e-Newsletter for the Commission on Publications and Lifelong Learning
Issue 3 - July 2019
Celebrating One Whole Year
Has it been a year already? We are so proud of what our CoPLL member volunteers and staff have accomplished since this time in 2018. 

We developed strategic goals for the CoPLL and acted on them, completing a Global Assessment of the College’s educational offerings, launching a wellness program for members, and carrying out a well-attended CME session at this year’s Annual Meeting. We have expanded the reach of our content via partnership with the AMA, brought on new consultants to enhance our CME program management, launched a new course at the Education Center, and received accolades for the ACR Bulletin.  

This issue of the Connections serves to highlight only a portion of the groundbreaking work of our Commission, and we look forward to what’s to come.
ACR 2019 Annual Meeting
“Tremendous Success”
To echo the sentiments of ACR’s CEO, William T. Thorwarth, MD, FACR, ACR 2019 was a tremendous success, and we want to offer a sincere thank you to all who attended, presented, and/or participated in making this possible. Saturday, May 18th's Future Practice Management Session featured TED Talk-style presentations on a variety of critical issues such as AI, burnout, and corporatization by Tessa Cook, MD, PhD, Jonathan Kruskal, MBChB, PhD, Richard E. Heller, MD, Kurt Schoppe, MD, and Marta E. Heilbrun, MD. The talks were followed by a lively Q&A discussion between the panelists and over 300 attendees.
On Sunday, May 19, members of the Radiologist Well-Being Program Work Group met to reflect on the program thus far and to brainstorm ways to continue to build the program to better support members of our radiology community suffering from burnout. Attendees also had the opportunity to speak with Mayo Clinic Internist Lotte N. Dyrbye, MD, MHPE, whose keynote presentation focused on bringing awareness to this issue.

We were excited to see many of our CoPLL members and colleagues from other commissions at the CoPLL Social on Monday evening, May 20. Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, Chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors, dropped by to congratulate CoPLL leadership on achieving so much in one year’s time.

The Bulletin Advisory Group held their spring meeting on Tuesday, May 21, where Rebecca L. Seidel, MD, assistant professor of radiology and imaging sciences at Emory University, was appointed chair of the group. Led by Dr. Seidel and supported by staff, Bulletin Managing Editor Nicole B. Racadag, the group brainstormed content for upcoming issues.
Being Well Together
Radiologist Well-Being Program Launches at ACR 2019

I n an effort to address the prevalence of physician burnout, the CoPLL and the Commission on Human Resources were thrilled to officially launch the Radiologist Well-Being Program this May. The Program includes a collection of resources and activities to help radiologists, residents, and medical students take stock of their own level of well-being and offer ways to reduce the feelings of burnout often caused by situations outside of their control.

All members have access to the Well-Being Index (WBI), which allows participants to anonymously self-evaluate their level of well-being and contains radiologist-specific resources. Visit acr.org/WBI to learn more about the Program and take the WBI self-assessment.

A Well-Being Curriculum for Radiology Residency Programs is now also available. The curriculum contains resources and experiential exercises to strengthen residencies and meet  ACGME formal well-being requirements  which went into effect on July 1, 2019.
Bulletin Shares Stories of Resilience in May Special Issue

This special issue of the Bulletin contains personal stories of burnout and resilience, as well as strategies for addressing burnout at the individual, institutional, and national levels and ideas for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace.
#JACR Tweet Chat Focuses on Clinician Well-Being

May’s #JACR Tweet Chat , hosted by Ian Weissman, DO, and Sheryl Jordan, MD, discussed the Importance of Clinician Well-Being: Why it Matters to You and Your Patients. Sixty-six participants chimed in regarding what being well means to them, what factors impact clinician well-being, and what strategies they employ to thrive versus just survive.
Committee News
ACR Content Now Available on AMA's Ed Hub

The ACR became the American Medical Association’s (AMA) first medical specialty society content partner to offer education on their Ed Hub platform earlier this year. A selection of free ACR content   is being hosted on the AMA Ed Hub and is now accessible to all learners, regardless of AMA and ACR membership status, as part of the AMA and ACR’s collective mission to educate physicians and health care teams. Learners can find, participate in, and claim credit for these ACR activities directly through the new platform.
ACR Partners with CME Program Management Consultant

This June, the ACR transitioned CME program management and CME coordination to our new partners, AOE Consulting (AOE). AOE brings a wealth of experience and has been working closely with ACR stakeholders since March to understand and streamline our CME processes and offer standardized best practices. We are excited to add this additional expertise and support to our CME program. 
Education Center Offers New Pediatric Course

The ACR Education Center is offering a new Pediatric Radiology course for general radiologists, developed in conjunction with the Society for Pediatric Radiology, from November 11-13, 2019. This hands-on course is intended to provide the practicing radiologist an intensive experience in all aspects of pediatric radiology.
Learning Design Collaborative Will Pave the Way for Innovative Learning

In order to further support the educational needs of the ACR, the CoPLL is exploring the creation of a new committee, the Learning Design Collaborative, whose purpose will be to provide expertise in adult learning theory and offer innovative and engaging methods of designing and delivering educational content.

We are looking for educators with experience in creating innovative learning experiences who are truly passionate about creating interactive ways to educate. Contact copllstaff@acr.org to get involved.
Residency Training Program Hub Offers One-Stop Shop for Residencies

ACR’s array of assessments, programs, and benefits to fulfill ACGME residency training program requirements are now available together on one easy to access webpage. Radiology program directors and coordinators can easily find programs and resources including the Training Program Assessment Package containing the DXIT (summative) and RadExam (formative) exams as well as the new Well-Being Curriculum for Radiology Residency Programs.
ACR Bulletin Recognized for Excellence

Kudos to the Bulletin team for the special issue, Population Health Management (May 2018), which was awarded the 2019 Azbee Awards of Excellence Regional Silver Award and Bronze National Award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE). The special issue discussed how elevating radiology's role in population health management may require greater integration and accountability. 

We are always looking for Bulletin story ideas! Send yours to bulletin@acr.org .
Welcomes and Thank Yous
Over the last few months, we have been fortunate to have several new volunteers step into Chair and Liaison roles for the CoPLL. Please join us in welcoming them!

  • Rebecca Seidel, MD, Chair of the ACR Bulletin Advisory Group
  • Kilian Salerno, MD, Chair for TXIT Assessment
  • Mahadevappa Mahesh, MS, PhD, FAAPM, FACR, FACMP, FSCCT, Liaison for Medical Physics
  • Kathy Andriole, PhD, FSIIM, Liaison for AI/Data Science Institute
  • Arthur Hung, MD, Liaison for Radiation Oncology
  • Sayed Ali, MD, FACR, Liaison for General, Small, Emergency, and/or Rural Practice
We would also like to thank those who have stepped down from their prior roles for their excellent service.

  • Scott M. Truhlar, MD, MS, MBA, FACR, former Chair of the ACR Bulletin Advisory Group
  • Sandra Hatch, MD, FACR, former Chair of TXIT Assessment
  • Joseph Junewick, MD, FACR, former Co-Chair of Measurement & Assessment
Recommended Reading
Teaching to the Test: Risks and Benefits

How to prepare trainees to excel on the ABR core exam and function as effective radiologists in clinical practice? In this article , Lori Deitte, MD, FACR, gathers the opinion of four radiology educators on this topic. A must-read for trainees, program directors, and clinical educators.
Reuters Features JACR Study on Board Ethics

An article in Reuters covered a JACR case study exploring the Association of University Radiologists’ (AUR) decision to move its annual meeting from Tennessee to Florida, due to anti-LGBT legislation passed in Tennessee. AUR’s leadership concluded it would violate its code of ethics to hold the meeting in a state with discriminatory laws. “I have not seen this degree of involved discussion as I’m seeing now,” said Alexander Norbash, MD, FACR, a member of the AUR Board of Directors. “Boards are becoming more mindful of their responsibility.”
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