Update on COVID-19 and Vaccinations
The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has raised many questions. The Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce has put together links to help everyone better understand the process for the vaccine distribution.

As of January 13, 2021:
  • The CDC has made recommendations for vaccine distribution based on a tiered system.
  • The Monterey County Health Department has made a COVID-19 vaccine schedule to show vaccine prioritization in our county within tier 1. The Monterey County Health Department has also publicized the state and national allocation plan for COVID-19 vaccinations beyond tier 1, showing the order that these vaccines may be distributed in the future.
  • Click here to see the current number of COVID-19 vaccines that have been distributed statewide.
  • Click here to see how the COVID-19 vaccine works.
  • Finally, the Governor tweeted this afternoon that he is "significantly increasing efforts to get vaccines out," including making "Californians 65+ the next group eligible to receive coronavirus vaccines." Our understanding is that Monterey County still has some healthcare workers who have not been vaccinated, as well as others in the 75+ age group. So we must understand how the County's implementation of the vaccines are affected by this.

Your team at the Chamber will continue to keep our members aware of changes related to COVID-19 and local vaccinations.