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CoPLL Enters a New Year
Our Vision and Mission
Dear Colleagues,

As I shared our accomplishments with the Board of Chancellors in January, I realized what a productive year 2018 was for our Commission. We began our quarterly Commission teleconferences and the CoPLL Connections E-News, both of which will facilitate improved open and transparent communications. We were awarded the ACR's approval and funding to create the first Radiologist Well-being Program to address burnout in our profession. We documented a full inventory of education-related projects/programs across the College, about 65 products total from 19 Commissions. We also began our strategic planning for CoPLL at RSNA where we defined our Mission and Vision statements.

I am grateful to each of you for all that we have already accomplished together and look forward to another exciting year of collaborative accomplishments in 2019.

Lori Deitte, MD, FACR
CoPLL is the premier source to meet the lifelong professional development needs of radiologists and other radiology professionals.

CoPLL is committed to designing meaningful professional development resources and experiences for the membership, inclusive of all career stages and types of practice. Patient input and improved outcomes are priorities integral to program development by CoPLL. CoPLL commits to:
  1. Continue to perform assessments to identify member needs;
  2. Provide educational resources to close gaps in radiologic practice performance;
  3. Equip members to meet challenges in areas, such as, but not limited to: AI, data science, policy, economics, and quality improvement education;
  4. Prioritize physician well-being, leadership, and advocacy collaborations; and
  5. Produce educational resources for a broad audience, including medical students, residents, radiology professionals, inter-disciplinary team members, and patients.
What's New
Bringing Women into the Specialty Will Take Proactive Effort

Recruiting female medical students and trainees to radiology by highlighting opportunities for direct patient care, accommodating work environments, opportunities for leadership roles, and other features important to women will ultimately benefit healthcare outcomes.

“When women radiologists join medical teams, differing perspectives and new approaches to patient care are likely to emerge."

Radiologist Well-being Program Approved

Collaborating member volunteers from CoPLL and the Commission on Human Resources created a proposal to establish a Radiologist Well-being Program, a resource including a well-being self-assessment survey, a Toolkit of Resources for Recovery, and an Educational Curriculum for work/life balance to facilitate improved well-being. The proposal was approved and funded through the ACR's Program Assessment process in January. If you would like to work on the teams building this valuable program, please notify  Staff.

The survey tool used will be the Well-Being Index, developed at Mayo, to inform participants about their own level of well-being. The program survey tool will be anonymous and complimentary to all ACR members, including members-in-training, as a value-added member resource.
Global Assessment Update

Over the last several months, CoPLL staff have collected more than a dozen data points on educational activities provided by commissions throughout the College, from audience to platform to goals, available CME, and alignment with the ACR Strategic Plan and program assessments. Key performance indicators have been applied, providing even more insight into the data. Prior to our quarterly commission call on March 27, we plan to make this information available to all CoPLL members for review and discussion. 
ACR 2019 Annual Meeting
CoPLL Launches ACR 2019 Joint CME Session

Under the direction and leadership of Lori Deitte, MD, and Ranjan Gupta, MD, CoPLL Meetings Committee Chair, planning is underway for a Future Practice Management session for ACR 2019. This is a collaborative effort among CoPLL, the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS), the Young Physician Section (YPS), and the Committee on Chapters. The session is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, from 10:30 am – Noon EDT and will feature the following topics and speakers. We hope to see you there!
  • How the “Robots” Will Help Us Care for Our Patients (Without Taking Our Jobs) – Dr. Tessa S. Cook

  • Learn your ABC's and 123's - Personal and Professional Finance Concepts for Radiology Practice Leadership – Dr. Kurt A. Schoppe
  • Radiology, Consolidation and the Griswold Family Truckster – Dr. Richard E. Heller

  • Rethinking the Radiologist’s Value Equation – Dr. Marta E. Heilbrun

  • Are We Too Burned Out to Even Think of Wellness – Dr. Jonathan B. Kruskal
Highlights from RSNA 2018
CoPLL Meets to Discuss Direction

During the strategic planning luncheon session for CoPLL leaders on November 25, 2018 at RSNA, many ideas were exchanged regarding the new Commission's purpose and impact. The increasing shift to creating Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and resources inclusive of all career stages and practice types was a resonating theme.

Diversity was stressed as critical, as well as interdisciplinary and inter-professional activities, which would increase the value proposition of the ACR. It was agreed that our people are key to our strength – diversity and active committee leadership are critical to CoPLL success.
Harris L. Cohen Awarded for 10 Years of Excellence in Education

Lori Deitte, MD, FACR, Chair of CoPLL (L), awards Harris Cohen, MD, FACR (R), with an Excellence in Education award for 10 years of dedicated service as Program Chair and Editor in Chief for ACR's Continuous Professional Improvement (CPI) program. "CPI delivers content-rich casework in essential areas of ABR-required study, and we are thrilled to have Dr. Cohen's wisdom and leadership at the helm of this program," said Dr. Deitte.
Committee News
ACR Bulletin Advisory Group Convenes
During the ACR Bulletin Advisory Group’s fall teleconference on December 5, 2018, Colin Segovis, MD, PhD (pictured), was appointed as an Editorial Board Member and reviewer for the Bulletin’s digital-first content, which will be published online in advance of the print version. The Bulletin’s digital-first content strategy is slated to launch this spring. Chaired by Scott M. Truhlar, MD, MBA, MS, FACR, the group brainstormed content for upcoming issues, including a patient- and family-centered care special section in March and a radiology wellness special issue in May. We are always looking for Bulletin story ideas! Send yours to bulletin@acr.org
Committee Chairs
Committee on Strategic Planning & Compliance - Mark Mullins, MD, PhD, FACR, Chair
Committee on Enduring Materials - Matthew Cham, MD, Chair
Committee on Skills Assessment - William G. Spies, MD, Chair
AIRP Advisory Committee - Mark Mullins, MD, PhD, FACR, Chair
Committee on the Education Center - Pablo Ros, MD, MPH, FACR, Phys-in-Chief
Subcommittee on Meetings - Ranjan Gupta, MD, Chair
Bulletin Advisory Committee - Scott Truhlar, MD, MBA, MS, FACR, Chair
Subcommittee on Publishing Ethics - James Thrall, MD, FACR, Chair
Council Steering Committee Liaison - Amy Kotsenas, MD
Patient and Family-Centered Care Advocate - Julie Moretz
Young and Early Career Professional Section Liaison – Amy Patel, MD
Medical Physics Liaison – Mahadevappa Mahesh, MS, PhD, FAAPM, FACR, FACMP, FSCCT
Member Spotlight
The Valerie P. Jackson Education Fellowship is a week-long experience that exposes the fellow to how ACR’s Education team develops a wide range of learning activities for residents and practitioners, with the goal of enabling the fellow to produce their own proposed educational activity.

We are proud to acknowledge CoPLL member Courtney Tomblinson (pictured), MD, Neuroradiology Fellow at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, as the most recent recipient of the fellowship. During her visit at ACR headquarters, Dr. Tomblinson stressed the importance of providing insight into the resources trainees regularly use. One of her main takeaways was the value of collaborative teamwork. “Figuring out which ideas to nurture and go forward with,” she said, “takes the input of lots of different people.”

It was a pleasure having her, and we look forward to collaborating with Dr. Tomblinson in the future! To learn more about the Valerie P. Jackson fellowship and see Dr. Tomblinson in action, view the video here.
March 27 Teleconference
The next CoPLL Commission meeting will be held on March 27 at Noon – 1 pm EST. Register for the GoToWebinar below. Join the webinar via a computer or the GoToWebinar mobile app using the link in the email you will receive from GoToWebinar, which is specific to you. If using phone audio, enter your audio PIN when requested. This will enable us to unmute you if you’d like to participate in the Q&A portion. Please contact CoPLL staff with any questions.
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