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and how Congressional leaders can Call the Article V State Convention and Let US Vote for a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment.

August 31, 2022 State Legislative Edition| Issue 11  

A way forward for Congress, whether they like it or not.

Time for Everyone to get on board.

Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) is requesting all fellow members of Congress to join him in co-sponsoring a Concurrent resolution (HCR101) which calls for an Inflation-Fighting, Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Convention, and a related bill (HR8419) which establishes the Archivist's role in counting Article V State Applications.

Voters are worried that the reckless spending of Congress will continue to add to the problem with inflation and the massive federal debt accelerating out-of-control.

BUT THERE IS HOPE. Americans are celebrating the news that States have succeeded in reaching the 34 State Application requirement to gather and propose a realistic fiscal responsibility amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Again, the States have already achieved the required threshold under Article V to merit the CALL to Convention for the purpose of proposing a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment, or more commonly known as, a BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment). 

For further details, please refer to our website: http://StopInflating.US.

We All Want to SAVE Social Security. Let's find a solution and do it right.

Read Part One of our exclusive article (below), Saving Social Security by Fixing the Debt.

As the "Fiscal Cliff' looms ever closer, too many important issues continue to be ignored.

It is unfortunate, but it appears that seeking a proactive solution to difficult issues, such as the unsustainable federal debt or the soon to be insolvent Social Security Trust Fund, is virtually impossible for Congress. They would much prefer waiting till an issue reaches a boiling-point before even thinking about it. State Legislatures are looking to approach these challenging issues with the help of organization like AMAC, ALEC, Let US Vote for a BBA, and others. 

Just like the threat posed by our federal debt, entitlement reform is a subject that cannot be neglected any longer. 

In a new four-part series, we will be discussing how the States gathering under Article V to propose a fiscal responsibility amendment, could initiate preliminary discussions on several other subject that Congress has deemed too difficult to address. Fixing Social Security is another topic outside of the apparent ability of Congress to responsibly address.

We All Want to SAVE Social Security. Let's find the right long-term solution.

Saving Social Security by Fixing the Debt.

Part One - Delays make it harder to fix.

Social Security, like the nation's unsustainable federal debt, is also in deep financial trouble, expected to be insolvent in just a few years. Reports of their pending demise have been reported since the 90’s. If you Google “saving Social Security” you get over a quarter-million results. Because Congress will likely continue to avoid delaying meaningful reform, the systemic imbalance in the Social Security Trust Fund will continue to grow more dire every year. Rather than have Congress wait till it becomes a full-blown crisis, the States want to discuss this dominant item of the federal budget, when then gather to propose a fiscal responsibility amendment, next year.

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Saving Social Security, continued.

Clearly, Congress does not have the political will to address difficult issues, like the federal debt and Social Security, until they go "critical".

Given their aversion to fiscal reform, and the political divisiveness in Washington,

 there appears to be no hope of Congress acting on their own to avoid the crisis.

We all know that Congress has been ignoring the growing federal debt and looming fiscal crisis for decades. Similarly, Congress continues to ignore the threat of Social Security going bankrupt and will only deal with them when push-comes-to-shove, basically when "all hell breaks loose". That is the worst time for any issue as complex as this to have Congress try to work through the myriad of comprehensive elements needed to solve this long-term problem. This is one issue where America will not stand for the excuse, "we will know what is in it AFTER we vote on it".

"We've got to do something. As soon as we get out of this pandemic mess, stabilizing Social Security’s finances should be the highest priority to restore confidence … and to assure working Americans that they will receive the income they need in retirement." 

Published May 8, 2020 an article in Benefits-Pro. 

Alicia Munnell, Dir.of the Center for Retirement Research, Boston College.

A comprehensive solution is out there

to properly fix the debt and Social Security,

if we commit to work together.

Economic advisors like Ph.D. Prof. Barry Poulson, think-tanks like The Peterson Foundation, fiscal reform experts such as the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, advocates for mature citizens like AMAC Action, and State legislatures from Florida to Utah, are starting to tie the two critical issues of continued federal deficits and the prospect of an insolvent Social Security Trust Fund together by suggesting an intertwined permanent solution.

  1. The first step to stopping inflation, fixing the federal debt, and saving Social Security, would be to moderate the growth of government by putting the federal budget on a more sustainable long-term path. And the only viable means of solving the excessive spending problem of Congress, is for the States to propose a Fiscal Responsibility Amendment.
  2. In addition, separating the “mandatory entitlement” trust funds from the rest of the federal budget, would isolate them from further abuse by Congress. Off-budget, these funds could be better managed and secured for future generations of retirees.
  3. Because Congress has avoided passing any corrective measures, directed at shoring-up the long-term funding of Social Security, additional adjustments to the Social Security system are now required in order to build a stronger foundation for the Trust Fund. Fortunately, there are a host of great ideas help restore solvency and improve Social Security going forward.       - - -

In our next issue, Part TWO of "Saving Social Security". 

  • Another Soc. Sec. "patch-job" will not take care of it. 
  • We can and must save Social Security the right way for those who need it now, AND for generations to come.  
  • Ideas we got. It's political leadership we need now.

Read more at AMAC Action, a strong advocate for permanent solutions capable of fixing the federal debt and saving Social Security.

Is Your State Ready for the Article V Convention? 

This is a State Legislator Call to Action.

Every State Legislature needs to start preparing NOW.  Possibly as early as this time next year, an Article V Convention of States could be debating the elements for meaningful fiscal reform in Washington.

State Legislators are encouraged to start preparing now for the upcoming Article V Convention, an historic event that is likely to happen in the next 12 to 18 months.

  • Assign members to the Phoenix Correspondence Commission. Legislators need to be appointed (one from each chamber) as official state delegates to the multi-state Phoenix Correspondence Commission (PCC). The PCC is an official assembly of State Legislators from every state, organized to assist in lateral communication between the States on matters of common interest, initially involving Article V actions and preparation efforts. 
  • Pass an Article V "No Runaway Convention" (Legislative Appointment, Instruction, and Recall of Article V Convention Delegates) will provide legislatures the opportunity to establish specific guidelines for delegates and potential recall provisions, should that become necessary.
  • Adopt an updated single-subject BBA/FRA Article V Resolution. This ALEC model policy recommendation is applicable to all states, regardless of whether or not a given state has previously passed an Article V Resolution on the single subject of federal fiscal reform.
  • Petition your State's Congressional delegation to co-sponsor Rep. Arrington's HCR-101 resolution requesting Congress acknowledge the Article V 34 State Application threshold has been achieved and to Call the Convention, unless the Archivist can prove otherwise. Co-sponsorship is also recommended in support of HR-8419, Archivist Article V Bill.
  • Sign the PLEDGE to support the above actions of your state's legislature and encourage the needed steps in Congress to advance the official Call to convention.
  • Work with your State's Attorney General to join in support of a multi-state mandamus case aimed at having the Courts force Congress to act and call the convention if necessary.
  • Contact former State Legislators to see if they would be willing to accept appointment to your state's delegation for the upcoming Article V Convention. They would be the ideal representatives for your state to such an important gathering, because they would have the trust of the legislatures, know how to comport themselves in such a gathering, and have the time and flexibility to dedicate to the task. This could be their ultimate legacy. 

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ATTENTION: State Candidates & Incumbents.

Go to StopInflating.US and PLEDGE your support for

an Inflation-Fighting Fiscal Responsibility Amendment.

State Candidates and Incumbents. Pledge to support:

  1. A "No-Runaway Article V Delegate Instruction and Recall Bill.
  2. A State House and Senate member are appointed to the PCC (a multi-state Correspondence Commission).
  3. An updated Article V Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Resolution to provide sufficient latitude for appointed delegates.
  4. A petition of your State Congressional delegation to co-sponsor Rep. Arrington's HCR101 and HR8419 recently filed actions.

Check out the latest article by James Carter in the new September issue of NEWSMAX magazine entitled, "America's Growing Debt Disaster". Definitely a great read! But they still have not discovered Article V.