We have been busy, but this July don't find yourself left out of the fun! Check out this months great promotional deals , and updates from Generation Pet. Trying to paw-vide only the best brands possible to you, and this month is no different!
Calming Your Friend When They Need It Most!
July is such a great time of year, fireworks, food, tons of friends & family! With all that going on, it can be hard to remember that sometimes, your best friend may not like all that noise and stress! Help them out this summer instead by clicking below, to see all the amazing sales on calming products!
Goat Shortage Affects "Aunt Jeni's Home Made" Products
Australia, the worlds biggest exporter of goat meat, is struggling to meet the demand of the product. The market for goat meat is expanding and causing issues world wide with the shortages affecting anyone who uses it. This sadly affects, "Aunt Jeni's Home Made" products. Aunt Jeni's currently out of stock and do not have a returning date at this time. Although we would love to sell their amazing products, the shortage from them unfortunately leaves us with nothing more to sell currently. Product information has been updated on our website, and information on this shortage will continue to be monitored during this time. Once product is no longer on a shortage from Aunt jeni's, we will post an update on all information pertaining to sales!
This Months Sales & Promotions - July 2019
For the month of July we are offering some of the best deals around! Click below to see some of the amazing deals offered for this month and this month only! Our offers for this month vary greatly and surely can allow anyone to partake in such great deals! Find out more below.
Quarter 2 HuggleHound Pre-Books are here!
Get your orders turned in by June 28th, 2019 to ensure your shelves will be bursting with Summertime Toys!
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