renewalpacketsRenewals Due Today!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to renew your WSPMA Membership, reminders went out last week. We encourage all of you to remain an active Member of this great Association. It is because of our Members that we are able to continue offering educational courses, Industry news and more. 

Things do change within businesses and if you are unsure whether Membership to the WSPMA is a benefit to you, please reach out to discuss this with us! Feedback is important in our growing Association and we want to know how we can better serve all of you.
  Renew your Membership today!

Our Fall Seminar is scheduled late November.
Education isn't about reading a textbook and regurgitation
 the information, it is about being engaged with the topic and putting the information to use in every day life. Join us for a day of incomparable educational opportunities. We have invited some of the top professionals in their fields to discuss rodent behavior and the effects of rodenticides as well as rodents impact to public health. There are very few pest professionals out there that do not encounter rodents or rodent questions on a daily basis, so make sure you and your technicians are armed with the latest information!

Credit Hours (WA, ID, OR): 7 CEUs

Cost: $135 (Members) or $175 (Non-Members)

Location: Hotel RL at the Park (Spokane) - Thursday, November 29 
Highline College - Saturday, December 1

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leavenworthLeavenworth 2018
August 23 - 25, 2018
The countdown is on - only 59 days to go! 

If you have not had the chance to attend our Leavenworth Weekend, now is the time. This weekend is used as a relaxing networking event that includes the whole family. We want to see our Members building not only business relationships, but lifelong friendships. Leavenworth is a town that offers something for everyone. The WSPMA has arranged several events for Members and Vendors to participate in prior to our General Membership Meeting on Saturday. So bring your family along and make new friends!

Zipline - Wine Tasting - Poker - Golf - River Float - BBQ
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WSDAWSDA on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for businesses as a way of connecting with others. The WSDA has created a new Facebook group for  communication and information sharing among Washington State farmers, ranchers, and foresters. This group is open to anyone, but maintained by the WSDA. So check it out and keep yourself informed.
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Zenprox® Xtend Aerosol extends your reach

Zenprox® Xtend Aerosol is the most recent premium performer from Zoëcon. With  five active ingredients, Zenprox® Xtend Aerosol quickly kills and controls more  than 25 labeled adult insects. Flexible delivery options help pest management  professionals extend the reach of insect control protocols.

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Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait features the proven performance of indoxacarb, the same active ingredient (a.i.) found in Advion Cockroach. Its enhanced bait matrix is highly attractive to cockroaches, which results in increased feeding and faster kill for even the toughest-to-control populations.

Protecta® EVO® Mouse is a versatile and time efficient mouse-sized bait station - expertly designed for professional results.

General Membership Meeting (Leavenworth)

Thursday, November 29
Fall Seminar (Spokane)

Friday, November 30
General Membership Meeting (SeaTac)

  Saturday, December 1
Fall Seminar (Des Moines)

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