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Offer Help, Get Support in Flooded Areas
UCC Disaster Ministries photo of flooding
Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota staff and UCC Disaster Ministries coordinators continue to show love of neighbor by responding to the flooding that is dramatically impacting many towns, agricultural land and Native American Reservations throughout Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. UCC Disaster Ministries has already awarded $15,000 in Solidarity Grants to churches in Iowa and Nebraska who are working to serve affected communities. Disaster Ministries expects to award significantly more grants in the weeks ahead. If you are affected by flooding, the UCC Disaster Ministries will help, especially in the long-term to rebuild. Learn More
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New Logo Unveiled
The staff team of the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ is proud to introduce you to our new logo and branding. We sought (and sometimes struggled) to create an image that would capture the diverse array of people and churches from a number of different places and geographies in our conferences. We sought to find a way to communicate our connection to the wider United Church of Christ while retaining our individual identities. We sought to communicate the experimental nature of the Tri-Conference Ministries staffing structure
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"Today I Am Your Brother!"
By Rev. Darrell Goodwin, associate conference minister

A few weeks ago, amidst the chaos of natural disasters and senseless shootings, I arrived in Omaha to serve the Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota Conferences of the United Church of Christ as an associate conference minister. As I was getting settled, I made an appointment with a primary care doctor in the area. As is routine, the doctor performed a checkup and encouraged me to do some additional vitals to create a baseline in my new medical record.
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Rev. Brigit Stevens, executive conference minister, makes a powerful statement about our call to be church in the wake of the New Zealand mosque shootings.
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Summer Communities of Service
Summer Community of Service Banner
Young adults 19 years and older can apply to be part of intentional Christian community that develops faith and hones leadership during a UCC Summer Community of Service.
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UCC Disabilities Ministries Awards
The United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries (UCCDM) has a tradition of presenting awards at the biennial General Synod. The UCCDM Awards recognize the contributions of congregations, other church settings, and individuals who have contributed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of the life of the church.
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