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Parents Can Get Help Setting Tech Ground Rules with The Smart Talk
Everyone knows about the inevitable "birds and the bees" talk between parents and their kids, but what about the "texts and the tweets?" That's another "talk" that's rising in importance, especially during the back-to-school season when parents prep their kids with the latest gear and gadgets. National PTA and LifeLock created The Smart Talk-a free, online tool to help families set ground rules for technology use and have open, ongoing conversations about online safety and responsibility.
Have you had the "talk" yet? Learn more at and create your agreement today.


When: Sept. 15, 2016

Time for webinar in Spanish: 1 p.m. EDT-Register Now

Time for webinar in English: 7 p.m. EDT- Register Now 

Kindle Giveaway!!
Celebrate Reading Together this March 2017!  The first 1,000 to sign up will receive a free event kit in the mail. There is a new opportunity for any PTA to receive Kindle e-readers! PTAs that sign up their PTA Family Reading Experiences for National Reading Month (March 2017) will receive an entry to the giveaway, which will occur in March 2017.
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Latest News from New Mexico PTA

Congratulations to the 2016-2018

New Mexico PTA Schools of Excellence:

La Cueva High School PTA - Albuquerque  
Capitan Municipal PTA - Capitan Elementary School - Alto  Capitan Municipal PTA - Capitan Middle School - Alto
Capitan Municipal PTA - Capitan High School - Alto

Become a School of Excellence

Are you interested in becoming a School of Excellence? Join us Wed., Sept. 21 for an info webinar to learn how to start on the path to excellence.
You can also enroll today. Through the National PTA School of Excellence program, PTAs and schools will gain new ways to engage families in school decision-making, such as improvements to programs, practices and policies related to education, health, safety or the arts.
The 2016-2018 School of Excellence recipients will be announced tomorrow, Sept. 1. Join National PTA President Laura Bay next week at noon, Sept. 9 live on Facebook Live as she announces which of these PTAs won the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Awards, National PTA's highest honor.
Learn more at

Participating McDonald's restaurants throughout the state will be offering a free breakfast to all K-8th grade students on Wednesday, Sept. 7 from 6-9 a.m.
The free breakfast is a way for local McDonald's owner/operators to help our students "fuel up" before school, as they understand the connection between a wholesome breakfast and improved school performance. The breakfast includes an Egg White Delight McMuffin or Egg McMuffin, apples slices and milk or Minute Maid orange juice or apple juice.
Children ages 15 and under, must be present with their parent to receive the breakfast. McDonald's asks that guests come into the restaurant for the breakfast. The free breakfast is not available in the Las Cruces and Clayton areas.
The free breakfast is possible through a partnership with McDonald's, Dairy MAX, and Dairy Producers of NM. NMPTA is pleased to work with McDonald's owner/operators throughout New Mexico to support and encourage a "fueled up" start to a student's morning.
Happy Back-to-School Season!
This past Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers raised over $1 million on GoFundMe, and we donated $170K to reward their efforts. This back-to-school season, we want to help you raise money for your classroom.

Start an education campaign by Sept. 16th, and GoFundMe will chip in $50* and put you in the running for a $10,000 classroom prize.
Start a GoFundMe campaign to support your cause
We know you have one of the hardest jobs out there, and you don't always have time to run your own campaign. With GoFundMe, you can always ask a friend, neighbor, or student's parent to start a campaign for you.

Thanks for all you do, this school year and every year!

The GoFundMe Team

PTA Membership Info
Four Simple Tips to Grow Your PTA

from National PTA

Many schools have a base of "die-hard" PTA members. These are the parents who keep renewing their membership in the PTA year after year, with little or no prompting. But the base of members simply isn't big enough to sustain your PTA.

The good news: If you provide enough value, many more people will join your PTA.

Tip #1: Provide strong financial benefits for joining the PTA:
Try to arrange discounts from local businesses (e.g., pizza parlor or ice cream shop) for PTA members.
Set up discounts on your online store for your PTA members.
Create small "perks" for PTA members at every school or PTA event (free popcorn at a movie night, an extra free scoop of ice cream at a school carnival, etc.)
Tip #2: Provide non-financial benefits such as information and feeling of belonging.

Keep your school community informed and "in the loop":
Post a school calendar online.
Provide information about school-wide events such as concerts, sporting events, fundraisers.
Invite everyone to general PTA meetings.
Publish a monthly newsletter with updates on past and upcoming events.
Instead of using an email distribution list, consider using an online communication portal such as SimplyCircle to keep the communication flow going. It sends your communications via email, but also creates a calendar of all the events (complete with automatic reminders to maximize participation), and a permanent and private archive of all updates, documents and photos that you share.

Tip #3: Make everyone feel included and feel like part of the community.

If you have a large Spanish-speaking community, make sure to provide all of your information both in English and in Spanish.
Sponsor events such as New Family Orientation or Ice Cream Social to let people get to know each other in a casual, fun setting.
Organize Community Service events and give back to your broader community.

Emphasize that by becoming a member of the PTA, they get a voice and voting rights in decisions affecting their school and their children.

Tip #4: Make people feel valued and appreciated, and let them express their appreciation of others.

Thank your school volunteers in a creative and unique way, like calling them out by name in a school newspaper or sending them handwritten thank you notes from the students.

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