IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply
Lightweight and compact, the IT-M7700 is a high performance AC power supply with powerful features.

The slim, 1⁄2 1U unit features a built in power meter, as well as a arbitrary waveform generator, which makes it ideal for simulating various arbitrary waveform outputs.
IT-M7700 is designed with advanced technologies of programmable AC and DC power supplies, and can be widely used in multiple fields:

  • Power energy products
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial electronics
  • Avionics, military and IEC standards testing

  • 1⁄2 1U compact design, increased space utilization
  • AC, DC, AC + DC output modes, DC voltage offset simulation in AC + DC mode
  • Built-in AC power meter with powerful functions
  • Built-in abundant waveform database, including 30 harmonic distortion waveforms
  • List mode, simulate civil AC working condition, realize instantaneous power interruption simulation function *1
  • Arbitrary waveform output function, user can customize waveforms
  • Harmonic analysis function *2
  • Harmonic simulation function

*1 Enable using PC software
*2 Available on IT-M7721/7722/7722E/7723E
*3 Coming soon
  • Surge/Trap function
  • Front and rear edge Dimmer phase dimming function Settable output waveform start/stop phase angle
  • Higher voltage available by two units in series connection *2*3
  • Three phase output available by three units Y-type external connections *2*3
  • Optional interfaces include RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB,
  • USB_TMC,USB_VCP, external analog, IO. Flexible and cost effective
  • With professional software, set up programs comply with multinational security regulations and test conditions, to complete military, civil aviation electronics and IEC related standards testing *3
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