Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
"Let Go & Let God"
Educating the Mind, Body, and Soul
Pelican Express
September 6-13, 2018

School Hours: 7:25 am - 2:45 pm with assembly beginning at
7:45 am and carpool ending at 3:10 pm  

Message from Mrs. Gioe
It seems like everywhere I turn these days, God is telling me to trust in Him. Whether seen on a billboard, office wall, social media site, television, or card, the message is there. Just this week, I encountered the following messages:

“He who trusts in the Lord shall never be disappointed”.
“Faith is trusting God even when you can’t see Him”.
“Lord, when I give you my problems, miracles can happen”.
“Pray often, work hard, trust in God”.
“Hold on God knows what he is doing”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I do try, every day, to put my trust in the God. However, when things start to go awry, I often find myself pulling back or questioning God’s intentions for me.
So, I gather from the messages I’ve been reading that God is talking to me telling me to put my trust in Him. So, today I am imploring Him to “Take the wheel”. Are you with me?

God Bless,
Cheri Gioe
Important Dates for September
September 4-7 - ACT Aspire Interim I

September 7 - Shop with Scrip Due

September 12 - 8th Grade Retreat

September 13 - Mass 8:15am

September 14 - Spirit Shirt Day (with uniform bottoms)

September 18 - Cane's Night

September 20 - Corpus Christi Mass 8:15am

September 24-October 1 - St. Vincent dePaul Closet Cleanout Collection

September 27 - SVDP Mass 8:15am
Upcoming Events 
Morning Carpool

When lining up for morning carpool at the gate, please do the following to avoid backup on to Jefferson Highway. Please show respect for the order in which cars enter the line.
  • The first car to arrive should begin the right line (closest to the field).
  • The second car to arrive should begin the left line (closest to the church).
  • Subsequent cars should enter the line, alternating between the right and left lines.
  • When carpool begins, the first car in the right line should go first.
  • The first car in the left line should go second.
  • Subsequent cars should enter the carpool line alternating right and left lines.
After School Walkers

If your child is an MBS walker, on rainy days they will be sent to carpool and must be picked up from carpool. If you would prefer them to be sent to aftercare on rainy days, please communicate this with their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Wendy Lee, and ensure they are registered as a drop-in for aftercare.
Breakfast To Go Menu

Monday - MBS Confetti Pancakes:
confetti pancakes, ham, fruit of the day, apple juice/fruit juice/orange juice

Tuesday - MBS Chicken Biscuit:
chicken tenders, homemade biscuit, fruit of the day, apple juice/fruit juice/orange juice

Wednesday - MBS Dutch Waffle:
Dutch waffle, cheese cubes,fruit of the day, apple juice/fruit juice/orange juice

Thursday - MBS Homemade Breakfast Pizza:
homemade breakfast pizza, fruit of the day, apple juice/fruit juice/orange juice

Friday - MBS Sausage Biscuit:
chicken sausage patty, homemade biscuit,fruit of the day, apple juice/fruit juice/orange juice
Free and Reduced Lunch

We are encouraging parents to apply for free/ reduced lunch. Please apply online @
Lunch Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering to help serve in our school cafeteria, please sign up using the following link:
September Lunch Menu

CLICK HERE for the September Lunch Menu
Cafeteria Payments

This is a friendly reminder that cafeteria payments are due. Cafeteria payments are due in advance weekly, monthly, or by semester or year. A payment schedule is attached for your convenience. You can send a check or cash to school with your child, drop off a payment at the school office or pay online by credit card or bank draft at . All families are encouraged to set up an online account. There you will be able to monitor your child's account, and set up email alerts. You do not need to pay online to have an online account. In the event you cannot bring your account up to date tomorrow please contact me @ 753-3141.

If you have not submitted a Food Allegery form for this school year, please submit a form to your Café Manager and school nurse on a current Louisiana Special dietary order form. As with new dietary requests, signature from a physician or other recognized medical authority is required.

Thank you for giving Child Nutrition a chance to provide your child with wonderful food service. Have a great year.

CLICK HERE for payment schedule.
Smart Tuition Update

As we have mentioned before, Catholic school bookkeepers are now tasked with not only bookkeeping/accounting for the school but all of the Human Resources responsibilities. The duties associated with the bookkeeper's job are just too great for one person and it is cost prohibitive for MBS to hire another employee.  

MBS is one of few Catholic schools who are not requiring pre-payment of tuition. Most of the schools requiring pre-payment of tuition have opted to use a pre-pay loan program which puts the burden of 9% interest or higher on parents. Blackbaud's Smart Tuition will provide assistance to our bookkeeper but still allow parents to pay monthly without incurring large amounts of interest, just the $50.00 fee that goes to Blackbaud, not us. As mentioned it allows families to set up payment plans and choose when and how they will pay.  

All families will need a Smart Tuition account because we will be using it to charge and collect tuition payments as well as to charge and collect for incidentals such as t-shirts, field trips etc. All Smart Tuition accounts must be activated by September 10.   

As your account is activated, you will be prompted to choose some payment options. Since we are activating Smart Tuition mid year, Ms. Munn will have to manually credit many accounts. Please do not be alarmed by what you see. Your accounts should be accurate by October 1, 2018. It is the sincere goal of MBS and Smart Tuition for you to be completely satisfied with this program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please continue to contact me or Ms. Munn.
Cheri M. Gioe, Principal
Shop With Scrip

Our first Shop With Scrip due day is Friday, September 7 th
All orders must be placed and paid for online, or turned in to the school office by 3pm on 9/7. 

For more information, visit the H&S Shop With Scrip page  
or email Robyn Fox at .
St. Michael’s Open House - Save the Date - Thursday, Oct. 25

We invite you to visit SMHS with your classmates at your school's designated time. If this time is not convenient for your family, or your school is not listed, feel free to join us any time between 4:30-7:00 p.m.
4:30 p.m. - St. Jean Vianney, Sacred Heart
5:00 p.m. - Our Lady of Mercy, St. Alphonsus
5:30 p.m. - Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Theresa
6:00 p.m. - St. Thomas More, St. Francis Xavier
6:30 p.m. - St. George, St. Jude, Holy Family, St. Aloysius
Athletic Events this Week:
Come Cheer for the Pelicans!!

Thursday, September 6
Basketball jamboree for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls will be at MBS on Thursday, Sept. 6th. Tip off times are 6th @ 5:45pm, 7th @ 6:30pm and 8th @ 7:30pm. Come out and cheer on the Lady Pelicans!

Friday, September
Kick off swim meet at Crawfish Aquatics. Meet time is at 4:30pm. 

Saturday, September 8
Cross Country meet Saturday morning at Highland Road Park. Girls run at 9:30am and boys at 10am. 

Sunday, September 9
Football jamboree games will be on Sunday, Sept. 9th at SJV. Our 5/6th team will kick off at 1:30pm and 2pm. Our 7/8th team will kick off at 2:30pm and 3:30pm. Come out and cheer for our Pelican football teams!

Cross Country Schedule

9.8.18 - Episcopal Round Table Run - Highland Road Park (Baton Rouge)
  *  9:30 - Girls
  *  10:00 - Boys

9.22.18 - Battlefield - Port Hudson State Park
  *  8:30 - Girls
  *  9:00 - Boys

9.29.18 - St. Josephs Academy Invitational - Highland Road Park (Baton Rouge)
  *  9:30 - Girls
  *  10:00 - Boys

10.6.18 - Catholic High Invitational - Highland Road Park (Baton Rouge)
  *  10:30 - Girls
  *  11:00 - Boys

10.27.18 - STM Eagle Dash - LSU Innovation Park
  *  8:15 – Girls 2 mile race 
  *  8:45 -- Boys 2 mile race 
  *  9:15 – Girls 1 mile race 
  *  9:30 – Boys 1 mile race  
10.27.18 - EBR Metro - Highland Road Park (Baton Rouge)
  *  9:10 - Girls
  *  9:40 - Boys

11.3.18 - Middle School Championship - Highland Road Park (Baton Rouge)
4-H Club

MBS is excited to offer 4-H to students in grades 1st-5th. Students will be involved in activities related to science, health, agriculture, citizenship, cooking, and nature.

Please CLICK HERE for meeting dates and times.

Parent volunteers are need to assist with meetings and functions. Please contact Lisa Albano, 4-H Club Moderator at if you are interested in assisting.
Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics will be offered in 2 parts for the Fall Semester. The first part is for 8 weeks and is held from 9/12/18 - 10/31/18. The second part will be held the remaining 5 weeks in the semester from 11/7/18 - 12/12/18.

CLICK HERE for flyer with more information.
Impact Workshop
Impact Academic Solutions is a life and study skills program offered to students entering 4th-9th grades.

Fall Workshop Dates:
September 15-16 1:00-4:00pm
November 10-11 1:00-4:00pm

Contact Tricia Broussard at to register.
Volunteer Opportunities
MBS Parish Picnic

Come join us for our parish family fun day beginning with mass outside under the trees, followed by food, fun games, and family fellowship. Bring your own picnic or enjoy some BBQ provided by Men's Club. Bring your own lawn chairs and blanket. 

SignUp Genius Link:
ExxonMobil Volunteer Grant

ExxonMobil employees, retirees and their families who volunteer at Most Blessed Sacrament School can complete the online Individual Volunteer Involvement Program form and submit 20 hours for a $500 grant for MBS, for a total of four grants per year and $2,000. The ExxonMobil employee ID number and password are required to sign in. 
Volunteer work through MBS Church is not allowed. If you have any questions regarding what is acceptable, please visit the Program Guidelines and FAQ under the Individual Volunteer Involvement Program or contact ExxonMobil Matching Programs at (877) 807-0204. 
Most Blessed Sacrament School appreciates the time you spend volunteering and your contributions are deeply appreciated!
MBS Contact Person for ExxonMobil Grants: Kristy Reine, .
Volunteers Needed - Pre-K through 2nd Grade Screenings

Pre-K through second grade students will be undergoing free speech and occupational therapy screenings on September 7. The therapists will need help transporting the students to and from the sessions. 

If you are a volunteer who has been cleared by the Office of Child Protection, please consider giving two or more hours on Friday, September 7. Volunteers should check into the MBS Office to receive further instructions that morning. 

Please sign up here:
Office of Child Protection
According to policy mandated by the Diocese of Baton Rouge, all school volunteers must complete a mandatory background check and child protection training. If you are planning on volunteering or attending a field trip during the 2018-2019 school year, now is the time to work through the child protection process. Call Mrs. Landry at 225-753-5526 or email for assistance.