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January 2018
New City Website Coming Soon

Arriving March 1, 2018, the City of Yorba Linda will launch a brand new website!  Designed from the ground up with our users in mind, the new website will feature:
  • Quick access to the most sought after links;
  • An enhanced search feature;
  • An updated design for improved navigation; 
  • A centrally managed calendar function;
  • Headline news articles;
  • The ability to subscribe for notifications via email and/or SMS;
  • Optimization for viewing on smartphones and tablets; and
  • Integration with the City's new social media accounts.

Visitors of the website will be invited to "take a tour" of the new website through an informational video.  Look for exclusive website updates in upcoming issues of the "Yorba Linda Connection." 

City Council Authorizes Six-Month Amnesty Period for Business Licenses

The Yorba Linda City Council recently authorized a six-month amnesty period for businesses operating in Yorba Linda that do not currently have a business license from the City in an effort to encourage voluntary compliance.  Per the Municipal Code, every business operating in Yorba Linda is required to have a business license.  In most cases, the fee is between $25.00 and $40.00 per year.  Retail establishments and some other business classifications pay a variable fee based on gross receipts. 

During the amnesty period from January 1, 2018, through June 30, 2018, any business obtaining a business license from the City will not be charged any back taxes or penalties, regardless of how many years they have been operating in the City.  Business owners wishing to obtain a business license can complete an application online on the City's website  or visit City Hall.  For more information, please call the Finance Department at (714) 961-7140.

City Seeking Nominations for Athletic Achievement Recognition Wall of Fame 

Do you have a local friend or family member who has completed an exceptional athletic achievement?  The Parks and Recreation Department is proud to honor exceptional athletes through the Athletic Achievement Recognition program, which honors athletic accomplishments by individual athletes or teams in Yorba Linda, and outstanding contributions by athletic organizations serving Yorba Linda.   Individual nominees must have been a Yorba Linda resident when their accomplishment was completed and have lived in Yorba Linda for a minimum of three years.  The individual must have been a positive role model in the community.  Team nominations are considered if the membership of the team was comprised of at least sixty percent Yorba Linda residents, and the team represented a school or youth sports organization serving Yorba Linda.  Since 1999, the City of Yorba Linda honors the selected athletes by conducting an induction ceremony and reception at the Athletic Achievement Recognition Wall of Fame, located at the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House. 
Nomination forms are now available in PDF format on the City's website  or at any City facility. Nominations must be submitted by Friday, March 2, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. to the Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House. Please call (714) 961-7192 if you have any questions about this program. This year, the Induction Ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 9, 2018.
Property Theft Prevention

Did you know that property crime is the most common type of crime faced by Yorba Linda residents?  As we move into 2018, Yorba Linda Police Services would like to remind residents to always remove all valuables from parked vehicles and to keep vehicle windows and doors locked, even when parked in a garage.   In addition, to prevent residential theft,  it is imperative to close and lock all windows and doors, including those on the second floor, when a residence is unoccupied.

As always, if you witness something suspicious, please call our 24-hour non-emergency dispatch center at (714) 647-7000; to bypass the automated phone system, just select your language preference and dial 9. For a crime in progress, always call 911 immediately.  For more information on preventing local crime, or, to get information on Neighborhood Watch, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Kara Boyd at (714) 779-7098, extension 108 or email her at
Urban Runoff is Everyone's Responsibility
Whether we are using reusable bags at the store, carpooling to work with a friend, or planting drought-tolerant plants, many of us are making an effort to be more environmentally conscious - but have you thought about the impact of urban run-off from your home or business?  

Urban runoff is the water that flows off our driveways, yards, streets, and parking lots during dry weather  from over-watering and other sources.  This water mixes with anything used or placed outside our homes and businesses including trash, oil, yard and pet waste, as well as pesticides and fertilizers.  When this polluted water enters the storm drains, it empties into waterways and eventually the beach and ocean, posing a health threat to animals, humans and the environment. 

The City of Yorba Linda encourages you to do your part to reduce urban runoff. By simply changing one or two of your individual practices at your home or business, you can help reduce runoff and protect water quality. Here are some general tips:
  • Protect the environment by using commercial car washes. If you must wash you car at home, use a nozzle on your hose to turn off the water when not in use, utilize biodegradable soap, and, if possible, wash your car on grass or gravel to help absorb the water.
  • Check your sprinklers to conserve water and prevent over watering or runoff.  If any water runs off your lawn or yard, you're using too much.
  • Sweep up dirt, soil, landscape and green waste. Never hose these materials into the storm drain.
  • If your pet spends time in your yard, check regularly for pet waste, pick it up, and dispose of it in the trash or toilet. 
Make a Resolution to Visit the Senior Center in 2018!
The start of the new year is a great time to begin a healthy habit, find a new hobby, or even make new friends.  These goals, and more, can be accomplished by participating in an older adult activity at the Yorba Linda Community Center!  

The Parks and Recreation Department, in cooperation with various organizations, provides a variety of older adult programs and events including:
  • Nutrition programs, including a daily lunch program and grocery program;
  • Exercise and fitness classes, including chair yoga and longevity stick;
  • Social opportunities, including dances, card games, and bingo;
  • Volunteer opportunities;
  • A transportation program throughout Yorba Linda; and
  • Educational activities and presentations covering a wide range of topics.
As we begin 2018, we hope that you take the time to explore the many opportunities and services available to you or your older adult family member. For further information on programs and services offered out of the  Yorba Linda Community Center, view our quarterly Senior Bulletin here or contact the Community Center at (714) 961-7181.

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