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The SBTDC's International Business Development (IBD) team assists small and midsize businesses with export planning and global business matters. The goal is to increase the number of businesses that are exporting and to assist existing exporters with increasing their foreign market sales.

The SBTDC's counselors are highly experienced Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP). The SBTDC serves as the official EXIM Bank Regional Export Promotion Program and NASBITE Accredited Training Program. The SBTDC's IBD Program has received the President's E-Award and E-Star Award.



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About NASBITE International's Trade Passport Website

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The NASBITE International Trade Passport website offers on-demand training, local resources, and rapid expert assistance to USA-based small and mid-sized businesses that are focused on international trade as a pathway to business growth. New users can sign up for a free account that provides access to 20 on-demand webinars, live webinars, expert assistance and more.

Check out the latest training topics delivered by industry leading experts:

Basics of US Export Controls

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Export controls and compliance with the various U.S. regulations have long been a complex issue for exporters. Determining agency jurisdiction and classification under the appropriate regulations is difficult and requires a comprehensive understanding of the regulations.

Why this matters to your business: 

In this session, you will learn:

  • Compliance can be used to help expand your global sales
  • Export controls and compliance can differentiate you from your competition
  • To avoid costly delays

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Export Quote / The Proforma Invoice

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Preparing a detailed quotation to your foreign buyer upfront can reduce significant costs and challenges later when shipping and invoicing the goods.

Why this matters to your business:

Identifying the responsibilities of the seller and buyer during the quoting phase can significantly reduce the risk of having to pay unexpected transportation, storage, and other costs down the road, and speed up the payment process. This webinar will show you how:

  • To clearly state the Incoterms® Rule to be used so parties know their costs, risks, and responsibilities
  • The details on the Proforma help the buyer communicate with their bank when using a prepayment or Letter of Credit payment term
  • Providing a six-digit tariff classification (Schedule B/HTS) during the quoting phase can help the buyer calculate import duties and taxes.

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Packing, Packaging & Marking for Export

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In order to make sure their products arrive safely and in compliance with local and international regulations, logistics managers must contend with a variety of standards. You will learn who sets the standards and what types of materials should be used for successful transportation of your goods, as well as learn about the importance of marking and labeling your goods for shipment and sales outside the U.S. market.

Why this matters to your business: 

During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid violations that can cost you money or result in returned orders
  • Successfully deliver your goods through your distribution and supply chain
  • Reduce losses for better financial performance results

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An Introduction to Working with 3PLs and 4 PLs

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For companies who are making decisions on their distribution channels and mapping out their supply chains, understanding what third-party logistics providers and fourth-party logistics providers offer will help inform key business decisions. Those decisions will then impact long-term facility needs and technology decisions.

Why this matters to your business:

This webinar will review:

  • Direct impact on overhead costs
  • Impacts on your investment decisions in facilities
  • How to direct your decisions on software or ERP systems
  • The financial impact on your distribution and supply chain costs

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Earn CEUs on Trade Passport

NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professionals (CGBP) are required to submit 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to satisfy their annual credential re-certification. Many of the webinars available via the Trade Passport website offer CEU credit. Details of all training and dates on the Trade Passport website are captured for registered users under User Stats in the main menu and can be submitted to NASBITE International via the NASBITE website


Contact your local SBTDC International Business Development Counselor or visit the Trade Passport website.



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