Sept. 2022

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Callie Weed Cowan, Esq.

When Should I Write a Will?

Here Are Seven Guide Points:

  1. It's been a while - shifts in priorities or even the law itself.
  2. Home and personal possessions - who do you name as your beneficiaries.
  3. Business - what happens when you are no longer there?
  4. Children and Grandchildren - is there anything you would like to leave them.
  5. Relationships - marriage, divorce, remarriage
  6. Accumulated investments and assets - (tangible and digital) *see below*
  7. Turning 18 - this is when you can legally write a valid will.

What Are Your Assets?

When you're younger, you may not have many assets, but you may have some savings, heirlooms, a car, or even a house.

Covering digital assets may be especially important. Your will can include access to photos, blogs, music, movies, video games, PayPal accounts, and other digital aspects of your life.

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Jennifer Tower


Jennifer grew up in Venice, FL and following high school graduated with honors (Class Salutatorian) from Keiser University in Sarasota with a degree in Paralegal Studies.


For the next seventeen years Jennifer gained experience in a variety of litigation fields including construction, insurance defense, and personal injury. She obtained a real estate license in 2015 and by 2020 opened her own virtual real estate administration company specializing in transaction coordination and marketing. Jennifer brings a broad and deep wealth of experience to the Ledbetter Law Group Estate Planning Department.

Carolyn Clark


Carolyn grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the University of South Florida graduating with a double major in violin performance and English. She married and moved to Sarasota where she raised her three children, maintained a full career as a paralegal, and continued to perform with local music organizations.


For several years, Carolyn ran her own paralegal staffing company serving the law firms in this region. Her vast experience and expertise in litigation, probate, estate planning, real estate and family law make her a valuable addition to the Ledbetter Law Group Probate Department.


Sandy Winkler

Real Estate Paralegal

Natalie Croston

Estate Planning Paralegal

Heather Zbytniewski

Real Estate Paralegal


"Chamber Has Talent"

Steve Ledbetter, Esq. enjoyed the event with some great people:

David Joyner from Joyner Family Insurance & Kathy Lehner from Th Venice Area Chamber of Commerce.

Venice Area Board of Realtor July Membership Meeting

Valerie Cottrell, Director of Marketing (left) and Lissa MacDonald, Real Estate Paralegal (right) enjoyed the main speaker, Bill Furst, Sarasota County

Property Appraiser.


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