Business Update for those Facing the Impact of COVID-19
Monday, October 19, 2020
We continue to provide our business community with the latest updates and tools from the City of Miami Beach during this pandemic.
Miami Beach Open House
The City of Miami Beach is investing in the revitalization of its commercial corridors with an experiential cultural artist residency within vacant spaces. The “Miami Beach Open House” program aims to activate empty spaces in Miami Beach commercial districts while at the same time supporting the revitalization of the arts community. Privately owned vacant spaces will serve as free workspaces, studios, exhibition space and communal areas that encourage dialogue and collaboration. In partnership with participating property owners, “Miami Beach Open House” will provide the space and support necessary for peer-to-peer exchange and encourage new art forms that benefit the city’s entire arts community.
The residency program will provide free space and financial support to qualifying artists and nonprofit cultural organizations. A stipend of $2,500 will accompany each occupancy. Artists will be encouraged to sell their works, build networks, collaborate with Miami Beach institutions and exhibit their creations. Through this project, property owners will bring innovative cultural business to Miami Beach by creating a place for cultural tourism.
Artists and cultural organizations may submit applications of interest beginning today through Friday, November 13, 2020 by clicking here. Property owners with vacant spaces who wish to participate in the program should contact Rickelle Williams, director of the city’s economic development department at 305.673.7572 or via email at
COMING SOON: Miami Beach Restaurant Reimbursement Program
The restaurant industry represents a substantial segment of the Miami Beach business community and it is imperative that restaurants are afforded every opportunity to bounce back. The City of Miami Beach has developed the Miami Beach Restaurant Reimbursement Grant Program to address the financial burden of delivery service fees and the City Commission allocated $60,000 for this program.

Due to the volume of restaurants, a first-come, first-qualified, first-served grant program is proposed to distribute funds to eligible restaurants located within the city of Miami Beach. To provide assistance to approximately ten percent of restaurants within the city, the Administration is proposing a grant of up to $1,000 per restaurant.

Additional information including eligibility requirements and eligible expenses/proof of payment for reimbursement will be coming soon. Applications will be available online beginning Sunday, November 1. Stay tuned for more details.
To request assistance as an impacted business or employee, please email with your contact information and needs. All inquiries will be responded to via phone or email by a Resource Agent.

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