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October 8, 2013
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More Women Can Run



Come hear CAWP senior scholars Susan J. Carroll and Kira Sanbonmatsu discuss their new book, More Women Can Run: Gender and Pathways to the State Legislatures, on Monday, October 21 at the Eagleton Institute of Politics; a reception at 5:00 p.m. will be followed by the program at 5:30. RSVP here. 

Take A Closer Look 

The first in CAWP's new series of research briefs  is now up on our website. It examines how women fare in congressional primaries and discusses possible explanations for the disparity between success rates for Democrats and Republicans. Check it out here!

This Is What a Leader Looks Like! 


Inspired by this great website and in keeping with our Teach a Girl to Lead initiative, we thought you might want to help your kid dress up as a favorite woman leader, whether for Halloween or just for fun. A Margaret Chase Smith rose? A Bella Abzug hat? Send your pics to us and we'll post the best on our website.

Gender Exclusive or Gender Inclusive? In our latest blog entry, we look at the past and future of woman vs. woman races for statewide and congressional offices.

Held to a Higher Standard: New research shows that participants were more likely to "check up" on a candidate's competence and qualifications if that candidate was a woman.

A Donor Gender Gap: The Center for Responsive Politics reports that the "donor gap" between men and women is real, and remarkably steady, with men contributing more money to federal campaigns and making larger donations than women.

Why Wendy Matters: Scholar Danny Hayes writes that Wendy Davis' decision to run for Governor of Texas may encourage other women to put their names on ballots.



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