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wintergmWinter General Membership Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our Meeting this past weekend. Click here to read the minutes from the Business Meeting.

We had a tremendous amount of fun roasting Rennie. There were stories from childhood to present day that truly showcased how incredibly giving and kind Rennie is. So one more time; Thank You Rennie! 

Stop Claims Proposal
Stop Claims is a company that currently works with many of our Members on L&I claims. They have put together a retro program specifically for WSPMA Members. The program they are suggesting could save Member Companies thousands of dollars in L&I fees. During the meeting the Members present were very interested in the WSPMA Board pursuing this program. This will be something that is discussed at future meetings. If you are interested please let us know!
Updated Website
Please take a moment to visit our updated website! It is a fresh look for a fresh year. In developing our website over the last year I learned many things. I think the most recent changes to our website are great. If you have any questions or comments, let me know
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Eastside Exterminators

New Hires at Eastside:
EJ Herd - SEM
Jeanette Parkinson - Call Center Manager
Eddy Santillanes - Exclusion Tech
David Villanda - Exclusion Tech

Congratulations on your ever expanding team Eastside!

If you have any exciting news about your company or employees, we want to know!
Saturday, January 27
Ant  ID (Puyallup)
August 22-25
Leavenworth General Membership

Monday, February 19
February Workshop (Kent)
James Rodriguez, JT Eaton
Thursday, November 1
Fall Seminar (Spokane)
Dr. Bobby Corrigan
Saturday, March 10
Ant ID (Spokane)

Saturday, November 3
Fall Seminar (Des Moines)
Dr. Bobby Corrigan
Monday, March 19
March Workshop (Kent)
Daniel Baldwin, Yum! Brands
Saturday, December 1
Winter General Membership

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