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This month, we share our top core supplement recommendations, as well as supplements to support your immune system.

There's an undeniable shift in the air—a crispness, a sense of change, a new beginning. Our inner rhythms sync with these changes, nudging us towards unique nourishment and care tailored for the season. Just as the trees shed leaves in preparation for colder times, our bodies intuitively seek the specific support and protection they'll need in the months ahead. As you immerse yourself in autumn's embrace, we encourage you to take time to check in with your needs, and seek to find harmony in the seasonal changes.


The foundational four supplements are a pillar in supporting nutritional gaps. From a child or adolescent just embarking on their health journey, to adults refining their approach, or families journeying together, the foundational four supplements serve as a beacon. They provide a strong foundation for every age, ensuring seamless transitions through life's changing phases.

  • Multivitamin — A good-quality multivitamin can be an excellent way to fill in the nutritional gaps in a child or adults diet. Look for one that includes essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, D, and Zinc. Available in-store in capsule form, or on our online stores in chewable form for children.

  • Fish Oil—Omega-3s are essential for brain development and function. They're also known to help with attention and focus, which can be especially beneficial during the learning-intensive back-to-school period. Available in-store in capsule form, or on our online Wellevate/Fullscript store in chewable form.

  • Probiotic—Gut health is closely tied to overall health. Probiotics can aid digestion, boost the immune system, and even improve mental health. Available in-store in capsule form, or on our online Wellevate/Fullscript store for chewable form options.

Follow button below to see our targeted support—core and additional supplement recommendation list.

Targeted Support: Core & Additional Supplements


As we transition into the heart of autumn, a season where our defenses can be tested, it's essential to bolster your immune system. The immune system is your body's natural shield against pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and other harmful invaders. A strong immune response ensures both kids and adults remain active and vibrant when embracing the autumn season. Beyond the foundational four supplements highlighted above, we've gathered some key recommendations for immune support as we embrace changing weather and new routines.

For the Family:

  • Natural Creations homeopathic and supplement items—Visit us in-store to explore our range of Natural Creations homeopathic drops and supplement items. Our knowledgeable team is in-store to help you select the best option to fortify your immune support toolkit.

Child-Focused Support*:

Adult-Focused Support*:

Silver Soothing Drops by Ameo Life — 100 for $24.95

Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement. A major key in silver’s ability to support oral and throat health is to maintain contact with the mouth and throat for 6 minutes.

**Not for small children, listed as a choking hazard.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*


May Promo.jpg

NutriClear® Plus BY BIOTICS RESEARCH Highlights:

NutriClear® Plus is a science-based metabolic cleanse program that supports the body’s detoxification processes.*

  • Provides nutrients in a powder form
  • Formulated to support metabolic clearing and liver function
  • May enhance energy production and intestinal balance
  • Contains digestible organic pea protein and medium chain triglycerides.
  • Rich in fiber and a wide range of antioxidants.
  • Features NitroGreens®, fruit, and vegetable extracts for effective detoxification.


Introducing the 4 oz. Alkaline Structured Silver Solution by Ameo Life!

While we've long stocked the 16 oz. version, we're excited to offer this handy 4 oz. dropper bottle — ideal for on-the-go travels or for those wanting a taste-test of its benefits.

Curious about the wonders of structured silver solution? Dive into the details here:

If you are looking for additional supplements or vitamins to complement your health goals, we offer a large selection of over-the-counter items—vitamins, homeopathics, botanicals, nutraceuticals, chemical-free skin care products, and natural cosmetics.

Our team is happy to help with recommendations or questions you have about nutritional supplements to support your health goals. We have put together some common targeted support supplements on our website. Visit the "Targeted Support Recommendations" button to access the different categories of targeted support recommendations.

Feel free to stop in or give one of our pharmacists a call at The Apothecary 320-251-0107.

Targeted Support Recommendations

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