Neuroscience Update
November 2018
Welcome to Scitech's Neuroscience newsletter.
The main focus of this newsletter is to introduce new products and technologies relevant to Neuroscience Research.  
Scitech will be exhibiting at the ANS 2018 conference at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane from 3-6 Dec 2018. Please visit us at Booth 18 to see some of the latest technologies and how they are designed to help facilitate your neuroscience research. 

New Multiphoton Detection Unit  

Scientifica's new Multiphoton detection unit, the MDU XL, is optimised for multiphoton imaging in deep, scattering tissue. It has been optimized to deliver crisper and deeper images. The MDU XL enables up to 35% more efficient light collection than the standard MDU, in multiphoton imaging experiments involving up to two colours. It also exhibits a superior signal-to-noise ratio as a means of acquiring a higher calibre of data. MDU XL can be fitted with two photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) in order to facilitate the collection of photons from two simultaneous channels.
  • 35% more efficient light collection than the standard MDU
  • Customised optics
  • High signal to noise ratio      
  • Fast filter exchange
  • Compatibility to M32, M27, M25 and RMS threaded objectives
  • Can be fitted with up to two gated or protected GaAsP PMT's to maximise sensitivity

Does your MBF system need an upgrade?
Find out what your options are and how Scitech can help.
-> Complete "End-to-End" solutions -
  • Analysis - Neurolucida 360, Stereo Investigator - Cleared Tissue Edition, Stereo Investigator - Whole Slide Edition, Vesselucida 360, BrainMaker, NeuroInfo, WormLab and more
  • Image Acquisition - Confocal, Light Sheet, Multi-Channel Fluorescent and Brightfield Microscopes, and Slide Scanners
  • Image Management - Managing, Visualizing and Sharing Big Data for quantitative neuroscience research and medical education
-> Revolutionary new technology and new developments in quantitative neuroscience research include -  
  • Vesselucida 360 - Automatic reconstruction and analysis of microvasculature
  • NeuroInfo - Automatic identification of brain anatomy in your sections
  • Cellairus - Automatic Stereology using Artificial Intelligence
  • ClearScope - Revolutionary Light Sheet microscope
  • Vesalius - High-speed, multi-channel, laser confocal scanner
  • BLiSS 500 - High-speed, brightfield slide scanner

CerePlex Exilis- lightweight, wireless digital head stage for small animals
CerePlex Exilis from Blackrock Microsystems is a lightweight, wireless digital head stage that provides a platform for freely behaving small animal models in Neuroscience research. It offers unprecedented quality of neural data via wireless transmission while keeping an ultra-low weight and size, enabling many novel research paradigms.
  • Up to 96 channels for recording
  • Full-bandwidth signal processing capabilities of 30 kS/s
  • Battery life of up to 2.5 hours
  • Compatible with electrodes equipped with an Omnetics 36-pin female connector
  • Weighs 9.9 grams

MRI Compatible Electrophysiology Head stage 

The MRI Compatible Head stage from Blackrock Microsystems is a lightweight, 16 channel, single-unit, analogue recording head stage for small animals that fits in the bore with the animal. It is a head stage that offers users the ability to directly correlate neural activity with the hemodynamic changes present in awake and responsive subjects. The MRI head stage is ideal for a number of applications in the field of electrophysiology involving animals such as rodents, cats and primates.
  • MRI Compatible
  • Fits in the MRI bore with animal
  • Only head stage to record single units
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Shielded ribbon cable - excellent noise immunity
BioCam X System - High Resolution  
Electrophysiology System 

The BioCam X from 3Brain is a large-scale sensing Microelectrode Array platform for high resolution, label-free in-vitro electrophysiological imaging. It allows
simultaneous recordings from a total of 4096 electrodes sampled at 18 kHz per electrode thus allowing monitoring of thousands of neurons. At the core of the MEA Biochip is an active monolithic CMOS device.   
Applications include:  
  • Human stem cell-derived neurons
  • Acute brain slices
  • Drug discovery
  • Plasticity studies
  • Cardiomyocyte cultures and
  • Ontogenetic-combined studies

Luxendo MuVi SPIM (Cleared Sample)

LUXENDO MuVi SPIM (Cleared Sample) is an extension of the MuVi SPIM capabilities and enables 3D imaging of optically cleared samples.The sample chamber, the illumination and the detection unit in the octagon are adapted to match the experimental needs in terms of sample size, refractive index, field-of-view and resolution, adding high flexibility to the system.
The MuVi SPIM CS can achieve a resolution down to 300 nm in 3D (at a wavelength of 500 nm), enabling imaging of optically cleared samples. 

Axon Digidata 1550B Low Noise
Data Acquisition System plus HumSilencer

The Axon™ Digidata® 1550B plus HumSilencer® is one of the most advanced analogue-to-digital signal converters on the market, offering the innovative line synchronous noise-cancelling feature, HumSilencer. This advanced feature learns, adapts, and eliminates local 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise and high-frequency harmonics from incoming signals. The digitizer works with pCLAMP™ 11 Software for data acquisition and analysis. The software supports eight channels of analogue acquisition and four acquisition modes.

  • 50/60 Hz noise cancellation
  • Digitises a wide range of input signals from -10 to +10 V
  • Optimised for pCLAMP 11 Software
  • HumSilencer adaption
  • Three configurations available

Dage IR-2000 Infrared Monochrome Video Camera

The IR 2000 CMOS real-time monochrome camera from DAGE-MTI represents the future for IR imaging. It's the new and improved digital version of the IR-1000, and it's fine-tuned for applications that require fast response and high sensitivity in both the visible and NIR (up to 1100nm). It is capable of operating in bright-field and fluorescence and is ideal for a number applications in the field of electrophysiology.
  • 30 fps at 4k Ultra HD
  • 6.3 MP CMOS USB 3.0 camera
  • Automatic/manual gain
  • Automatic/manual exposure (1/50,000 sec to 60 sec)
  • Wide Spectral Response (380nm - 1100nm)
  • Intuitive IR -Capture Software
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