spot in Texas that serves up some seriously delicious burgers. Ashley, from our sales team, swears by the Boomtown Burger. The other great thing about this place - they take your name, not a number when you order, plus, they have ice cream.

4. Louisville, Kentucky - Mussel and Burger Bar
Nicole, our communications specialist, stumbled upon the most delicious cheeseburger that she has ever tasted in Louisville, Kentucky, while attending the Mid-America Trucking Show. "When I was looking up places to try, I came across Mussel and Burger Bar and thought it was a weird combination. I was wrong - it was insanely delicious." Nicole opted for the Southern Belle; check out their drool-worthy menu.

Our absolute favorite burger recipe:
Want to whip up a great burger at home? Check out our favorite burger recipe - we promise it's out of this world! Hint: the potato rolls are super important.

Street Soldiers
About Street Soldiers:  Street Soldiers is a grassroots organization that helps provide hot meals and needed essentials to the less fortunate. It was founded in 2016 by the Fahey family who use their home, garage and
vehicles for storing and transporting all meals, clothing, drinks and tables to Academy Park, located in Albany, New York, to feed and clothe those who need it the most - every Friday night.

How Bestpass was able to help:  Bestpass employees shopped for, assembled and handed out: 110 sandwiches, 12 dozen hard boiled eggs,  8 lbs vegetables,  20 lbs clementines,  dozens of cookies  and cases of water and tea.  #BestpassGives

Toll Rate Update
MTA Bridges & Tunnels
In case you missed it, as of April 1, 2019, many of the Metropolitan Transportation Association's (MTA) bridges and tunnels underwent a toll increase. Check out the 

Delaware: New Toll Rate Update
As of May 1, the toll rate for all vehicles crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge has increased. Check out the current toll rates.
Bestpass News

The  trucking and tolling media took notice of our South Carolina expansion, with coverage including  Heavy Duty Trucking Traffic Technology
 Today and   The Trucker, who all had great things to say.

Bill recently joined the Bestpass team as general counsel! Check out what he will be responsible for at Bestpass, as seen in Automotive Fleet.

If you have ever called into customer service, you were probably greeted by a bright and vibrant person on the other line who goes by the name of Chenelle. Chenelle has recently moved on to join the support services team and is still working just as hard to maintain your account behind the scenes. Congratulations, Chenelle!

Rosie is totally loving our new space! Can you blame her? Just check out that couch! We think it's shaggy-chic. 

Feel free to send us your awesome pictures from the road, including pictures of your four-legged friends - email to or use the hashtag #BestpassBestShot to tag us in your pictures. If we use your image, we will send you some swag!

Welcome to our new clients who recently joined us!

  • AB Global Services Inc
  • Island International Enterprises Inc
  • Jose Cardenas
  • Gustin Banicky Stone Supply LLC
  • Northline Transit LLC
  • S&S Carriers LLC
  • Avanzar Ventures International
  • Rhody Transportation & Warehousing Inc
  • Dunster Logistics LLC
  • Transport Punch Express Division US Inc
  • Long Day Trucking LTD
  • Global Freight and Commerce LLC
  • MK Logistics LLC
  • Kaleabe Weyesa
  • Mirarchi Brothers Inc
  • Bryson Transport Services LLC
  • BB Enterprises
  • Alfredo Cante
  • David Patterson Transportation
  • Brent Geiger
  • J&NLog LLC
    BH Trans Inc
  • Patterson Companies LLC
  • Sanghera Corp
  • Frederick Canevari
  • Northwell Health CEMS-LHH
  • Blue Cat Carriers LLC
  • Redhead Trucking LLC
  • AAA Refrigeration Service Inc
  • Edwin A Hernandez Trucking LLC
  • Midwest Auto Movers Inc
  • Southern Ventures & Investments Inc
  • Jakks Transport Inc
  • DIV Trucks Inc
  • TBI Transport Inc
  • Altex Logistics Inc
  • Those Dobbyn
  • Leon Transport & Logistics LLC
  • Tamo Trucking
  • Leroy W Baxter LLC
  • 45 North Logistics LLC
  • DEC Cool Running Inc
  • Bosco Transportation LLC
  • Adamant Inc
  • Robert Thayer Transportation
  • Scorched Earth Trucking
  • Eastern Express Inc
  • Georgia Southern Transportation
  • Cheak Transport
  • WTB Transport LLC
  • LLines LLC
  • J & A Corporation 
  • Omni-Threat Structures
  • Th Kiemle-Hankins Company 
  • Chobani LLC
  • SIRVA Worldwide Inc
  • Rooman Transport LLC
  • Alex Boisjoly Transport Inc
  • Lodexo Logistics Inc
  • 4 Atkins Transport LLC
    E.C. Transport
  • Parsons Waste Recovery LLC
  • GDI Transportation LLC
  • Hauler Transport Systems LLC
    Jesse Braim Trucking
  • L R Logistics LLC
  • Nighteagle Trucking
  • D-Nice Transport LLC
  •  TBS Express Inc
  • M & J Global Transportation LLC
  • Summit Logistics LLC
    H.S. Edinger & Sons LLC
  • Midwest Dairy Transport LLC
  • DAVCIK Solutions LLC
  • Melvin D Ward
  • 1641103 Ontario Inc
  • Alliance Tours LLC
  • Go 2 Logistics 
  • Island International Exterior Fabricators Inc
  • Sport Builders Inc
  • Black Diamond Carrier
  • Olero Inc
  • Smith Logistics LLC
  • Dan Crotsley Trucking
  • Freight SK8 LLC
  • Exclusive
  • Wehaul Transport
  • Streamline Transport LLC
  • J.H. Express Inc
  • Trucker Expedited
  • Hauling Donkey Truck Lines Inc
  • Efficient Motor Freight Inc
  • Nobility Logistics Inc
  • Paul Transportation
  • Jorge Landin
  • Paul Transportation Inc
  • Diesel Group System Inc
  • Moorman Farms Inc
  • DVL Express Inc
  • GEM Transport Inc
  • Brian Popham
  • Basic Load Transport
  • Ricouard LLC
  • Salbro Roadlines
  • Rochester Water Technologies
  • CID Enterprise Inc
  • Klance Staging Inc
  • Schrader Trucking
  • 9ONE7 Transport LLC
  • American Express Transportation
  • Zara Transportation LLC
  • David L. Edinger
  • Saleh Al-Akashi
  • Thoroughbred Transportation LLC
  • Spur Transit Corporation
  • Blanco Transportation Enterprise Inc
  • Mayo Manufacturing Corporation
  • Fawcett Enterprises
  • Celebrity Coaches
  • Abdinur Muhammad
  • Runss Corp
  • Imperial Bag & Paper Co LLC DBA Imperial Date
  • Star Dance Alliance LLC
  • D.D.I. Express LLC
  • Homere Transport LLC
  • Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure
  • Express Dominic Boisvert Inc
  • Remarkable Liquids
  • Speedmax
  • Atlanta One Express
  • Legacy Logistics LLC Buford Transportation
  • Ledwell & Son Enterprises LLC
  • Muzom Transportation Inc
  • 5E Transportation LLC
  • James Hammond
  • Philip Polen
  • Papi's Trucking
  • Smarten Transport Inc
  • Red Emerald R&D LTD
  • P&B Ground Transportation
  • Mid South Transportation LLC
  • Pristine Integrity LLC
  • LCH Transportation LLC
  • D&S Classic Coach Inc
  • Nimfa Transport Services LLC
  • JA Butler Trucking Inc
  • Cannady Transport
  • NEZM
  • TKCamp LLC
  • Thomas Clark Transportation LLC
  • Blinkhorn Logistics LLC
  • Layan Transport Inc
  • Bell Transport Corporation
  • Safe Transport
  • KMR Trans
  • G.O.G. Ordoco Enterprises LLC
  • KAR Logistic Inc
  • Wade A Burns Jr
  • O Transport Inc
  • OrlandoXpress Inc
  • CADX Group LTD
  • Jose Lainez
  • George Moore
  • TRX Inc
  • Viewcrest Trucking
  • Cotton Carriers
  • Karl Hefter
  • 2675465 Ontario Inc
  • Mike Radatz
  • Container Group Intermodal
  • SM Miller Enterprises Inc
  • Chippewa Transportation Inc
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