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wintergmWinter General Membership Meeting

Barb & Rennie
Our Winter General Membership Meeting is a time when owners and managers get together to discuss any new business practices and review changes in policies and laws. It is also gives us the opportunity to show our gratitude for someone that has made a significant impact in the pest industry and our Association. This year, we are honored to award this to Rennie Kubik (Amvac). He has been heavily involved in the industry for decades and we are fortunate enough to have had him as a WSPMA Vendor and supporter for so many years. Bring your stories and join us as we "roast" Rennie.


All registrations need to be completed online  here or emailed in. 
There will be no paper registration this year.
This meeting will be free and will not have any CEUs available.
MemberNewsMember News

Eastside Exterminators

New Hires at Eastside:
Ron Wikstrom - Technical Director
Ryan Forrest - Exclusion Technician
Louis Morgan - Facilities Technician
John Dugan - Digital Content Writer
Ebru Balikci - Call Center Agent

Congratulations on your every expanding team Eastside!
ACEWSPMA Member Thoughts on ACE Certification
Luke Rambo, Rambo Total Pest Control

Have you been in the pest control industry for 5 years or more? Would you like to  have  a dditional credentialing for marketing purposes, or career advancement opportunities? If so, then the A.C.E. program is for you! Associate Certified Entomologist is a program managed by Entomological Society of America and it is geared toward career-minded pest management professionals. 

When I started in the pest control industry as a 21 year old I never imagined I would still be at it as a 37 year old. But this industry fits me like a glove and if you ask anybody who knows me they will agree that I am a lifer. For better or worse, the pest control industry is stuck with Luke Rambo for a long time. When I first read about the ACE program years ago, I knew that was the direction for me to take. I have now been an ACE for about 6 years and it is something I regularly lean on when competing with other companies in a multiple bids situation, or when recruiting new hires. It has served me well and is completely worth the cost. The certification will follow you wherever you go in your career. Everybody takes a different path in life, some go to college and earn degrees. Others jump into the work force straight out of high school. If nothing else, I see the ACE program as a way for those of us who went to the School of Hard Knocks to earn some sweet letters after our name on our business card - Luke Rambo, ACE!  

Below is a link with more information about an upcoming review course and proctored testing session taking place at WSU - Puyallup.  Final registrations and applications should be completed by November 15th to make sure there is time for ESA to review and approve your application. The review session is scheduled for December 12th and the test is taking place the next day. This is a fantastic opportunity to add to your professional image and industry expertise!  Check out the link below and direct any questions to Becky Maguire, 253-445-4595.

We did it! Another amazingly successful Fall Seminar. Attendance was at an all time high to hear from these three knowledgeable women. Greta Binford opened eyes to the world of spiders (especially the diversity here in the PNW). Dini Miller kept the laughs coming while discussing the vital role of a thorough inspection. Laurel Hansen concluded the seminar with updates on ant research. It was a pleasure to have these speakers join us for the Fall Seminar. 

Greta Binford was kind enough to supply us with some useful links from here presentation:

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pestworldPestWorld 2017 Recap 
WSPMA Vice President, Tony Wurst

This year, Pest World was held is Baltimore, Maryland.  We took part in great sessions, heard a great motivational talk from the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole, Kirk Lippold, made some great new contacts and further nurtured those long term relationships with vendors and colleagues from around the world.  Connections were far reaching and right back to our State members.  I had a coffee break with some great PCO's from Thailand, and spent some quality time with WSPMA members to deepen those ties.
Dr. Bobby Corrigan and Dr. Dini Miller topped the list of Educational Sessions.  Those sessions provided interesting looks ahead into how pest control practices are being challenged and shaped for a smarter, electronic future.  I attended several sessions given by Dan Gordon who always seems to have a new perspective on how to make the business of Pest Control more profitable.  I also attended a session given by a law firm discussing liability issues which was very informative.
Probably the highlight of the sessions portion of Pest World 2017 was the State Associations Meeting.  During this meeting, we had round table discussions with other State Association Board members regarding how each State conducted the business of its Association.  We discussed such topics as Membership, Non-Dues Revenue Generation and Administrative Issues.  This sparked a lot of great conversations with other Board members from around the country.  These ideas will help form some of the agenda for my term as President next year.
Kirk Lippold was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole in 2000 when it was attacked by a waterborne IED during a refueling stop at a friendly report in Yemen.   He told us his story and encouraged us to have contingency plans for catastrophes that might arise.  Commander Lippold's experience was a 40ft by 40ft hole in the side of his boat accompanied by injuries and some deaths while away from home. Our experience might be the loss of a service technician or manager to injury or other reasons.  This talk had great content for companies that have 20+ employees. It was interesting to hear his story and see the before and after pictures of the ship.  Which, bye-the-way, was repaired and is still in service today.
Pest World 2017 was an enriching experience.  We mixed it up with the rest of the world, learned new things, had our concepts challenged, met new people and deepened relationships with our Vendors and Members.  The WSPMA will experience direct and long term benefits from our attendance in 2017.

Tony Wurst
Dominion Pest Control

Saturday, December 2
General Membership Meeting (no credits)
Honoring Rennie Kubik (Amvac)   

Saturday, January 27
Ant  ID (Puyallup)

Saturday, March 10
Ant ID (Spokane)
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