The SBTDC's International Business Development (IBD) team assists small and midsize businesses with export planning and global business matters. The goal is to increase the number of businesses that are exporting and to assist existing exporters with increasing their foreign market sales. 

The SBTDC's counselors are highly experienced Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP). The SBTDC serves as the official EXIM Bank Regional Export Promotion Program and NASBITE Accredited Training Program. The SBTDC's IBD Program has received the President's E-Award and E-Star Award. 

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About NASBITE International's Trade Passport Website

The NASBITE International Trade Passport website offers on-demand training, local resources, and rapid expert assistance to USA-based small and mid-sized businesses that are focused on international trade as a pathway to business growth. New users can sign up for a free account that provides access to 20 on-demand webinars, live webinars, expert assistance and more.

Check out the latest training topics delivered by industry leading experts:

Trade Documentation Requirements

Every export and every import require certain documents to be provided for customs clearance. Some cases require minimal documentation, but many others entail a multitude of forms to be submitted. This webinar provides an overview of the basic to the more unusual documents that may be required for customs clearance of exports and imports.

Why this matters to your business: 

Each document serves a particular function, whether for the protection of the seller, the buyer or both. Some documents can only be obtained by the seller or through the information provided by the seller. Knowing what is expected can help not only facilitate the sale, but also minimize the risk of something going wrong for you, or for the transaction itself.
Export Resources for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

There are significant resources in the United States that are specifically aimed at supporting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses. This webinar will highlight the efforts of the US Export Import Bank (EXIM) and the US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to meet the needs of these two important business segments.

Why this matters to your business:

EXIM can help:
  • Reduce risks of non-payment.
  • Obtain working capital to support export sales.
  • Provide your buyers with medium or long-term financing (when needed).
MBDA can provide export consulting and a national network to help you gain access to capital, access to contracts and access to new markets.

Cross-Cultural Business Practices

Socio-cultural factors have a profound impact on global business. This webinar will help SME exporters and companies engaged in international business to learn, not only about the importance of cross-cultural practices, but also how factoring in cross-cultures can become a potential competitive advantage to their global business.

Why this matters to your business: 

Research indicates that companies that incorporated global cultural awareness are:
  • More successful in penetrating foreign markets.
  • Less likely to have product designs that are in cultural conflict with the targeted markets.
  • Enjoy steady export growth compared to exporters that neglect cultural sensitivities.
  • Better positioned to further expand to other international markets capitalizing on their success.
Choosing the Best Market Entry Approach for New Foreign Markets

As a company expands its exports and international activities, entry mode selection is a critical decision.  This webinar looks at the types of entry modes, and how companies select their entry mode. At the most basic level, companies decide based on the risk versus the benefits in that country.

Why this matters to your business:

Entry modes with higher risk (such as FDI) have the benefit of getting closer to the customer, better market feedback, and greater control. But this also means increased financial risk, management time, and opportunity costs.

This is an important decision for the international strategy. Most companies avoid indirect exporting and start with direct exporting and later add FDI.

Earn CEUs on Trade Passport
NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP) are required to submit 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to satisfy their annual credential re-certification. Many of the webinars available via the Trade Passport website offer CEU credit. Details of all training and dates on the Trade Passport website are captured for registered users under User Stats in the main menu and can be submitted to NASBITE International via the NASBITE website

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