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Speaker: Greta Binford (Lewis & Clark)
Greta Binford will be presenting on arachnids. She is known throughout her field as the Spider Woman! Don't miss this local speaker sharing her wealth of knowledge. If you haven't reserved your seat for the Fall Seminar, do it now!

A Healthy Respect for Spiders
Spiders are everywhere in our worlds. The fear they evoke is to some degree well-reasoned given that they are tiny, elusive, venomous predators. However, the value of spiders is incalculable as they play critical roles in maintaining ecosystem balance and their silks and venoms inspire new drugs, pesticides and biomaterials.  Navigating the relationship between humans and spiders is complex and should be done with clear understanding of the risks and benefits of spiders. In this talk I will discuss some of the things I find inspiring about spiders, in particular the chemicals in their venoms. After a general introduction, I will focus specifically on spider diversity in the Pacific Northwest and discuss the known risks of spiders in this area, including hobo spiders. 

We look forward to seeing you at the
Fall Seminar - October 19 (Spokane) or October 21 (Auburn)
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With PestWorld fast approaching, we hope that WSPMA Members are taking advantage of the hotel rates secured at Red Lion Baltimore (Inner Harbor). These rates are some of the lowest around so don't miss out! 

We would also like to get an idea of how many WSPMA Members plan on attending the event. The idea has been presented that we offer some sort of WSPMA mixer for all of us to connect at the convention. If you plan on attending and would like to be put on the WSPMA PestWorld Communication list, please email us! 

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