Big News from the Big Give!
We had quite the end to our 2017 - by taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge! A very busy week of fundraising led to a very big total...

We raised an amazing £25,828!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, shared and supported our campaign. 

All funds are going to our girls' education project in rural Ethiopia. With this money, we can fully equip two laboratories in the brand new secondary schools we are building, provide bursaries for 33 vulnerable girls for a whole school year or give over 1000 girls the basics they need to enroll in secondary school - like fees and uniforms.

In the past few months in Ethiopia we have established the site for the first new school, and have distributed uniforms, sanitary pads and other assistance to the girls we will be working with throughout the project on their journey to complete secondary school. Remember, just 11% of girls from rural Ethiopia currently enroll in secondary school - your money is making a huge difference!

We're so excited about this project and grateful to everyone who helped. We will keep the updates coming, so look out for the next newsletter to hear more.
News from the field
Elsewhere in the Link world, we've been kept very busy.

We are making great progress in our new partner country, Rwanda, having provided training to ministry officials that oversee all schools in our project areas, and we've also done our first  School Performance Review ! This is a cornerstone of our work and model. To find out more about how this works, visit our website here .

In Malawi we've been delivering more training on school management through our board game tool - getting pupils, parents, community members, teachers and government officials all engaged and trained up together on how best to manage their school resources and achieve great learning. You can read more about how this all-important 'game' works here.

And of course across all of our partner schools and countries we have been busy working to review school performance and help schools to take decisions on how best to use their extremely limited resources to enable kids to learn to read and count and become informed individuals. These are key tools to break the poverty cycle in rural communities. The schools set their own goals, we simply help them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses compared to other schools, and allow them to flourish and grow. It's amazing to see the difference and how well the children do!
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Thank you Superstar Runners!
We want to say a great big thank you to two of our supporters who have been running for Link in the past two months! Caroline McKay took on a marathon on a treadmill in a busy shopping centre in December, and Roman Gorshkov ran the Edinburgh Great Run 5k in January, all to raise sponsorship funds for Link. All together we raised over £700 from these events - so a massive thank you to Caroline and Roman!

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