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TopWine China Newsletter
Issue: 58               
12 / 2017
Great opportunity to 
meet qualified buyers

TopWine China is the leading wine exhibition in the Northeast China Region. The event offers a top notch supporting program during all three days of the event, focusing great attention to wine education. The high-level programme will again be quite extensive and diverse. The free tastings, inspiring presentations and master classes will either be organised in one of the two seminar rooms on the exhibition floor or by exhibitors at their stands.

TopWine China 2018 will provide your company with a great opportunity to connect with qualified buyers with strong purchasing power, to showcase your wines, to build brand awareness and to network and establish business relations with the wine industry's most important professionals in China.

If you want to explore China market,

Spanish Pavilion

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The Economic and Trade Office of the Spanish Embassy in Beijing has been participating at TopWine China over the last six years. Also for 2018 participation at TopWine China is recommend by the Spanish Embassy in China Beijing office.

Join us and bring your great wines to
our next show in May in Beijing. 

Imported wine market in China reaches 2 billion dollars

The wine market in China is taking a new turn. Indeed, the emergence of the Chinese middle class and the development of internal growth have allowed individuals to claim new needs.

These social and economic changes have allowed the wine market to see its consumption on the rise. In the Middle Kingdom, it is not only the consumption of wine per person that is increasing but also a new consumption is emerging.
China is in the process of becoming the biggest importer of wine, with sales of more than $ 2 billion and a tremendous 37% growth since 2014. In a few years, China has become the fourth largest market in the world.
The share of wine consumers in China is 38 million people, which represents a real opportunity for winegrowers. Consumers are also concentrated on several major cities of the country such as Beijing.

The consumer is also becoming younger. 40% of wine lovers are between 18 and 29 years of age.

This rejuvenation of the target makes it possible to change the codes of consumption. Indeed, in a country considered 'patriarchal', red wine was the most consumed wine in the country. The development of the country, and in particular, the independence of women has broken the codes of the country and introduced new flavours on the market such as white wines and sparkling wines.
The most consumed imported wines are undoubtedly French, Chilean and Australian wines. However, a decline in the consumption of French wines is to be noted on the market justified by research from the consumer, a quality equivalent to a more affordable price. With this in mind, Argentinian, Spanish and Portuguese wines meet this new demand.

Strategic partnership

Mr. Zhu Xiaodong (left) and Mr. Liu Guangwei (right).
At the end of November, 2017, the TopWine China (TWC) organisation and The EastEat Culture Industry Group held a signing ceremony and press conference to honour their strategic alliance agreement and partnership in Beijing during the TopWine 2017 Beijing Hotel Exhibition.

This is the first-ever strategic partnership of its kind between TopWine China, the successful international wine exhibition and conference and The EastEat Culture Industry Group, the Eastern food culture industry group organising the International Food Service Sourcing Exhibition.
Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, general manager of Partnerworld, the Chinese co-organiser of TopWine China and Liu Guangwei, chairman of the EastEat Culture Industry Group, were in attendance and signed the agreement on behalf of their enterprises.

Mr. Liu Guangwei, expressed the importance of the cooperation with TopWine China. "Over the years TopWine China created a high professional image here in China. I strongly believe this cooperation will provide exhibitors with a more specialized and international exhibition platform, attract more enterprises to get involved and promote the positive interaction between exhibitors and visitors. I am confident that our cooperation with TopWine China will accelerate development of both our exhibitions."
"We are delighted to embrace this new strategic partner. Their food event, running parallel with TopWine China in the China National Convention Center in Beijing, will bring new opportunities for these exhibitions," said Mr. Zhu Xiaodong of TopWine China.
One of the special events that TWC and EastEat will organize together is a Fine Food & Wine Competition. On a so-called 'cooking island' at the TopWine China event in May, 2018, international chefs will cook oriental food, while the TWC exhibitors will provide the wines that matches with these culinary dishes. A jury selects the best combination.