First two historic vehicles on display in Jean, Nevada

Jean, Nevada -- This young off-road fan jumped at the chance to sit behind the wheel of Rory Ward's Mickey Thompson Challenger IV, now on display at the Gold Strike Hotel & Casino.

The first phase of creating a Hall of Fame display at the Gold Strike in Jean, Nevada, went off without a hitch. The Mickey Thompson Challenger IV and McMillin Racing MID 1 made their move to the Gold Strike in conjunction with the SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special race. 

L-R: Getting the cars ready to go on display. David Rainey works on the McMillin MID 1, while Rory Ward polishes up his Mickey Thompson Challenger IV.

The McMillin MID 1 was the first ORMHOF vehicle to be moved in to the casino. 

ORMHOF's Barbara Rainey provided the 'armstrong' steering, and board member Rory Ward lent pushing power.

The Gold Strike staff was great to work with! They took off the casino doors and helped push the MID 1 through the doors and inside the casino.
Next it was the Mickey Thompson Challenger IV's turn. Rory chose to fire up the vintage car, and with permission, drove it through the doors, and into the casino.

Between the roar of the engine, and the tight fit of the wing through the doors, we attracted quite a bit of attention. ORMHOF's Jenn Hellstrom streamed the action live onto Rory's Facebook page. 

After a short pause to remove the door hardware, the Challenger IV backed through the doors with less than an inch to spare.
Race fans checking out the ORMHOF display at the Gold Strike in Jean, Nevada, during the SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Speical.
The ORMHOF Inductee Wall was also on display, featuring photos of all 83 Hall of Fame members.
Rory Ward signs a MT Challenger IV shirt for new ORMHOF members.

The Hall of Fame will be adding historic off-road vehicles to the Gold Strike display over the coming months.  The ORMHOF display is located next to the Gold Strike's popular attraction of Movie Cars, which currently features a Batmobile, a DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies, and several cars from the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Admission is free.

For more photos of ORMHOF's display at the Gold Strike, visit our Facebook page, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
Jesse Jones joins Hall of Fame as Winners Circle Partner

The #76 trophy truck team of Jesse Jones and Jones Motorsports has joined the Hall of Fame as a Winners Circle partner for 2017.

"I want to personally thank Jesse for his support of the Hall of Fame," says ORMHOF Chairman Mark McMillin. "With support from Jesse, and our other partners, we will be able to convert more historical off-road archives to digital format, and make them available for everyone to enjoy."
A Racer and Reporter, Smith was the first woman to solo the Baja 1000.  As a reporter, she covered off-road racing for more than four decades.

The walls of Judy Smith's office are lined with memories of her career as an off-road racer and journalist. Here she celebrates a victory with Roger Mears.

This is a very special day for ORMHOF and off-road racing," says chairman Mark McMillin. "By donating her archives to the Hall of Fame, Judy has insured that the history of our sport, as seen through her eyes, will be preserved for generations."

Photos on the wall of their home chronicle the off-road adventures of Judy (left) and her husband, John Howard (right).
Judy's 'hard drives' were palm sized spiral notebooks, and her 'keyboard' was a No. 2 pencil.
This note from one of Judy's notebooks reads, "Actually, I don't know what the hell's gonna happen--I know what I'd like to happen!"
ORMHOF's Barbara Rainey spent a day with Judy and John, at their home in the high desert of southern California, transferring Judy's archives from six file cabinets to 30 Banker's Boxes. Each box was sealed in a plastic bag, before being loaded in the back of the truck for transport to Reno.

Judy's archives will join Jean and John Calvin's Dusty Times archives in climate controlled storage, where they will remain safe until the necessary funds can be raised to digitize all of the material. To contribute, use the "Donate" tab at
Judy wrote for many publications over the years, including Dusty Times. "I did a column called 'The Losers' and would talk to all the racers who had not finished a race, and write their stories, because I often felt that the non-finishers, especially those that struggled before they finally gave up, had the best stories. I just got in the habit of incorporating the Loser stuff into the race story. I always thought it made the stories more interesting."
Mission accomplished: John and Judy with the 30 file boxes of material from Judy's archives that is being donated to the Hall of Fame, all wrapped and ready for transport to Reno.

Thank you, John and Judy!
For more photos of ORMHOF's day with Judy Smith, visit our Facebook page, Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.
Tickets now available!

To purchase tickets, or for more information, click here.

2017 Vegas to Reno Top 10 Qualifiers
1. Rob MacCachren
2. Bryce Menzies
3. Jason Voss
4. Tim Herbst
5. Kyle Jorgensen
6. Troy Herbst
7. Justin Matney
8. Todd Pedersen
9. Brett Sourapas
10. Anthony Terzo
For full qualifying results, click here.
ORMHOF's Jenn Hellstrom Joins All-Ladies Race Team

ORMHOF's Jenn Hellstrom (right) will join Sara Price, Shelby Anderson and Erica Sacks for the 2017 Vegas to Reno race in the #6119 RMP Truck. Best in the Desert is a Hall of Fame partner.

"I will be the navigator for Shelby Anderson," says Jenn, "Sara Price and Erica Sacks will take on the first 300 miles and Shelby and I will get in at Pit 9. With some hard work we will race to the finish in the #6119 RPM Truck."

Stop by and say hi to Jenn at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame table at the Texas Station in Las Vegas during Driver Registration, on Thursday, August 17, from 9 am to 4 pm.

For information on the 2017 Vegas to Reno race, including a link to live tracking, click here.
Vegas to Reno Race Teams: You Can Make Socorro's Day!
Socorro is the sweet and spunky widow that operates the Burger Hut in the tiny tumbleweed town of Mina, Nevada. The windows of the Burger Hut are covered in stickers, a virtual who's who of off-road racing, including a very special BOOYAH!!! to Casey Folks. Socorro is ready and waiting to feed hungry race teams on their way through Mina for the Vegas to Reno race this week.  (People always talk about her burgers, but oh, those tater tots!)  

Race Teams: 
Let's have fun with this! 
It would make Socorro's day if you would bring her a race team shirt (Mens XL or Ladies 2XL) when you stop by the Burger Hut on your way through Mina. Tell her the Hall of Fame sent you!

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