Theosophical Order of Service International e-Newsletter
EN 44 - November 2017
In this issue:
  • The Second and Third Objects of the Theosophical Society as Related to the First
  • Bradenton TOS Takes on Massive Library Project
  • Tribute to Mrs. Saraswati Narayan, Former TOS India Director
  • TOS Youth - The Ideal of Service - Luke Michael Ironside
  • TOS Latest News
  • TOS Around the World: India and Canada-Tanzania
  • Invitation to the 4th International TOS Conference in 2018
  • Do We Have Your Group’s Updated Contact Info?
Dear TS and TOS members and friends ,

As summer comes to an end, and we gear up for a new year of TOS activity, it's often beneficial to pause for a little reflection. What have we done during this past year? Did we do it well? Could improvements be made? What are our plans and vision for the future? How can we turn our vision into reality? What kind of help do we need in order to do so? These thoughts have been occupying my mind lately (actually they are pretty continuous) as I will soon be submitting the annual report of the TOS to the President. That report is made up of the annual TOS reports received from the countries in which we are present and my own impressions attained during visits and communications with TOS workers around the world. I can tell you that whenever and wherever a presentation showing the work of the TOS has been given the most common response is: "I had no idea you were doing so much!" So to all TOS workers - Thank You - for all of your dedication and hard work. May it continue and grow.

This edition of the e-Newsletter contains an article written by Luke Ironside a young TOS member. In a few past editions we have printed items written by young TOS workers that told something of what they were doing or what life has brought them thus far. We want to make that a regular addition each quarter. Are you a young TOS worker ? Is there a young TOS worker in your midst or a student you sponsor or work with whom you'd like to recognise? Please send us such items written by or about a younger person in your group or with whom your group works. Remember to include their picture.

As always, we want to know what you and your groups are doing. Please send information about your activities with good quality photos, to: 

Yours in service ,

T he TOS tea m:
  • David Sztain, Editor
  • Nancy Secrest, International Secretary/Editing
  • Rozi Ulics, Webmaster/Editing
  • Vicki Jerome, Proofreader
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa
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  Mr. B. Keightley  
The Second and Third Objects of the Theosophical Society as Related to the First  
From Mr. Keightley's talk in 1890
The watchword of every true and earnest member of the Theosophical Society should be Brotherhood. This is the true meaning of our ...
Bradenton TOS takes on massive library project

The TS Study Centre in Bradenton, FL, has enjoyed holding their meetings at the Mitreya Center, an interfaith meeting place. A few members of the TS, however, ...
From left: Alec Grae, Judith Snow, Donna Lobdell and Ann Willig

Saraswati Narayan, former Director TOS India
Tribute to Mrs. Saraswati Narayan, former TOS India Director
Saraswati was a graduate of Vasanta College for Women, Varanasi, affiliated with Banaras Hindu University. The college was established by Annie Besant in 1913, and was located ...
TOS Youth
The Ideal of Service
By  Luke Michael Ironside
Theosophy has, at times, been accused of attracting dreamers to its cause, and here a misconception arises – that Theosophy seeks to escape from the world and in so doing, retreat from the great issues of the time ...
Luke Michael Ironside
TOS Latest News
International Secretary moves to Adyar
In June Nancy Secrest, International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service, moved to Adyar. During this time she also traveled to various countries within the theosophical world spreading the news of TOS activities and connecting with TOS workers and friends. Nancy shares her report . . .
TOS Around the World
Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary - Update
While not a TOS programme, the Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary is near and dear to the hearts of many TOS groups and individuals, who have helped support it in the past.

We want to share with all of you some good news!
Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary
From left: David Sztain, Editor of TOS international e-newsletter, Deepa Kapur, TOS Director, Tanzania and Malaika Kapur, Inaugural President of Dar TOS Youth Group
Canada-Tanzania Meeting, June 5, 2017, in Calgary, Canada
I (David Sztain) was delighted to meet with Deepa Kapur, her husband, Runjiv and daughter, Malaika, from TS Tanzania, as they were in Vancouver, Canada for Malaika’s graduation from the university of British Columbia in Vancouver ... 
  TOS International Conference - August 2018
The Fourth TOS International Conference will take place 9-11 August, 2018 in Singapore . The TOS Conference immediately follows the Theosophical Society World Congress which runs from 4-9 August. Both events will be located at the same venue. This is a working conference for those who are active in TOS work. We will review our accomplishments since our last conference in 2013 and make plans for the next five years. All active TOS workers are welcome, whether or not they are members of the TOS. As an unexpected extra, 9 August is a National Holiday in Singapore, complete with parades and fireworks.
Sentosa Island, Singapore
Singapore skyline at night
  Do We Have Your Group’s Updated Contact Info?

Please check your country's TOS information on our website here . You'll find it in the yellow, right-hand column on the home page. Click on your country's name and if the info is not correct, let us know. We want to make sure that your TOS group's information is up-to-date for our new website which is being designed.
“The first and foremost of the three stated objects or objectives of the Theosophical Movement is the actualisation of Universal Brotherhood. According to Theosophy, Universal Brotherhood is not merely a high and lofty ideal but is eternally a fact in Nature because of the oneness and divineness of all life.” - H. P. Blavatsky