September 2017 News and Updates
In this edition: Rudy! ; Positive Behavior Reinforcement; Adoptions; In Memory of a Cocker Lover; Available dogs; Chipotle Fundraiser

It is hard to believe that it was just Labor Day and Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holidays are around the corner! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, even through all the heat waves!

We at NorCal have been busy rescuing many dogs, especially in the last month. So many sad cases of neglect and people just not wanting to take the responsibility of owning a dog for its life... it just breaks our hearts. But, we know we will find loving homes for these dogs!


 Rudy is a little "cocker wannabe" that we got in November 2016. Rudy went to each of the 3 adoption events we hold every month...but no one fell in love with him (the volunteers all did, of course!)

Rudy doesn't have any front teeth, so his little tongue was always sticking out. He is a happy boy who will dance on his hind feet for a treat. He is a master snuggler and a sloppy kisser!

Finally, Rudy's day came when he met Dylan and Kelly and their daughters. The girls fell in love with Rudy and Rudy made it very apparent that he loved them too!  So Rudy went home with them.

Some of what they said about Rudy: " He gets along with everyone he meets. He has been happy to meet our neighbors and friends (and even the vet!) and they all think he’s so sweet. We took him out to eat brunch and he sat outside with us at our restaurant and he became friends with another dog. We even took him to the ballet and opera! We live within a 10 minute walk of Folsom’s historic district where there is an outdoor amphitheater. They were having a performance Sunday evening so we walked Rudy up there. He enjoyed his cultural experience and, again, the people around us commented how good he was as he drank his water and watched the whole show. He didn’t react to the clapping or even the opera singer! We had brought him a towel to lay on and he relaxed as we pet him and we were so proud of him for being such a good boy."

Rudy was in foster care for several months and sometimes that just happens. We think Rudy waited for Dylan and Kelly to come along and adopt him :-)  It warms my heart with each adoption we do because we love our dogs so much and want the best for them. We know Rudy has the best family ever.

  Top 5 Benefits of Positive Behavior Reinforcement

1.   Scientific studies support the use of positive behavior reinforcement with dogs. Perhaps the best advantage of positive behavior reinforcement over other behavior shaping strategies is the many scientific studies that support the use of positive reinforcement. The field of animal behavior is constantly evolving and research is increasingly supporting the effectiveness of positive reinforcement in shaping the behavior of dogs.

2.   Reinforcement of positive behaviors builds your dog’s confidence. Dogs that are repeatedly punished for misbehaving can develop poor confidence and can begin to suffer the effects of a broken spirit. This is especially the case if punishment repeatedly occurs without any positivity from the dog’s family. Positive behavior reinforcement gives your dog’s confidence a boost by making him feel good about learning new  behaviors. The result is a happier, more spirited dog that approaches  learning with eagerness as opposed to fear.

3.  Everyone in your household can provide positive behavior  reinforcement. The simplicity of positive behavior reinforcement enables your whole family to take part in rewarding your dog’s good behavior.  Even small children can learn how to spot desirable behaviors and reward your dog with praise or treats. In fact, children can learn a lot about the importance of displaying good behaviors when they participate in positive behavior reinforcement strategies.

4.  Positive behavior reinforcement helps prevent your dog from “freezing up” due to fear. Training methods that involve the use of punishment or negative reinforcement can cause your dog to freeze due to fear of engaging in a behavior that may be punished. This can ultimately delay a dog’s development and learning of positive behaviors. Because positive  behavior reinforcement strategies only focus on rewarding your dog for exhibiting good behavior, the tendency to experience freezing or stage fright is eliminated.

5.  Your dog will look forward to training sessions. Your dog will look forward to learning new commands and behaviors when positive behavior.

Look who has been Adopted!!
 Congratulations to all our new adopters. Welcome to the NorCal Cocker Rescue Family!

Neal and Lisa adopted TWO dogs from us! "Mocha" and "Roxy" - two 11 year old sweethearts :-) They have a black lab sister, "Tulip", in the background. (She got a treat too!)
Our Volunteer, Lynne, went to pick up this little guy to bring to his foster home. But, before she could leave, "Charlie" decided he wanted to go home with her! Charlie has a cocker sister from NorCal - "Darlin".

Little "Maisey" (white dog) was SO happy when she was adopted by Gina and "Corderoy" . She made herself right at home and pulled all of the toys out of the toy box :-) 
"Haley" was adopted by Peggy who adores her. We think the feelings are mutual.
"Milo" is not a cocker, but a Shi Tzu that needed our help to find a new home. He found the perfect home with Eric and Jenn and their family.
We had "Rudy" for 8 months before he finally picked the family he wanted to live with! Dylan, Kelly and their daughters absolutely love him!
Del and Kathleen adopted Harlo who is so happy to find a couple to love her!
Boo Bear - He went thru so much - mass removal
In Memory of a Cocker Lover
This is a note we received from Daniela Lopez-Garcia. Her brother Bobby, who passed away recently, was a huge cocker fan and attended one of our picnics. The family asked for donations to NorCal in Memory of Bobby. We received many donations and notes about Bobby's legacy. Thank you to the family for thinking of us at this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Bobby.

" My big brother, Bobby, passed away two weeks ago after a 2 year battle with cancer. He was my first best friend and a truly beautiful spirit that brought joy, positivity and laughter to everyone that he encountered. He shared his compassion with family, friends and furry creatures. His first dog was a Cocker Spaniel that he rescued in junior high school; Bobby named him Cisco. Our entire family fell in love with the long ears and big eyes of Cocker Spaniels. Bobby later brought Sancho and Roscoe into our lives; they lived to 14 and 16 years of age- and were our family pets As an adult, I rescued Ham and adopted Bacon; they loved their Tio Bobby. Bobby and his wife adopted Sundae and Bootsy. We've had Cocker Spaniels of all colors, and we adore our furry companions. Fond memories of my brother include going to Pt Isabel Dog Park, walking the dogs, and playing in our yards with the dogs. When my brother became ill, our dogs, and his dogs, provided him with daily joy. In some respects, Cocker Spaniels act as a bonding agent in our family. I know that my brother would be delighted to hear that people have gifted NorCal Cocker Rescue with a donation that will be spent to make a difference in the lives of our dear wide-eyed, precious Cocker Spaniels. 

Like my brother's laugh, your organization shines light onto others. Thank you for all the work that you do to make the world a little brighter."

Our thoughts go out to the Lopez-Garcia family.

We have some GREAT dogs looking for homes!
Sophie - 12 year old sweetheart!
Gabby - 3 year old boy who is energetic and happy!
Lady - 8 year old girl whose owner passed away. She is a love bug!
Luna's family could not care for her. She is only 1 year old and loves everyone...
Toby - 6 year old male-happy boy!
Cooper - 8 year old boy who is sociable and a ham!
Shadow - 9 year old blind boy who was at the shelter for 3 months before we got him.
We have raised money to have cataract surgery!
Buddy - 9 year old sweetie - his owners were going to put down if we did not take him.
Justin is a senior boy who had a really rough time at the shelter. He wants so badly for someone to love him!
Ginger is 2 years old and also had a tough time at the shelter. She is relaxing and is enjoying her freedom!

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