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  • In the News: First abortion clinic in Ohio closes.
  • Resources For and End to Racism
  • Reflections on Choosing Political Candidates
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Updates & Action Alert
  • CRS Lead the Way: Support Global Child Thrive Act
In the News

Ohio's first abortion clinic, Founder's, closes in Columbus. Read about it in the Greater Columbus Right to Life e-newsletter and press release from Ohio Right to Life . Give thanks to God and continue to build a culture of life.

For an End to Racism

Catholic Conference of Ohio

The Catholic Conference of Ohio created an educational bulletin insert offering reflection questions and references based upon the USCCB’s Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship statement. The insert offers reflections on: Promoting the Sacredness of Human Life; Applying a Consistent Moral Framework; Making Decisions based upon Prudential Discernment; and Serving as Models of Civil Dialogue.  CLICK HERE for the bulletin insert or visit .    

Lead the Way: Catholic Relief Services

Urge Congress to Support the Global Child Thrive Act. The act would integrate Early Childhood Development into development and emergency humanitarian programs serving vulnerable children and their families, helping them recover from the COVID-19 virus and building their resilience to future emergencies and trauma. Sign up for CRS Lead the Way and lend your voice to make a difference.
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