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2017 Interim House of Delegates Summary
Dear Colleagues

Beginning with this issue, were are starting a new service; we will now provide a newsletter summary of the most recent AMA meeting, within about six weeks of the meeting. We encourage your input and photos from future meetings. We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it useful. 

Bill Clark. MD (GA), Chair, SE Delegation to AMA
Claudette Dalton, MD (VA), Chair-elect, SE Delegation to AMA
Greg Cooper, MD (KY), Immediate Past Chair, SE Delegation to AMA
Stephen Imbeau, MD (SC), Newsletter Editor

2017 American Medical Association Interim Meeting
Southeastern Delegation Breakfast

The Monday morning Southeastern breakfast highlighted our SE Board Members, led by Chair, Dr. Gerry Harmon from South Carolina. Each promoted AMA Membership, a new key project for the Southeastern Delegation initiated this year by SE Chair, Dr. Bill Clark. Increased membership helps both the AMA and the Southeastern Delegation!

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2017 American Medical Association Interim Meeting

The Policy part of the meeting concentrated collegial, but vigorous, debate in several key areas.

EMR Improvement
(11) Resolution 204 - EHR Vendors Responsible for Health Information Technology
RESOLVED, that our AMA advocate that physicians are offered flexibility related to the adoption and use of new certified Electronic Health Records (EHRs) versions or editions when there is not a sufficient choice of EHR products that meet the specified certification standards. (Directive to Take Action); and be it further

RESOLVED, that our AMA advocate that physicians not be financially penalized for certified EHR technology not meeting current standards. (New HOD Policy)

(24) Resolution 204 - Bidirectional Communication for EHR Software and Pharmacies
Resolution 205 - Health Plan, Pharmacy, Electronic Health Records Integration


You may also visit www.ama-assn.org/hod-interim-overview to view the AMA summary of the meeting.

Finally, there were many important educational seminars including Cyber-security, the Opioid Epidemic, Generation Changes in Medicine, Health Ethics, Disparities in Medicine, Physician Entrepreneurs, Telemedicine, Natural Disasters, Maintenance of Certification, Ethics Forum and Legislation Forum.

See you in June in Chicago!

Some pictures from Hawaii...to view more click here.
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