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Mandatory Vaccine Update (Again!)
We have sent out multiple emails explaining the new COVID-19 Vaccine Order for Community Living BC (CLBC) Service Providers. We need to further clarify who is included in the vaccine Order and who is excluded.
Here is an up-to-date list about who is included in the Order, and who is excluded:

Included in the Order

  • Paid employees
  • Paid contractors
  • Microboard members (who have direct contact with the supported person)
  • Volunteers (who have direct contact with the supported person in a support role)
  • Individualized Funding Agents (who have direct contact with the person)
  • Parents (who do not live with the supported person but have direct contact with the person as a paid caregiver)

Basically, the Order is mandated for anyone (paid or unpaid) who provides direct support for the supported person and does not live with the supported person.

Exempt from the Order
  • Individuals served
  • Parents (who live with the supported person)
  • Home sharing providers where support is provided in their private residence
  • Microboard members/directors (who do not have direct contact with the supported person)
  • Individualized Funding Agents (who do not have direct contact with the supported person)
  • Volunteers who are only socializing with the supported person and not providing direct support
  • Anyone who lives full-time in the home with the individual being supported

More Information

For more information, please review the following CLBC resources:

Vaccine Policy for Microboards and Individualized Funding (IF) Agents
As an employer, Microboards and IF Agents should have a mandatory vaccine policy in place for their employees. This policy can be in your policy and procedures manuals, or as a stand-alone document.

We have created a sample COVID-19 vaccine policy which you can download and use at your convenience.
Paid Sick Leave
The Government of British Columbia has implemented mandatory paid sick days for employees. Both part-time and full-time employees will be entitled to 5 paid sicks days per year. This new benefit will take affect January 1, 2022.

If you are an employer (Microboard or Individualized Funding Agent) you will need to review the new benefit and be prepared to offer these paid sick days.

For more information, please visit the Government of BC's website, or click on the link below:
We're Hiring
in the Okanagan

Vela is seeking a creative and adaptable individual to join our team as a part-time facilitator for 20 hours per week. The position will be based out of the Okanagan and will involve some travel throughout the region with meetings sometimes taking place in families’ homes and government offices. Temporarily, because of COVID-19, this will be a work from home position.

Our facilitators are responsible for assisting individuals and families to explore the available support options, and to help mentor them throughout the process of creating the supports they envision.

For more information and how to apply, please visit our website: We're Hiring in the Okanagan - Vela Canada.

Deadline to apply: December 10, 2021 at 5pm (PST).
Criminal Record Checks

The process to conduct a staff's criminal record check has changed. Moving forward, all Microboards and Individualized Funding Agents need to have their own employer account registered with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). These checks can no longer be done at your local police detachment.

In this webinar we will highlight the policy requirements, look at the process to set up an employer account, complete the criminal record check through these accounts, and answer any questions.

When: Tuesday, January 25

Time: 7:00pm (PST)
Sibling Meetups

Do you have an adult sibling with a disability? Connect with others who also have a sibling with disabilities and just "get it". Join the Silbling Colloborative for their upcoming Virtual Sibling Meetup.

When: Wednesday, December 15

Time: 7:00pm (PST)

Your Will Can Make a Difference
We have partnered with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills.

Learn how you can donate to Vela Canada through your will.
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