September 10, 2019
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Message from the President:  Celebrating Success
This week I saw a news report headline:  Best Albuquerque Area Public Schools Ranked.  There are a million different reviews, review metrics, opinions, arguments, points of view on how to "rank" schools, but of course I clicked, wondering what this one was about.  The preview showed the first ten schools and a "read more link".  Of the first ten, the top three are PTA schools.  I continued to read and school after school is one I recognize - one of our PTA schools!  Half of the listed top twenty schools are PTA schools.  This can be no coincidence!  When families, teachers, administration and communities work together amazing things happen.  When PTA leaders lead on behalf of every child, with one voice incredible things happen.  I am proud to celebrate success with our New Mexico PTAs!  Keep up the great work!  Our children need it now more than ever.  Together #WeArePTA.  
$1,500 PTA Grant
We ❤️ the Arts, Don't You?

Are you ready to 
Look Within? It's time to register for the  2019-2020 Reflections program!
Did you know that the arts improve academic performance? Students engaged in arts learning have  higher GPAs, standardized test scores, and college-going rates as well as lower drop-out rates. Learn more and  register now!
For Dads
Research shows that father involvement in their children's lives positively influences their developmental outcomes.   Exercise the brain.   Try an activity to promote cognitive development for your child! For younger children, sing-alongs and noises are great ways to stimulate their minds. For older children, playing new games and asking stimulating questions encourage them to stretch their imaginations. Find more activities   here .
Membership Idea:  Encouraging 5th Grade Students to Join PTA
An elementary school PTA encouraged the 5th grade students to join PTA.  The 5th graders that joined got five tickets for the fall carnival.  They also got a bonus of being on the planning committee for the 5th grade send-off.  This entailed picking the games and activities that were planned.  They have planning meetings at lunch.  By having 5th graders join PTA, it increased their numbers and started to prep the students for being members in their middle schools next year.
If you have a great membership idea, share it with
Learning Heros
Learning Heroes launched the Super 5: Back-to-School Power Moves, a research-based campaign in English and Spanish that includes five simple actions parents can take to support social, emotional, and academic learning in order to set their child up for success in the new year.

In collaboration with National PTA and Univision, the campaign includes an updated Learning Hero Roadmap which provides K-8 parents with an interactive guide to support grade-level progress as well as important life skills. The first step on the Roadmap is the Readiness Check, a mobile-friendly tool that shows parents how prepared their child is for the new school year and connects them to videos, activities, and more to support learning at home. Visit  for these resources and more.
National PTA Endorses the Funding Early Childhood is the Right IDEA Act
Introduced by Representative Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA-11),   this bipartisan bill seeks to authorize  millions of dollars in increases over the next five years for both the Preschool Program (Section 619) and Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities (Part C) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  PTA believes  that the federal government should meet its funding commitment for children in special education including at the toddler and preschool levels.
Celebrate Back-to-School With Us!

While many schools are already back in session, we will be officially celebrating the start of a new school year Sept. 16-20. Some resources are already available at , including exclusive Office Depot coupons  for teachers and PTA members! Visit  to get your Welcome Back to School banners, lawn signs and window posters as well as #PTABacktoSchool pencils and stickers.   Can't wait to celebrate with you!
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