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February 2018
New City Website Coming Soon

Arriving March 1, 2018, the City of Yorba Linda will launch a brand new website,  Designed from the ground up with our users in mind, the new website will feature:
  • Quick access to the most sought after links;
  • An enhanced search feature;
  • An updated design for improved navigation; 
  • A centrally managed calendar function;
  • Headline news articles;
  • The ability to subscribe for notifications via email and/or SMS;
  • Optimization for viewing on smartphones and tablets; 
  • Integration with the City's new social media accounts;
  • And much more!

Visitors of the website will be invited to "take a tour" of the new website through an informational video.  Bookmark today and make sure to visit the site on March 1!  

Social Media Coming to Yorba Linda

In an effort to improve communication and increase government transparency with the public, the City of Yorba Linda is preparing to launch a City-wide social media presence on March 1, 2018 in conjunction with the launch of the new City website.  The City will be active on the sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NextDoor, providing a means to offer the latest news and updates in real-time.  Look for Yorba Linda on your favorite social media sites beginning March 1.   
Parking Structure Nears Completion

Next time you are driving near Town Center, check out the progress of the Yorba Linda Town Center public parking structure.  Over the next two months, additional external treatments and electrical work are scheduled.  Once electricity is installed, the structure will be fully operational, but will not be open to the public until construction of the adjoining public streets has been completed.  With public street completion estimated during the month of May and June, the parking structure should be open to the public by summer.
Library and Arts Center Project Moves Forward

The Library and Arts Center passed another milestone at the February 6 City Council meeting when the City Council directed staff to continue to move forward with the Construction Documents phase of the project.    Group 4 Architects presented the current design of the Library and Arts Center as well as comments from the final round of community outreach.  Groundbreaking is expected to take place at the end of the year with the grand opening of both facilities slated for summer 2020.  For more information please visit the project website at  

New Sign Regulations Adopted 
In 2012, the City initiated a Zoning Code amendment in response to growing community concerns related to the negative aesthetic condition along City streets due to the proliferation of temporary signs. The City began working with key stakeholders in the community to modify its sign regulations to address the community's concerns, while balancing the needs of the local business needs. In 2017, the City Council introduced and adopted an amendment to its sign regulations, which have now gone into effect. The new sign ordinance addresses the following:
  • Reduces "sign clutter" concern raised by the community;
  • Complies with the first amendment related to freedom of speech;
  • Provides regulations that are simple to understand and to enforce; and
  • Are flexible to the needs of the business community. 
In summary, the new sign regulations prohibit signs in the medians and prohibit many types of temporary advertising signs when visible from the public right-of-way (including sidewalks, utility poles, and tree wells). Signs related to not-for-profit special events or election-related signs are permitted in the landscaped parkways along City streets, but are not permitted to be placed on sidewalks, utility poles, or in tree wells. Any signs illegally placed in the City's right-of-way will be removed and stored at the City's Public Works Yard for retrieval. If you have any questions about the details of the new sign regulations, please contact the City's Planning Division at (714) 961-7130.
Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (LMAD) News 

Exciting developments are occurring within the City's 44 Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts!  The City Council has prioritized landscape improvements throughout the City, budgeting $3 million dollars towards improvements, and several projects are in the works.    

In order to improve maintenance contract performance and responsiveness, the City is seeking new bids for maintenance contracts for nearly all the maintenance zones within the City.  The new contracts will include upgraded specifications, which are adjusted to include new drought tolerant planting and performance incentives.  For additional information, please visit the City's website.  

Moreover, the first of the five median renovation phases was completed in January.  To expedite the remainder of the project, City Council has authorized staff to complete the next two phases of the project concurrently.  The projects will be advertised this month with contracts awarded in March to help beautify another 40% of the City's arterial street medians.

Finally, the City has also budgeted for three landscape renovation contracts to help replant landscaped areas that were affected by the drought.  The first of the contracts, called the Miscellaneous Infill Project, is currently being advertised for bids, with the additional two contracts being advertised in March.

Next time you are driving around the City, be sure to look for updated medians and other improvements.  For additional information, visit the Public Works section of the City website, or contact the Public Works Department at (714) 961-7170.
Prepare for an Emergency with CERT Training
During a large-scale disaster, the response of any community's emergency services may be delayed or overwhelmed for a variety of reasons.  This leaves the citizens of the community  to provide for their own well-being and safety until first responders arrive.   This reality is the cornerstone of the Yorba Linda Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program.

As a member of the community, you can help the City of Yorba Linda respond to a disaster by enrolling in the upcoming session of the Yorba Linda CERT program to prepare yourself to assist your family, neighbors, and coworkers in the event of an emergency.  Scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 10, the session will include:
  • Fire Safety
  • CERT Team Organization
  • Light Search and Rescue
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Disaster  Psychology
  • Disaster Medical Operations
Classes will be held at City of Brea City Hall, 1 Civic Center Circle.  For the full schedule of classes, download the printable schedule and registration form.  For additional information, please contact Mike Ferdig at (714) 961-7104 or email him at
Black Gold Golf Club Offers Something for Everyone

Have you visited Black Gold Golf Club, the City's full-service Arthur Hills designed golf course, which features superb amenities, outstanding service, and vistas overlooking coastal Orange and Los Angeles Counties?  Whether you are a seasoned golfer, a novice, or a foodie, Black Gold has something for everyone!

Golfers ages 15 and older with a valid USGA Handicap Index are invited to participate in the Yorba Linda City Championship scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11, 2018.  The two day event will feature a large portion of the region's top collegiate and amateur players competing for the "Yorba Linda City Champion" designation.  View the event flyer for additional information and register online or at the Black Gold golf shop.

Those looking for a night out on the town will enjoy Black Gold's latest weekly specials, Taco Tuesday, held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Burger Wednesday, held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. These evenings feature some of Black Gold's most popular food and beverages, including kid's meals, at discounted prices in a casual and fun environment...make it a new weekly tradition!    
Reduce Watering to Save Your Plants and the Environment

As the season changes and temperatures begin to rise, it is not unusual to see yellowing lawns or plants and other plants dying back for no obvious reason.  One of the biggest challenges for the home gardener is determining the correct frequency and amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lawn and garden.  When plants appear droopy or discolored, more water might seem like the answer, however, overwatering is often the culprit of plant discoloration and other issues.  Preventing overwatering in your yard will not only help the health of your plants, but will also prevent harmful pollutants from entering the oceans as excess irrigation can wash pesticides, fertilizers, and other pollutants through the storm drains.  Improve the health of your garden while preventing pollution by following these simple tips:
  • During the fall and winter months, your lawn needs far less water than during the summer. Adjust sprinkler controls to water less during these seasons;
  • Determine if your lawn is adequately watered by using this trick - if your blades of grass spring up after you step on them, they are adequately watered;
  • Evaluate your lawn's health by its color - if it is a vibrant green and is not pale, it is receiving enough water. If your lawn becomes less verdant, it may need nutrients and not water; consider consulting a gardening professional; and
  • Water in the early morning before sunrise to reduce water loss due to evaporation. 
The Guide Spring 2018 Now Available, Mark Your Calendar for Registration Dates
Be the first to get the latest news on the programs and events offered by the Parks and Recreation Department - the latest issue of The Guide is available now!  Pick up your copy at your favorite recreation facility, or browse the  online version.  This issue includes information on upcoming egg hunts, Spring Aquatics, and Movies in the Park, so you will not want to miss it!    

Resident Registration (Online, Walk-In, and Mail-In)
Wednesday, February 21, 10:00 a.m.

Non-Resident Registration (Online, Walk-In, and Mail-In)
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

For additional information, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 961-7160 or by email at  

Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning with the Upcoming E-Waste Recycling Event
Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest growing waste stream in the country, and improper disposal of e-waste can adversely affect the environment by releasing hazardous materials.  Properly dispose of your unwanted electronics while supporting a great cause by bringing your items to the  E-Waste Recycling Event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, 2018.  The event will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Parking Lot, 17670 Yorba Linda Boulevard, and will support the Chamber's Education Committee Scholarship Fund.  For additional details and a list of accepted items, view the event flyer, or contact the Chamber at (714) 993-9537.  
Honor a Local Hero with a Military Banner 
The City of Yorba Linda continues to honor and recognize Yorba Linda active duty military personnel through the Military Banner Program.  The program displays banners on light poles along sections of Yorba Linda Boulevard, starting at Valley View Avenue and continuing east.  Each banner lists the name of the honoree and the branch of military in which they serve, and signifies the City's and family members gratitude for their service and commitment to our nation and community.  Banners will be displayed for a one year period, beginning in May, and will be returned to the applicant at the end of the one year period.  Individuals wishing to honor a family member or friend should complete and submit the application to the Parks and Recreation Department by April 2, 2018.  The cost for purchasing a banner is $85.  

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