August 5, 2020
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Have you registered for the New Mexico PTA 2020 Virtual Leadership Convention on August 20-21-22!  PTA Leaders from around the state will join together for workshops, Live Chats, view pre-recorded trainings and share information in Virtual Rooms.  Super LOW price - $25 per person and the 5th person is free!!  State and National Speakers and National PTA Guests will provide training and inspiration. PTA Swag Boxes mailed to the first 100 registrants - register today so you don't miss out!!
The NMPTA Virtual Leadership Convention schedule runs midafternoon to early evening Thursday and Friday and concludes Saturday at noon.

Don't miss these great speakers!!
  • Hear from New Mexico PTA President, MaryBeth Weeks. As a mom in several elementary, mid and high schools she understands the challenges you face and your excitement in creating a great PTA experience for your families in today's environment.
  • "Attend" National Speaker and Presenter Gale Gorke's Keynote and get ready to be energized during her Live Session workshop.
  • Have you heard about MemberHub, NMPTA's new on-line reporting system? Get information and learn about all the amazing tools your PTA can access For Free!! NMPTA's VP of Membership Tami Baker and Office Manager Jeanne Grazier will walk you through the steps to get started!
  • National PTA President, Leslie Boggs will be joining us to Inspire and Support PTA leaders. As a former New Mexico PTA President, Leslie is excited to visit with her NMPTA family and share her engagement ideas.
  • Ready for a Dance Party with the kids? A live DJ will keep the energy going during breaks in between sessions.
  • Wondering how to conduct your financial business in a Covid world? Make sure to catch NMPTA's VP of Finance Allyson Pierce and Financial Officer Brook Bassan's Treasurer workshops. Then join them for a Live Chat to get all your burning questions answered!
  • Hear from National PTA President-Elect Anna King. Motivating the PTA Leader is her passion for you! Anna will share how she "PTAs" and her excitement for the new Membership campaign.
  • Do you wonder how your school community can support families and students? Then be sure to attend the Panel Discussion with National PTA Board member Frances Frost, IEL's Director of its Coalition for Community Schools José Muñoz, NM Appleseed's Outreach Coordinator Rosalie Nava, and NM Parents Reaching Out's Executive Director Naomi Sandweiss.
  • Take a breath in and slowly release a breath out.....Join NMPTA's Health and Wellness Chair Stephanie Hansen for Mindful Meditation breaks that are great for the whole family!
  • Questions for the New Mexico Secretary of Education Ryan Stewart? Be sure to attend the Live Chat and hear about the upcoming school year.
  • How do Families and Teachers support each other during these challenging communication times? Make sure to check out the workshop panel perspectives of NMPTA's Education Chair Chelanna Carter, School Principal Deb Henley and 2020 NM Teacher of the Year Mandi Torrez.

HOW DO YOU "PTA"? Join us for an exciting Virtual Leadership Convention and register today. We can't wait to "see" YOU on the 20th!

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Running Your PTA During These Unusual Times
FAQs & Answers from New Mexico PTA
Summer 2020
Dear PTA Leaders,
The New Mexico PTA Board of Directors wants to thank you, in advance, for your efforts regarding the continuation of the work of your PTA and your advocacy for your students in these real and ever-changing circumstances. We appreciate your flexibility, creativity, and positive attitudes as we all face new hurdles daily. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions as they arise. We understand that you will do the best job you can to advocate for your students, school, and community through these difficult and stressful times. We're with you and available via email at Check our web site,, to see previous issues of COVID FAQs.
Stay well, stay strong, and stay in touch! 

Question: Do officers of our PTA have to have children enrolled at our school during the current school year?
  • Many families are opting for alternative forms of education for the 2020-2021 school year to fit their family's needs. This may affect some of your PTA's officers and volunteers.
  • First, check your bylaws. Some PTAs have added a clause in Article VI, Section 4 regarding this circumstance.
  • If your bylaws do not require student enrollment, then no, your PTA officers do not need to have a student enrolled at your school for the current school year. They DO need to be dues paying members of your PTA. 

Question: Without physical access to our school building, how can we "post" required documents like bylaws and budgets? 
  • The purpose of posting a document is to give PTA members an opportunity to review the document before voting to approve it. Do what you can to accomplish that same purpose. How can you make sure that PTA members have access to documents for review prior to voting? Email the document, post on your PTA's web page, use social media, and post a physical copy in the window of your school for parents to see while they're standing outside. 
  • While most of your PTA members won't have access to the inside of your school building, don't forget your teacher members! Still post important documents in the building to reach those who will see it there. (or ask a school secretary to post it for you). 

Question: How should an audit of our 2019-2020 books be conducted during this time of social distancing? 
  • Being limited to a group of 5 people is perfect for your audit! You need three non-check signers to audit the books and your treasurer available to answer questions. That leaves one more spot in case your president or principal would like to sit in also. Meeting outdoors and sitting at separate tables will help with social distancing. Wear your masks and be safe! 
  • If an in-person audit isn't an option for your PTA, an audit could be done virtually. This gets trickier because each person performing the audit needs access to the treasurer's books. You can share screens, scan & share documents, or 'show' them to each other via video. 
Question: I'm a principal at a school with a PTA. Where can I get more information about how our PTA should be running? 
  • Thank you for your support of PTA! If you would like to know what resources are available to your PTA from New Mexico PTA and National PTA, please feel free to contact our office at 505-881-0712 or Our president, MaryBeth Weeks, would also be happy to talk to you about your questions and to help you support your parent community -
Question: Can our PTA take a break for a year?
  • The short answer is no. Your PTA could complete your 2019-2020 audit and 990 to be 'okay' with the IRS, but you would not be in compliance with NMPTA, and therefore, not eligible for your 501(c)3 status. 
  • Times are hard, things change constantly, and nobody knows what to expect. Don't give up! Let us help you PTA virtually! Your voice matters now more than ever. Administrators and State Education Leaders need to hear your voice and hear how today's learning environment is working for your students. Remember that there is power in numbers and your membership in your school's PTA , New Mexico PTA, and National PTA is a powerful testament that family voice matters and things change when collectively we speak for our student's health and well-being. 
Question: How can I get more help and answers regarding the challenges we may face this year? 
  • Register for convention! The NMPTA 2020 Leadership Convention will be held virtually August 20-22. Attendees will receive position training, motivation to face our 'new normal,' and more. You can hear from National PTA leaders and participate in live chats with state leaders. Prices have been lowered due to the virtual format.
Scholarship Recipients!
Congratulations to 4 PTA members that have been awarded $300 scholarships from Land of Enchantment PTA! Each year Land of Enchantment PTA - the statewide association - awards up to 4 scholarships in the following categories: Student, Educator, Parent, and Volunteer, to be used for post-secondary education or professional development. This year's recipients are:

Jacqueline Gomez-Aragon - Educator from Sierra Vista ES
Brooklyn Staten - Student from La Cueva HS
Annalyn Skeen - Student from Capitan HS
Ariana Licon - Student from Albuquerque HS

Watch in January for the next round of scholarships to be awarded!
CDC Wants to Hear from You!
The CDC is conducting a survey to learn more about the needs of PTA parents, leaders and educators related to cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene in schools. By participating in this 10-minute survey, you will help CDC develop education materials and outreach tools to better support schools.

Looking for a great way to keep your kids entertained?
Check out Banzai, an online platform packed with fun, free financial education games for kids of all ages, brought to you by Mountain America! Your kids can learn everything from budgeting to building credit and even protecting their identity via fun, interactive activities. Plus, register for Banzai today and be entered to WIN a Lego lemonade stand set courtesy of Mountain America Credit Union.  Visit to get started.
Understanding Nutrition Labels

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has created a new Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods and drinks, the first major update to the label in over 20 years.  Learn about the updated information provided to make it easier to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.
Reflections is a Summer Creation Sensation!
Reflections can be a summer program? YES! Right now is the perfect time for your students to start creating amazing works of art on the theme, I Matter Because..Register your participation with us!
PTA For Your Child with the All-New Membership Campaign

In a socially distanced world, PTAs are more important than ever in connecting parents, teachers and administrators, and supporting critical school needs. Yet joining PTA is not always seen as necessary or essential for parents of school-aged children.
We want every family in our schools to join PTA, because we can do more together than apart. That's why National PTA created a new membership campaign for YOU to use this year, PTA for Your Child. It's designed to drive and motivate PTA membership-both new members and membership renewals.
Our new membership theme is that  PTA is no longer a noun. It's a verb! An action plan to support your child's success. By using the campaign materials, you'll shift perceptions away from "PTA is extra" to "PTA is essential" by showing people how PTA specifically helps their child succeed.

There's No Wrong Way To PTA...

PTA for Your Child is an invitation to every family in every school to participate, because there's no wrong way to PTA. You can give money by joining and donating. You can volunteer time and effort. Or you can help grow our strength and presence at the local, state, and national levels as an advocate for improving your child's education.

This campaign is the result of thousands of hours of research, interviews and surveys, and we can't wait to see how you'll use it in your community. #HowDoYouPTA?

Ready to Start YOUR New Membership Campaign?
Now, how do you communicate this? What does this campaign look like? Let us show you how to PTA for Your Child because there is no wrong way to PTA! Download your FREE kit with:

✔️ Step-by-step guide and training video
✔️ Social media materials
✔️ Elevator pitch
✔️ Sample ask letters
✔️ ... and more!

Spread the Word!#PTAForYourChild
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