The ChemQuest Group Newsletter
September/October 2023
We have heard from many companies in the specialty chemicals sector over the past several months that they are experiencing challenges with their technology development efforts. These issues often arise from an urgent material substitution need, difficulty troubleshooting a quality issue, or a bottleneck caused by a lack of experienced personnel. Other companies are frustrated by troubled product launches, finding that unexpected issues have exposed product limitations to potential or current customers alike.

Limited internal resources to address these challenges remains an ongoing concern. The experienced and knowledgeable teams at the ChemQuest Technology Institute and ChemQuest Powder Coating Research are uniquely suited to helping companies in the specialty chemicals space find solutions to these and other roadblocks. We have demonstrable expertise within formulated materials industries, serving manufacturers, suppliers, and end users of coatings (liquid and powder), adhesives, sealants, plastics, and composites, among others.

Our teams can partner with you, under NDA and with no IP ownership or demands, to provide analysis, unbiased feedback, and meaningful solutions. We can also work with you to address problems that come up along the way.
We are here to help you put your best foot forward. Please reach out and let us know what your needs are.
Daniel Murad, CEO, The ChemQuest Group, Inc.

Optimize Your M&A Transaction
Whether you are looking to expand through a strategic acquisition or sell your company or business unit, these complicated undertakings require specialty expertise to achieve optimal outcomes.

The ChemQuest team can help you: identify the best, highest-value targets; optimize the EBITDA multiple; and make more expeditious, informed decisions.
Avoid Critical Mistakes & Maximize Value When Selling Your Chemical Company
Sellers that shortcut preparation steps before putting their business up for sale often leave money on the table. Avoid these common mistakes to achieve the best price.

Publications by Industry Thought Leaders
ChemQuest experts share their insights through in-depth feature articles and informative columns to help readers understand key industries, technologies, and business strategies.
Don't Look Now, but PFAS is EVERYWHERE!
by George Pilcher

PFAS has become ubiquitous in referring to a family of fluorine-containing chemical compounds that, depending upon which study one consults, has somewhere in the vicinity of 3,700-10,000 members.

Emerging Technical Trends in the Powder Coatings Industry
by Kevin Biller

Explore innovations in sustainability, low-temp cure, corrosion resistance, outdoor durability, thin films, and thermoplastic application technology.

2023 Raw Materials and Chemicals Overview
by Michael Rezai

The manufacturing of adhesives and sealants relies on raw materials that hold a significant position within the vast chemical industry. What trends are impacting availability and pricing for this sector?

Drive Profitable Growth with Business Cycle Analysis
Business Cycle Analysis is a powerful decision-making tool, but many companies are either not familiar with it or are not using it to the fullest in their business forecasting and data analysis efforts. How can it help you stay ahead of the curve, drive your business forward, and achieve your strategic objectives?
ACA MEMBER WEBINAR | November 2, 1:00 p.m.
Harnessing the Power of Business Cycle Analysis
Join us for this American Coatings Association member-only webinar that will demonstrate the benefits of Business Cycle Analysis. Attendees will learn how to track and evaluate key economic and coatings market indicators using the interactive Business Cycle Analysis tool within the Coatings TraQr® platform.

What is Business Cycle Analysis?
Business Cycle Analysis is a tool that enables you to track indicators within the business cycle in order to assess the economy, identify trends, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. This provides a competitive edge by helping you make informed strategic decisions ahead of your competitors.​

Event Highlights
Our team enjoys sharing expertise and networking with colleagues both old and new at key industry events throughout the year.

Making Connections at CTT Summit
The recent Coatings Trends & Technologies Summit was a huge success. A great turnout and numerous high-quality presentations made this the ideal kick-off to the fall event season.

Our team provided powder coating insight with two informative presentations:
  • Beyond Liquid: A Dive into Powder Coating Fundamentals and Future Trends by Eric Casebolt
  • More than Just Wood: Low-Temperature-Cure Technology Opens Up a World of New Substrates for Powder Coatings by Nathan Biller

Louisville, KY | September 18-20

PFAS Here, PFAS There – PFAS Everywhere
George Pilcher, ChemQuest Vice President
São Paulo, Brazil | November 21-23

Driving Innovation, Inspiring the Future – Trends and Insights for the Global Coatings Industry
Daniel Murad, ChemQuest CEO
We also hope to see you at these upcoming events:
Enhance Your Operational Knowledge
We've partnered with the American Coatings Association to offer a webinar series focusing on Operational and Manufacturing Excellence. All are welcome to register.
Optimizing Supply Chain to Increase the Bottom Line
September 19, 1:00 p.m.
In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for optimizing in-house vendor management, achieving quality improvement, and improving lead times to customers. Hear about vendor sourcing, logistics, transportation/freight, and buyer groups.

Safety First!
Best Practices in Environmental, Health, and Safety
October 17, 1:00 p.m.
Focusing on EPA and OSHA compliance and operation procedures, this webinar will address hazardous waste, air and water emissions, process safety, personal protective equipment, emergency response, and hazard communications.

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