February 12, 2020
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Membership Tip: Let's Get Rockin' with PTA

One PTA membership campaign was titled "Let's Get Rockin' with PTA."  When a person joined the PTA they had a different color musical note with their name on it put in the showcase.  Some even had a guitar depending on who they were.  There were PTA campaigns throughout the year encouraging membership.  Once a person had joined the PTA they had either a backstage pass or a star outside their classroom door with their name on it.  As the students walked through the halls, they were able to see the progress of people joining.  The PTA offered popcorn parties and ice cream parties to the classes that had the most for that campaign.  They had one with the most males and one with just the most people who joined from that classroom.  Their principal also encouraged parents to join the PTA.  The students were excited to find out that they could join the PTA too.  The students who joined were more willing to help out with the PTA when they were asked.  It was exciting for the students and anyone else who was walking past the classrooms to see how many PTA members there were.

If you have a great membership idea, share it with vp.membership@newmexicopta.org
NMPTA Family Legislative Day

Enter to win Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

Enter to win Lysol Disinfecting Wipes  for your school by teaching Healthy Habits. Lysol is giving away 50 canisters to 250 lucky winners! 

Get Smart on YouTube: A Parent's Ultimate Guide

Smosh, Good Mythical Morning, Markiplier-these names may not mean much to you, but chances are your kids are on a first-name basis. Their funny hosts, off-the-cuff commentary, silly antics and bewildering (to adults) subject matter put them among the most popular   YouTube channels for young teens, garnering millions (and, in the case of game commentary channel PewDiePie, billions) of views.
Register for a community input meeting on workforce development in Albuquerque or Las Cruces
The New Mexico Department of
Workforce Solutions wants your input on the state plan that they will submit to the U.S. Department of Labor.
The plan outlines a four-year strategy for New Mexico's workforce development system. State leaders recognize that plans are stronger, and strategies to achieve goals are wiser and more likely to work when community stakeholders test and refine ideas. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is committed to providing an opportunity for public comment and input into the development of its state plan before submission. The draft plan will be available for review on January 20th.

Be part of the discussion, decision-making, and solutions for a stronger workforce in New Mexico.
  1. Learn about the vision and strategies for a strong workforce
  2. Understand next steps
  3. Endorse strategies that make sense
  4. Suggest ways to strengthen the plan
Youth perspectives are critical.
There will be a youth-only discussion following the general community meeting to give young people focused time and attention to review and comment on ways to strengthen job training and development.

Register to attend a meeting in Albuquerque or Las Cruces!
  • Albuquerque-February 21
  • Las Cruces-February 27
Learn more and register at  http://nmfirst.org/event-details/workforce 

The community meetings are free; registration is required. Refreshments will be served at the general sessions and lunch or dinner will be served at the youth sessions. The youth sessions are open to youth only. If you require registration assistance, email us at   info@nmfirst.org   or call 505-225-2140. Screen readers  register immedia tel or  learn more  now.
McTeacher's Night

Through NMPTA's partnership with McDonald's, your school can plan a McTeacher's Night fundraiser event at one of the restaurants! Here's how it works: Fitzgerald Petersen Communications (FPC), who handles the PR for McDonald's in NM, will match your school with a local McDonald's owner/operator. FPC will provide fliers that encourage parents and the community to visit that McDonald's during a 3-4 hour window on the date of your choosing. PTA Leaders/Teachers/Staff will serve food, greet attendees, etc. at the event. Best of all: 15-25% of ALL sales will go to your school! Contact Erica Asmus-Otero with FPC if you're interested at 505-259-2202 or  Erica@fitzgeraldpetersen.com .
How to Help Kids With Math Anxiety

Give children tools to face math with confidence.  Read the article.
NMPTA Proud! Award Applications are Available!
Has your PTA done something amazing this year?  Have you found a way to welcome families of all different shapes and sizes onto your campus?  Do you go above and beyond to make sure communication reaches everyone?  Have you embraced the importance of advocacy for all students?
Share your PTA's success story with NMPTA and your PTA could be recognized at the annual state convention in May! Proud Award winners have the opportunity to share their ideas with PTAs from around the state during a workshop at convention.  Winning PTAs also receive two free registrations to convention!
Physical address: 1100 Cardenas Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Mailing address:   PO Box 14706  Albuquerque, NM 87191

Office Number: 505-881-0712
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